Top 100 Environmental Debate Topics

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Environmental discussion themes are research subjects that help students comprehend the importance of the environment and how humans affect it. Our lives are inevitably linked to the environment. The range of issues that have been written about it is broad and overwhelming.
Academics and scientists have led environmental study sessions. These themes are pretty helpful in pointing you in the proper direction when filling in the gaps. They’re also great for providing additional information about what you already know.
Before you choose a specific topic to focus on, make sure you examine the availability of materials, your interest, and the teacher’s recommendations. Choose a topic that is straightforward and applicable.
However, make sure the issue isn’t duplicated and that you can offer your perspective on it. These topics will assist you in developing potential solutions to various environmental concerns.
We’ve compiled a broad list of environmental argument themes to assist you in gaining a more holistic understanding of the issue. These themes have been thoroughly researched and will be extremely helpful in deciding what to write about. We chose topics that are popular and that you might find fascinating to assist you in your research.
1. What Are Animal Rights
2. What is Animal Testing
3. Discuss Animals That Participate in Sports or Entertainment
4. What is the Main Purpose of National Parks
5. Describe Artificial Insemination
6. What is Artificial Life
7. Measures Taken on Antarctic Exploitation
8. Measure on Factory Farming
9. Measures Taken In Preventing Logging
10. Measures Adopted to Prevent Schemes on Carbon Trading
11. Measures Taken in Curbing Use of Snowmobiles in National Parks in US
12. What is Biofuel
13. Showcase Trading of Carbon Emissions
14. Compare Boiled Water to Tap Water
15. Explain Bullfighting
16. Should China Prioritize Environment Over Economic Growth
17. Explain the Driftnet Ban
18. Discuss Ecotourism
19. Explain Free trade
20. What is Geoengineering
21. Describe Geothermal Energy
22. How Bad is Global Warming
23. Are Humans Responsible for Climate Change
24. Describe the Kyoto Protocol
25. What is the Prevalence of Light Pollution
26. What is Natural Gas
27. The Use of Natural Gas in Vehicles
28. Describe Nuclear Energy
29. What are Oil Sands
30. Describe Orgainc Foods
31. What are Pesticides and its impact on the Environment
32. Compare a Real Christmas Tree to A fake Christmas Tree
33. How Are Trade Bans Protecting Endangered Species
34. How Efficient is Reforestation In Reducing Global Warming
35. Governments should Consider Paying Its Citizens Not To Cut Trees as An Incentive
36. India’s Major Decision on Limiting Carbon Emission
37. The Ban of Plastic Bags in Protecting the Environment
38. The Use of DDT in the Developing World
39. What is Solar Energy
40. Using Airborne Particles in Solar Shading
41. Describe Sustainable Development
42. Should International Flights Get Taxed
43. What is Tidal Energy
44. Describe Urbanism
45. What are Zoos
46. Describe Wind as a Source of Energy
47. What is Whaling
48. What is Your perspective on Wearing Fur and Skins from Animals
49. What is Water Fluoridation
50. What is wave Power
51. What is Vegetarianism
52. Describe who is a Veal
53. What is Urbanism
54. What is Wave Power
55. What is Programme Adopted by The United Kingdom
56. Describe Tidal Energy
57. What is the Importance of using Solar Energy
58. What is the Impact of Reversing the Chicago River’s Flow
59. What Steps Should The US Take in offshore Oil Drilling
60. What is your Perspective in drilling of oil in the Arctic
61. France: What is your Perspective on Nuclear Energy
62. Which Incentives Should Governments Take To Foster Vehicles that Don’t use Petrol
63. What Measures Are In Place To Mitigate Fish Farming
64. What are the Mandates of Electric Vehicles
65. What are the concessions of Conservation
66. Compare the mitigation and adaptation when it comes to Climate Change
67. What Measures Are Being Taken in Bristol Bay in Alaska Concerning Oil Drilling
68. Describe Artificial Insemination
69. What is Artificial Life
70. What Are Electrical Vehicles
71. What is the Impact of Mining Uranium in Australia, Kakadu Park