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Top 100 Short Story Ideas For High School

Jul 24, 2022

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Jul 24, 2022 | Topics

A short story beginning for high school is a typical assignment that you will be assigned to write if you are in high school. It’s not only entertaining, but it also gives you the chance to practice your writing talents. When your teacher provides you high school short story prompts, the first step is to choose the best ideas. This is the most challenging aspect for most students. What do you do first? We’ve compiled a list of winning high school short story topics to assist you.
How to Select Interesting Short Story Ideas for High School
Once you’ve received the short story prompts, think about them generally before narrowing them down to the ideal theme. Valuable hints are here to help you choose the most significant pieces.
– – Choose a topic that interests both you and the intended audience. Every reader will be eager to read from beginning to end as a result of this.
– – Make cautious to steer clear of overused short tale topics. This will necessitate reviewing other students’ work on common short story topics from past classes.
– – Select topics that you are comfortable with. Can you readily develop the story’s characters and themes, for example?
– Look for online assistance from reputable websites. These are websites designed to provide students with popular topics on which they can earn excellent grades
Take a look at the below sample topics from Writeproofread.
1. Write a short story involving two pupils, a letter issued by the headteacher and a plate of fish.
2. �Give a narrative where two buddies go to buy a snack at the school canteen then on their way a teacher stops them and hands over a note to them. This note has shocking information.
3. �One fine noontime you come to the school dining hall and find your two dear pals in a considerable dispute and you decide to help them solve the issue.
4. �Choose one animal to be the main persona in your story. Describe it in a particular cabin bonding with other animals and then indicate who accompanied him to his abode after spending some time at the cabin. In your story, describe what happens to this animal and his moods are affected in every situation.
5. �One evening when you are tending to two kids just from school, a sudden thumping noise calls your attention from outside? Give a narrative of how you act to ensure the children are safe from the aftermath of the tragedy.
6. �Give a story of something either good or bad that occurs to your persona and it makes him or her so flabbergasted and then describe how he or she reacts.
7. �Give a story about someone whose life is transformed by being the best in a certain sport.
8. �In your narrative, site a person who learns a certain thing about their family that had been hidden from him all along while seated burning some mallow in a fire?
9. �In your story, site someone who finds his or her bosom pal in sobs
10. �Describe a situation where your persona gets a weird dream that arouses his or her anxiety and gets him or her in a state of unrest.
11. �Give a story of someone who while celebrating his or her birthday wishes that something may happen and it actualizes.
12. �Give a story of a guy who has secretly loved a certain girl and one day he requests her to give him the chance to dance with her. He is shocked by the response he gets?
13. �Describe a person in your story who invents the machine that alters the functioning of the world.
14. �Give a story of a person who is selected to the best teacher and has the freedom to set the required regulations?
15. �Write a story of someone who is strolling down a street and the bumps into one thousand dollars?
16. �Describe a situation where a certain household emerges as the winners in a betting game.
17. �Give a story of a person who finds out that his or her mom and dad are detectives.
18. �Write a story of how a child wins his way into the Guinness book of records concerning something he or she did so excellently.
19. �Talk of a person who gets caught up in a twister.
20. �Give a story of two buddies who find themselves in their favorite television program and describe what follows after that.
21. �Do a literary entailing a person who finds himself or herself ensnared in a situation during an encampment.
22. �Talk of a mystic oscillation in an area that carries people away to?
23. �Write a story of a person who is all alone at home and then suddenly the lights go off. Describe the events that followed.
24. �On a particular morning, the weather broadcast shocked everybody.
25. �Describe a scenario where your persona is given the responsibility of rescuing the human race on the eve of a major public holiday.
26. �Talk of a person whose canoe is slowly getting submerged and is oaring in a large water body so far from the shores. He or she, therefore, decides to break some wood from the boat to construct an oar. This will only save him if he can complete his plan in an hour.
27. �Narrate a story comprising of a great politician who gets affiliated with a political union and steers it to great heights that are incomparable to the capitalistic party that’s sponsored by the supporting committee of the character’s rival.
28. �Give a story of a person whose physical stature drastically increases when he sleeps.
29. �Misfortune was destined for Lila. Lila was caught up in a whirlwind and everything she carried was swept away. Not long after that, she received a firing notification from her workplace. It was at this point she realized there was a fiend at her back.
