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126 Medical Capstone Project Ideas You Can Use

Oct 11, 2022

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Oct 11, 2022 | Topics

You’ve spent years in school and finished your medical degree. However, you still need to complete one last thing before being able to call yourself an M.D, a capstone project. You will be able to use your skills and knowledge to succeed in a career as a physician or researcher. As with any other research project assignment, choosing what topic to focus on for this project can be difficult—but don’t worry! We’re here with some ideas for the best medical capstone projects.

I believe you are a medical student looking for capstone project ideas. Check out our list of ideas for medical capstone projects that you can use for your research.

Best Medical Capstone Project Ideas

  1. The Effect of Marijuana on Patients with Epilepsy
  2. The Benefits of Online Medical Records in Improving Patient Care
  3. Diabetes and Obesity: How Are They Connected?
  4. Gene Therapy for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention in Women
  5. Does E-cigarettes Cause Cancer or Not?
  6. Improving Hemodialysis Access in Rural Areas through Portable Dialysis Units (PDU) and Home Healthcare Packages (HHP)
  7. Helping Seniors Stay Independent by Giving Them Control Over Their Health Care
  8. How Social Media Affects the Safety of Nurses
  9. How Nursing Leadership Affects Healthcare Service Providers

Interesting Medical Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Obese patient retention at a primary care facility
  2. Medical nursing students’ experience with debridement in the ER
  3. How nurses can improve the physical exam of patients with cancer
  4. Health service utilization of geriatric patients in rural areas of America
  5. Patient perceptions of emotional support from physicians during cancer treatment (particularly breast cancer)

Simple Medical Capstone Project Ideas

  1. A study on the effect of art therapy on patients with chronic pain
  2. The impact of a new policy for patients with frequent emergency department visits
  3. How to improve communication between nurses and physicians about patient care
  4. A comparison of the effects of different types of exercise for heart failure patients (particularly those who are obese)
  5. The effects of obesity on the development of diabetes in a primary care facility
  6. The effect of social media on the safety of nursing practitioners
  7. How patient-reported outcomes affect patient satisfaction and knowledge of cancer treatment
  8. Factors that influence physical exam skills for medical students
  9. Patient perceptions about emotional support at different stages during cancer treatment
  10. Diversion rates in communities with substance abuse problems

Easy Medical Capstone Project Ideas

  1. What is the current state of vaccination in your country? (Intermediate)
  2. How effective are flu vaccines at preventing flu? (Advanced)
  3. What is the best way to treat Crohn’s Disease? (Beginner)
  4. How useful is the internet for researching medical information about diseases and conditions? (Intermediate)
  5. Do mobile apps help people manage their chronic illnesses better than traditional methods like paper diaries? If so, which types of apps work best, and why? (Advanced)
  6. Do older adults prefer online video courses or in-person workshops for self-care support?
  7. Concept and evidence-based practices for nurse leaders
  8. The quality of life lived by those with congestive heart failure

Controversial Medical Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Should people with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease be tested for the APOE4 gene? (Intermediate)
  2. Is it ethical to use genetic testing as part of a criminal investigation? (Advanced)
  3. How do doctors and patients decide when to stop treatment for terminal illnesses? (Intermediate)
  4. How do medical professionals handle the complex decision-making process in palliative care?
  5. The safety of medical implants
  6. The ethical implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in medicine
  7. Ethical dilemmas in end-of-life care
  8. The long-term consequences of genetic testing on children’s health and well-being
  9. How the legalization of assisted suicide will affect healthcare systems, including those with access to palliative care services or hospice facilities

