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Top 100 Romance Short Story Ideas

Jul 16, 2022

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Jul 16, 2022 | Topics

Romance is a well-known genre of fiction because it explores the most desired things among mammals, particularly humans. It’s the best thing since writing about passion may be a turbulent experience. Writing an original and genuine romantic narrative necessitates introspection and the expression of emotions.
It also necessitates susceptibility, which some authors find terrifying and avoid at all costs. Writing romance short tales is not for everyone, but it is a fantastic skill to have. Even if your main scene isn’t about romance, you might want to throw in a romantic sub-scene. Alternatively, you could have a love triangle going on.
People want to be loved. Adding a little affection to your work, regardless of the important genre, is frequently a simple and smart choice. It’s one of the things that keeps readers guessing and makes them care about the characters.
As a result, if you want to write the world’s next major romantic narrative, you’ll need to include an intriguing thriller. Plot-driven romance ideas are included in some romance short story ideas; nevertheless, desire is sometimes fueled solely by circumstance or accident.
Some of these plot ideas are used to assist you figure out what to write about for your viewers. For example, suppose a tourist visits another country and does not speak the local language. Second, consider a campaign in which two persons vie for a comparable position in an election and wind up falling in love. Here are some suggestions for great romance short story themes.
1. A security lad who fell in love with princess she guards
2. A beauty guru who marries one of the pageants
3. An actor who marries a compatriot actor and a thrilling show
4. A watchmaker who had an affair with a client
5. A fashion designer who marries his best model, after a successful fashion show
6. A florist who ended up running away with the bride, the wedding day
7. A fortune-teller who marries a king whose future they’ve foreseen
8. A doctor who ended up with an affair with a patient after recovery
9. A gynecologist who settles down with a single bitch after successful C-section operation
10. A ghostwriter who unknowingly writes biography for his ex
11. A grieving person who marries one of the ball bearers
12. A guide who plans travel tours for teens and ends in illicit love with one of them
13. A thrilling love story that starts in an inaugural party and ends in 7 days.
14. A mathematician whose model inspires a separated couple to revitalize their love life
15. A pop star that teams up with a bouncer to escape irate fans
16. A princess who tricks an itinerant wizard into planning for a meeting with conservancy managers but end up being the center of the meeting
17. A romance told through social media exchanges
18. A stay-at-home mother who prepares yogurt for sell and find a partner
19. A wine sampler who falls into an affair with a vineyard owner
20. A plumber who interprets their love dealings via technical drawings.
21. Romeo and Juliet in their play
22. Two beach cleaners who fall after they find an ancient artifact
23. A priest and a nun who is preparing to flee
24. Write a love poem inspired by valentine’s day experience
25. Two pilots who meet on the cockpit and the rest is history
26. Two army cadets meet during their training and assigned to work in the same barracks
27. Two political party leaders of opposing groups who meet secretly at a governance symposium and hit it off
Love is an exciting topic both to thing of and writing about it. Sometimes you get carried away in the romantic fantasies thus have trouble staying focused. The above issues are a sure deal for romance topics.


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