30. �A very minor character in your story emerges the winner in a certain situation and your major character is forced to see the minor to success.
31. �Your character’s rival passes on but things run on.
32. �Tell a story of a person who is issued with some costumes to protect him or her any harm but he realizes that its quality is inferior to that of the standard.
33. �Compose a narrative in which your persona discovers that he or she is in the narrative.
34. �Write a story where your persona is the leader of the remnants of the doomsday as they look for something to eat.
35. �A new couple purchases a new home and finds a mobile phone laying inside the wardrobe. The phone has a strange text on it from their children to come? Describe how this phone gets into the wardrobe and what was encoded in the message on the phone.
36. �Time is drawn 300 years back for the person in your story and three other characters by him.
37. �Write a story of a person who recognizes he is a magician and has to be away from his household to go and study how to use the mystical powers in an institution he never heard about before.
38. �Write a story of someone who can listen to the ideas racing through the minds of the people in shirts of a similar color to his.
39. �Narrate a story of a person who finds his skin full of imprinted drawings one morning but has never been to a place for tattooing.
40. �The main story character wakes up and notices that the thing he had dreamt of in his terrifying dream was right in his bed.
41. �Give a story of two children who follows a rarely used truck that leads them to an old house that was in flames and nobody was there to take care of the situation.
42. �Write a story of someone who finds himself in a strange vehicle one morning lying in a pool of blood.
43. �A criminal runs away. He leaves something behind to prove to the investigators he is guiltless.
44. �A person who had lived to be a rival to you one day awakes from a twenty years coma looking rather old. His buddies hardly accept what they hear?
45. �The route that leads to the outside of a conference room is locked however, the meeting attendants force their way through and suddenly, a terrifying creature appears and roars at them.
46. �Write a story of someone who gets himself ensnared in a horrifying dream.
47. �One evening a person leaves his workplace so exhausted. He then reports to work the following morn still tired only to find the receptionist so blank and she completely has no idea who they are.
48. �Talk of a group of people in your story who finds themselves in a sanatorium setting on a certain break of day bound to the hospital bed. Then all of a sudden a hospital attendant walks in and addresses them in a name they don’t recognize??
49. �Give a story of someone who gets to a friend’s house then knocks at his door. Unfortunately, nobody was there to answer. He then noticed a funny looking box and he gets curious. He reaches out for the box and opens it just to see one mind-blowing scenery?..
50. �Give a story of someone who successfully managed to cause something very evil and no one got to know that he is the one behind it.
51. �Compose a story of a lady who imagines how her employer is plotting to deploy her for an invalid reason. This makes her think of a way to react to it.
52. �Write a story of a man who entered a restaurant for supper. He then falls in love with a waitress?
53. �Give a story of a girl who realizes that there was a strange person who follows her to her house. But as soon as he starts to go she turned and following the man.
54. �Write of children who decide to take their aged parent to a nursing home in a bid to offer better care for him or her but he or she manages to run away from the orphanage.
55. �Give a story of a lady who undergoes plastic surgery to try to get her fianc�’ get more attracted to her. At the same time, she is still afraid of losing her natural appearance which could be what he likes most about her.
56. �Write a story of an author who decides to deal with the clamorous people who’ve moved into his neighborhood and are depriving him of his peace.
57. �Write 5 things that you dread if they were to happen then describe a situation where one of them takes place.
58. �Write a story about a painful situation similar to one of your friend’s and describe how the person in your story fights his or her way out.
59. �Think of an ill habit you have then compose a story of a person who had the same habit to a higher extent that makes the person’s personality go down the drain.
60. �Her fear of heights was too much that it blurred her vision of the looming life-threatening danger. She still couldn’t gather enough courage to leap over and escape the threat.
61. �The gear lever shifted repeatedly from one gear to next. He was swift enough to trace the source of the problem but the spot was blurred by the sparks of fire emanating from there.
62. �You could clearly hear the clicking of the screen, the TV slowly died out like water?
63. �Today I live to disapprove of the sage that goes “dreaming of death literally brings it to pass” because what I went through during that dream is unthought-of.
64. �She whirled as the seething pain in her back became unbearable. She staggered along as she tried to make her way to rest but her feet would barely make the right steps.
65. �He stared at his reflection on the mirror with unbelief. Everything appeared brilliant, though he knew that it was not so. His image would even smile while he discountenanced.


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