Compare and Contrast Medical Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Treatment of Chronic Pain in Patients with a History of Addiction vs. Non-Addicted Patients
  2. The Effects of High-Frequency Electrical Stimulation on Chronic Pain
  3. The Efficacy of Acupuncture vs. Traditional Pain Medications for Patients with Back Pain
  4. Effectiveness of Alternative Therapies for the Management of Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Girdle Syndrome (PGPS)
  5. Comparison Between Chiropractic Manipulation Treatments and Laser Therapy in Children With Headaches
  6. The Effectiveness of Adhesive Capsulotomy vs. Narcotic Analgesic Therapy in Patients with Chronic Pain

Medical Capstone Project Ideas for College

  1. The Effect of Rhinoplasty on Aesthetics and Function in Patients with Nasal Breathing Problems
  2. The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  3. Comparing the Efficacy of Lidocaine versus Placebo for Treating Trigeminal Neuralgia
  4. The Role of Physical Activity in Reducing Symptomology Associated with Fibromyalgia Herniated Disc Treatment
  5. Designing an app for elderly people living alone.
  6. Creating a mobile healthcare system to track patients’ progress after surgery or treatment procedures.
  7. Establishing a brand new method of diagnosing cancer by using artificial intelligence technology.
  8. Building an app will help people determine their blood pressure and heart rate without difficulty.
  9. Develop software that analyzes mental health information from multiple sources (e.g. emails, texts, voice messages) to identify whether an individual has a mental disorder.

Innovative Clinical Medicine Capstone Project Topics

  1. Developing a mobile app to monitor the body temperature of people suffering from fever and other infections.
  2. Establishing a system that can help visually impaired people get their prescriptions refilled without having to visit a doctor’s office.
  3. Creating an artificial intelligence-based system that could analyze MRI scans and help doctors diagnose cancer early on.
  4. Building software for identifying various skin conditions using images taken with standard cameras or smartphones
  5. Scalable, low-cost, point-of-care diagnostic device for identifying and monitoring systemic bacterial infections
  6. Mobile phone application to augment the treatment of patients with severe mental illness
  7. Virtual reality (VR) training in pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for non-medical community members
  8. A novel method for the biopsy of cancerous tumors uses ultrasound-guided imaging technology instead of an incisional approach.
  9. Evaluation of a novel drug delivery system that can be used in conjunction with pacemakers to treat arrhythmias
  10. Professional development and validation of a pathway to provide high-quality palliative care services at a large urban academic medical center

Medical Capstone Project Ideas for Health Promotion

  1. Conduct a study on the effects of stress on medical students.
  2. Investigate the role of social media in health promotion.
  3. Create a program to help high school students adopt healthy habits and attitudes.
  4. Conduct research into smoking cessation programs for patients with chronic pulmonary disease
  5. Research the effects of smoking on pregnant women and their fetuses.
  6. Develop a program to educate people about the dangers of mixing alcohol and prescription drugs.
  7. Analyze the effectiveness of community-based Vs hospital-based health care.
  8. Identify factors that influence children’s ability to learn in school.

Medical Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

  1. The role of technology in people’s lives (and how it affects mental health)
  2. How certain types of social media affect mental health (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  3. How the stigma surrounding mental health affects those with it and their loved ones
  4. A comparison of cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, meditation, and other methods used for treating depression and anxiety disorders.
  5. The role of stress in mental health disorders and how certain therapies can reduce it
  6. The effectiveness of different types of therapy for treating depression and anxiety disorders

Women’s Health Capstone Project Ideas

  1. The Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Pregnancy Outcomes in African-Americans
  2. A Comparative Study of the Effects of Exercise on Mood, Depression, and Anxiety in Young Women with and without Eating Disorders
  3. A Review of the Literature Regarding Female Genital Hygiene Products: Are They Safe? Do They Work? What Alternatives Are There to Traditional Hygiene Products?
  4. Examining the Relationship between Age at Menarche and Body Mass Index in Adolescent Girls
  5. A study of self-reported breast cancer screening behaviors among women ages 18-50 found that there were some differences by gender.

