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Top 100 Fiction Story Ideas

Apr 18, 2022

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Apr 18, 2022 | Topics

1. �A substance that makes people calm has been introduced into the drinking water systems and also used by cold drinks manufacturing companies.
2. �Enamoring of a man and an alien that brings about an intergalactic disaster.
3. �A subordinate staff working for a dictatorial government discovers that the documents he files on a daily basis have encryptions that hold people’s lot.
4. �No person is allowed to be of either sex at birth until they prove to the government that they will be a responsible parent in the future.
5. �There is a regime ministry that ensures that any couple must demonstrate that their marriage will stand, it will greatly impact on the country’s economy and the society at large before they can be given a legal right to wed the pole are so fed up with the system and are looking for an optional way of getting married.
6. �An alien is unable to unveil to his or her human friend that he or she is an alien but this fact later becomes known.
7. �An extraterrestrial being who has been living in a world where only aliens understand them comes to earth expecting to blend in comfortably.
8. �Write about someone who had planned to rescue bees but something so unexpected happens
9. �A multimedia firm gathers people’s views on certain films and programs then uses that information to produce a very influential television station.
10. �Researchers have discovered a certain protein the surfaces of fowls and insects that help them travel long distances and are apt to isolate the protein and use it to benefit the human race.
11. �There is an outrageous outcome of genetically engineering the human genome with many genes of a caveman.
12. �Non-emergency surgeries have become too common to a point where medics performing surgery on someone to fix an additional appendage or a funny feature on his or her body.
13. �The genetic makeup of people is highly affected by the greenhouse effect.
14. �People have greatly adopted the use of automated horses that are moving at a supersonic speed in preference to vehicles because they can easily find their way out in road jams.
15. �People have innovated a method of speaking with beasts. They are also able to make carcass in the laboratories for human consumption.
16. �The Napoleon battalion conquered Australia and didn’t lose at Waterloo, France colonized the better part of Europe and WW 1 and WW 2 didn’t occur.
17. �The inner planet has been transformed by the explosion of atomic bombs have exploded at its poles. The person who first lands on the planet has been reassured that all the radiations have cleared from the atmosphere.
18. �Someone discoverers that the strange substances falling on trees and plantations are pieces of disposed of placentas.
19. �People feel that a certain agreement that earthly authorities have made with the extra-terrestrial beings is quite uncouth.
20. �Talk of the discovery of a certain harder that can detect the levels of a person’s level of happiness irrespective of their distance from the machine. This forces people to engage more in activities that tend to enlighten them and keep off the annoying ones.
21. �Someone who travels through time is unable to assume a twenty-first-century person and hence engages somebody else to assist them to accomplish this purpose.
22. �Extra-terrestrial beings buy the idea of how to make a complex town in their world by studying a popular video game among humans that has a sophisticated set up of buildings.
23. �The high speed of spacemen has adverse strange effects on the health of the cosmonauts.
24. �Something very strange happens in the deepest ever build submerged motel/gardens
25. �An imaginary responsive realm takes the place of literature and computer games.
26. �Foreign settlers demand independence and are apt to start an upraise.
27. �A certain government wants to eliminate the outlaws and rebels by modifying their genetic makeup?
28. �Talk of a State where mercy killing is permitted but there are investigators set in place to ensure nobody kills someone intentionally in the name of ‘mercy killing’.
29. �Talk about a situation where someone can identify the location of anyone at any time.
30. �Talk of an automated machine that remotely monitors your movements and your eating habits to ensure you are physically fit.
31. �Internet intimidation if branded as a crime. This action later brings about unexpected confusion.
32. �A certain substance is implanted into people and makes their appearance shift depending on their temperance.
33. �Describe a situation in your story of persons who went missing and their generation become extinct and then they magically appear after a very long time.
34. �Give a story of a spy who has a recording gadget embedded within the eyes that can send the information it collects immediately to the investigators. This machine gets eroded over a short period?
35. �Time-travelers are unable to take charge of what happens to people. For instance, if a certain terrorist is murdered there arises someone else with the same character. They, therefore, decide to disrupt the time frame.
36. �Write of a great scientist whom you endeavor together in search of a drug to treat a certain disease.
37. �In your narrative, site computer, a bike and an ice-cream.
38. �Give a tale that talks of a pepperoni pizza, a natal day gift, and a certain plant.
39. �In your story site: car racing, brolly, and a yelping pooch.
40. �In your narrative, describe a situation where a local post office and banana fruit are involved.
41. �Give a story whereby you have the power to cease time but then one day you realize after you halt it there is something that is left in motion.
42. �You become subject to test time traveling, on your return from the tour, you find no one else on earth.
43. �Give a story where a person confuses an asteroid for a wishing star and hence makes a wish. This desire is captured, synthesized and preparations of delivering it are underway.
44. �Narrate a story where your character was riding along a deserted road then all over sudden he notices something automated moving swiftly in the air.
45. �You wake up in a wilderness. The last thing your mind recorded was a stranger hijacking your car and driving you off the safe zones of the town to a place that was pitch dark then suddenly a light flashes before you.

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