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Top 100 Electrical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

Apr 9, 2022

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Apr 9, 2022 | Topics

Electrical engineering is an area of engineering concerned with the research and design of electrical, electromagnetic, and electronics-based devices, systems, and equipment. Electrical engineering students must complete an electrical engineering capstone project before graduating from college.
Although there are several project options available to students, they must exercise caution when selecting one. Students will amaze their lecturers and receive excellent grades if they come up with an exciting project proposal.
We understand that many students don’t have enough time to think for fantastic project ideas; therefore, we’ve chosen to make it easier for them to come up with them. We’ve compiled a selection of the most outstanding electrical engineering capstone project ideas for you to consider.
All of the pictures below are pretty intriguing, so students will have no trouble working with them. We are confident that the suggestions below will help students complete their projects without feeling stressed. You can get the most out of their study if they use the capstone project ideas below for electrical engineering.
1. Automatic Anchor Light
2. Electric hybrid motorcycle
3. 1kW sine wave inverter
4. Automotive computing enterprise
5. Blue marble security
6. Four frequency generator
7. Ted traffic light detector
8. Automated USB controlled power switch
9. DC Panel Meter using Arduino
10. Directional control for solar panels
11. Solar Panel Charge Controller
12. High Power LED Stroboscope
13. Linear Timer For General Use
14. Power-Saving Relay Driver
15. Wireless communication enterprise
16. Plus-Minus 12V Supply From 9V Battery
17. Configurable RS232
18. High-Impedance Audio Buffer
19. TTL to I2C Adapter
20. PIN Diode Based Fire Sensor
21. Wireless Power Transfer
22. Portable emergency generator
23. Dual Axis Solar Tracker System
24. Single-stage amplifier using C++
25. Infrared Motion-Sensing Relay Switch
26. Low-cost LPG Leakage Detector
27. Vibration Activated Smart CRO Probe
28. 2 channel multi-mode audio amplifier
29. 2 channel video and audio sequencer
30. Password-Based Circuit Breaker
31. Low-Cost Dusk-Dawn Controller
32. Efficient Mini Inverter
33. 3 Phase Induction Motor
34. Visitor Sensing Welcome Mat
35. Fire Detection and Alarm
36. Automated Smoking Zone Monitoring And Alerting
37. Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System
38. Smart Portable Cell Phone Jammer
39. Power Supply With Auto-Switching
40. Emergency Auto Led Light
41. Voltage Multiplier Circuit Microcontroller
42. Accurate Room Temperature Controller
43. Four Quadrant DC Motor Control
44. Activity Automation Using Programmable Switching
45. Multi-Power Supply Using 3 Separate Sources For Uninterruptible Power Supply Cycle
46. ATMEGA Microcontroller based Power Saver
47. CPWM Control System for Induction Motor
48. Smartwatch for Seniors
49. Smart Charger Monitoring System That Uses Arduino
50. IOT based Smart Radiation Monitoring System
51. IOT Based Automatic Road Accident Detection
52. Rotating Solar Inverter
53. RFID Based Water Pump Automation System
54. IOT Based Heart Monitoring System
55. IOT based Fire Alarm System using Raspberry Pi
56. Dual Axis Solar Tracking System
57. Dual Axis Weather Sensor
58. AC Power Strength Controller System
59. Face Recognition Door Lock System That Uses Raspberry Pi
60. Automatic Road Reflector Light
61. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine With Inverter
62. Auto Water Pump Switcher
63. Direction Controller and Induction Motor Speed
64. Digitally Controlled Home Automation
65. Grid-Tie Rotating Solar Rooftop System
66. Hybrid Inverter
67. Wireless Mobile Charging
68. Solar UPS
69. Switching Load By Touch
70. Power Supply With Auto-Switching
71. Emergency Auto Led Light
72. Under Voltage and� Over Voltage Load Protection
73. Protecting Induction Motor From Temperature
74. Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System
75. Generating DC High Voltage With Marx Generator
76. Mini Windmill Power Generation
77. Dual Power Generation Solar
78. 6 Volt DC to 12 Volt DC Converter
79. Ac to DC Using Voltage Multiplier Circuit
80. Smart Wireless Battery Charging
81. Windmill Generator
82. Single Phase Induction Motor
83. Testing The Life Cycle Of Electrical Loads With Counter
84. Controlling Solar Energy Charge
85. System To Measure Solar Power
86. Configurable Password Security System
87. Load Control System Using DTMF
88. Supervisory Controlling For Remote Industry
89. Flexible Ac Transmitter System That Uses TSR
90. Data Acquisition� For Remote Industry
91. Double Phase Induction Motor With Smooth Start
92. Lamp Illumination Control With Precision
93. Load Shedding Time Management That Has A Programmable Interface
94. Cycle Switching For Industrial Power Control
95. Device Load Monitor That Has A Programmable Meter For Auditing Energy
96. AC Power Controller That Has A Programmable Interface
97. Industry Power Consumption Penalty Minimization That Uses AFPC Unit Project
98. Commercial Power Saver
99. Smart Burglar Alarm
100. Wireless FM Transmitter Mic
101. Wireless Cell Phone Detection System
102. Automated Night Lighting System
103. Clap Based Fan Switching System
104. Plant Moisture Monitoring System
105. Sound Operated Timer Project
106. Wireless Doorbell Calling System

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