Pediatric Medical Capstone Project Topics

  1. The effect of vitamin D supplementation in infants on their immunity to infections
  2. Weight loss programs in obesity among obese children and adolescents
  3. The effect of omega-3 fatty acids in treating ADHD symptoms in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  4. The role of dietary fiber and feeding on children’s health status and growth development
  5. Effects of childhood stress on the immune system
  6. The effect of obesity on children’s mental health and cognitive development

Patient Falls Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing

  1. The effect of patient falls on their recovery time and the impact on the hospital’s cost.
  2. The role of medical staff in preventing patient falls
  3. The factors that contribute to patient falls among hospitalized children
  4. How to prevent patient falls in children with mental health issues
  5. Develop a patient falls prevention program for a hospital and implement it.
  6. Create an instructional video on how to prevent falls for your local senior center or nursing home.
  7. Research the use of automatic electronic bed alarms in preventing patient falls
  8. Literature review on the effects of sedation on postoperative cognitive function during hospitalization
  9. Strategies that can be used to reduce the risk of patients injuring themselves while hospitalized due to their medications.
  10. Identify barriers that prevent nurses from conducting follow-up assessments after discharge from hospital admission (e.g., lack of time resources available).

Emergency Medical Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Design a study to determine if emergency medical personnel can improve their response time by using automated external defibrillators (AEDs) during cardiac arrest incidents where the victim is not breathing and has no pulse.
  2. Conduct a peer review of current protocols for treating patients with burns and develop recommendations for improving patient care
  3. Evaluate the use of automatic electronic bed alarms in preventing patient falls
  4. Literature review on the effects of sedation on postoperative cognitive function during hospitalization
  5. Strategies for reducing iatrogenic risk factors associated with patients’ medications while they are hospitalized in order
  6. How can automated medical devices be improved to prevent falls and reduce hospital-acquired infections?
  7. Analyze how nurses can collaborate with other healthcare providers to increase awareness of the limitations associated with their current care protocols.
  8. “An Analysis of EMS Personnel Roles During a Mass Casualty Event”
  9. “The Effectiveness of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) in Rural Regions”
  10. “A Comparison Between Law Enforcement Officers’ and Firefighters’ Response to Patient Safety Events”
  11. “The Importance of Pre-Hospital Trauma Care in a Mass Casualty Incident: A Case Study”
  12. “A Comparison of EMS Personnel Roles During a Mass Casualty Event”

Medical Surgery Capstone Project Ideas

  1. A study of the relationship between healthcare, social media, and policy.
  2. A comparison of surgical outcomes for patients who have insurance versus those who do not have insurance.
  3. In the aftermath of America’s new state of health care reforms, what do medical students think about the value of their health education?
  4. The use of robots in surgery and its effect on patient outcomes, both physically and psychologically (e.g., anxiety level).
  5. How Artificial intelligence can improve surgical outcomes by creating better training videos, 3D model reconstructions, or even virtual environments where surgeons can practice before operating on real patients.
  6. “How can we use technology and data science for better patient care?” There are many ways to improve healthcare with technology, such as using predictive analytics to improve patient safety, giving patients digital access to their health records, or creating an app to help manage chronic conditions.

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Nursing informatics is the study of how information technology affects professional nursing. Computers and other electronic devices are becoming increasingly essential for nurses to know how to use them in their jobs. Here are ideas for capstone projects in this field:

  1. Use technology to help people in your community who don’t have access to healthcare or medical information.
  2. Find out if there are any health problems in your area that can be solved with technology.
  3. In what ways can wearable tech help patients receiving treatment at home post-op? For example, can it track if people are taking their medication on time?
  4. Design a telemedicine tool that doctors can use to treat patients remotely. Ask doctors what features they would like/need in such a tool, and use that feedback to guide
  5. Design an app that helps patients remember to take their medications and keep up with their appointments.
  6. Create a way for nurses to communicate across borders without having any prior knowledge about each other’s languages.
  7. The use of cloud computing and information technology in the growth of the healthcare industry.

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