Top 100 High School Senior Thesis Topics

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Every student’s daily existence revolves around writing essay assignments. Students must be examined to see if they comprehend the material they have read. Writing premium essays that touch on the main elements is the only approach for students to demonstrate that they have followed a topic with unequalled accuracy.
You should woo the lecturer by writing content that highlights the topic’s most significant value. When choosing high school senior thesis themes on which to conduct research and write, most students have a difficult time.
In most of your significant disciplines, you will most likely have one or two research paper tests each semester. When a result, you should be prepared to manage such theses as they arise, ensuring that you provide the reader with the most value possible.
Professors want to read a well-structured, professionally written, and high-quality research work. Although professors are strict in word counts, they will not overlook a student who focuses solely on attaining the target word count and neglects to write high-quality pieces that stand out. At Writeproofread, we have a variety of themes for high school senior theses that you can use.
1. An In-depth and well-outlined thesis on social security
2. Is the issue of global warming a joke or reality?
3. A quick look at the working mechanism of a computer virus
4. The impact of a computer virus and how to efficiently remove different viruses
5. The best way to improve high-school curriculum
6. Is what is being taught in high-schools enough or something should be added to it?
7. What is the target message of beauty contests? Do they have any other message besides aesthetics?
8. The process of creating bulletproof clothing
9. Is the amount earned by professional athletes enough?
10. Common public relation disasters and the adverse effects they have on a community
11. Should the drinking age in most states throughout the United States be lowered?
12. It is right to ban some ads and commercials that the public thinks are annoying?
13. An in-depth look at tourism and its effect on the success of different businesses
14. A quick look at the life of a bee
15. The main artillery behind the dominance of the English Language
16. A quick look at Geo-Tourism and its benefits
17. Is what is taught in colleges in line with what the job market wants?
18. How is feminism affecting the American society in the modern-day era?
19. Are modern universities driven by money than giving to the society useful talents?
20. Understanding a woman’s and a man’s heart
21. Modern universities should have unique and specially designed accommodation facilities for disabled students
22. The impact of marriage on the postmodern world
23. How has unfair child labor affected modern society?
24. The role of search engine optimization on the growth of modern businesses
25. Which industries are likely to dominate the business world in terms of profits in the coming decade?
26. How to effectively control bad behaviors in businesses today?