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Top 100 History Term Paper Topics

May 10, 2022

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May 10, 2022 | Topics

1. Identify the group of people who are emulative from Ancient Rome and give a reason.
2. What made ancient Egypt distinct from Ancient Rome and Greece?
3. Explain the voting process in Ancient Greece
4. Giving reasons, highlight the people from Ancient Greece that are competent.
5. Highlight the cause of Byzantine revival
6. Highlight the importance of gods in Ancient Greece
7. How did philosophy gain popularity in Ancient Greece?
8. What strategies did police in Ancient Rome use in their operations?
9. How did civilians live in ancient Rome?
10. Highlight the differences and similarities between Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome
11. Explain Nicholas of Cusa
12. What made Ancient Rome more powerful as compared to Ancient Greece?
13. Did medieval Europe had any interests in the Qu’ran?
14. Explain how the US military changed from the civil war in 1865 to World War I in 1914
15. In medieval Europe, what was discovered?
16. In the 20th century, what made nationalism a major concern?
17. How do you know Alexander the Great, and why was he a famous leader in history?
18. Explain the Theagenes of Thasos story and state the strongest fighter in Ancient Greece
19. In World War I, what made Eastern front distinct from the Western front?
20. In the 20th century, how were music and art perceived?
21. What caused the Spanish civil war in 1936?
22. What led to the great depression starting in the US?
23. Explain the outcome of the British Empire after world war one.
24. What was the aim of WWII in Italy?
25. Before the 20th century, were there any states known as totalitarian?
26. What led to the collapse of many empires in the 20th century?
27. In Australia, what type of events the 20th century?
28. How did the two World Wars affect International relations?
29. How did mainstream Russian society implement soviet ideals?
30. Highlight the best technological advances and inventions in the 20the century?
31. What stimulated World War I?
32. Why did Hitler resolve to attack the Soviets during WWII?
33. In the 20th century, what were the best presidential speeches?
34. In WWII, what was the role of Dunkirk battle?
35. Outline the types of religions practiced in Africa
36. What was the importance of the Pearl Harbor attack in history? Give reasons why the USA was attacked by the Japanese.
37. What distinguished the Democratic Republic of Congo from the neighboring countries?
38. Highlight some of the facts about Ancient Africa
39. What made Africa resolve to decolonization?
40. Explain who Idi Amin was
41. Importance of World War I in Africa?
42. In the USA, modern history, what came after 9/11?
43. Give reasons why the European powers started colonizing Sub-Saharan Africa in the 19th century
44. In 1908, what happened to Persia after the discovery of oil?
45. In the Middle East, which countries are known to be powerful economically in history?
46. In the 6th and 8th centuries, which empires were known to be powerful?
47. What strategies did the Ottoman Empire use to gain popularity in the Middle East?
48. How was the leadership of Josip Broz Tito?
49. What caused Yugoslavia to fall?
50. How was the lifestyle of Asian Soviet countries like?
51. What made Gothic architecture to rise?
52. What impact did the Balkan war create on the map of Europe?
53. Explain who Gavrilo Princip was
54. How did America come into being?
55. How did people perceive Eastern Orthodox Christians in Europe historically?
56. Which people occupied the USA first?
57. Highlight the cultural practices of Native Americans before the Europeans came.
58. What distinguished feudalism in Western Europe from Eastern Europe?
59. What kind of treatment did slaves receive in the USA?
60. Explain the writing of the first constitution.
61. How did the Western countries perceive the Middle East in the 1800s and early 1900s?
62. Give reasons why the United Arab Emirates was created
63. How was feudalism in the Middle East?
64. Explain the cold war in details
65. How did African-Americans live in the USA in the 19th century?
66. Did Middle East Christians support crusades?
67. Explain how the USA handled 9/11
68. How did Byzantine and Roman cultures adapted and united in the Middle East?
69. What led to the end of slavery?
70. Give reasons for the British imperial expansion in the Middle East?
71. Highlight important events that transformed the Middle East in modern history.
72. Explain the guidelines of the Jeffersonian Republican Era.
73. How did an average person, middle-aged live in Europe?
74. In the times of the Renaissance, how was life like in Venice?
75. What events marked historical changes in medieval times?
76. What distinguished North European middle ages from Italian renaissance?
77. Were the crusades meant for improved stability of the High Middle Ages?
78. How did intellectuals of the middle ages live?
79. Give reasons why none of the western countries intervened in communist china in the mid-20th century.
80. Among the crimes that took place in Europe, was Holocaust the worst of them all?
81. Give reasons for the popularity of surrealism and cubism in the 20th century.
82. What role did women play in the USSR through the 20th century?
83. When did France and England seize being enemies to being allies?
84. Historically, which nation in Europe had the most effective cultural practices?

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