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Top 100 Dissertation Topics In Management

Apr 1, 2022

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Apr 1, 2022 | Topics

1. What role does leadership play in influencing internal competition in a company?
2. How CRS practices affect the company’s public image.
3. The role of motivation in driving employees towards achieving organizational goals.
4. How business negotiations are influenced by technology.
5. Ways business managers use to fight negligence demonstrated by clients towards their products.
6. Ways in which EasyJet can maintain its competitive advantages in the flight industry.
7. Leadership: What changes did UBS implement to steer the firm to health?
8. Advantages of knowledge management capability in organizations.
9. Analysis of stochastic programming in transport management with regards to the shipping industry.
10. To what degree is investing considered too much for a firm with respect to its employees.
11. How does policy feedback affect a financial firm’s culture of change?
12. ‘Bed and Breakfast’: Analysis of change models with respect to the UK’s hospitality industry.
13. How business strategy falls down the pecking order with respect to technology.
14. Analyze the various ways that Tesco could leverage the use of MIS to retain its customers.
15. A review of Tesco’s strong MIS and how they maintain this position.
16. Ways Morrisons can improve its relationship with customers by utilizing MIS.
17. Management information system: A case study of Morrison organizational processes in relation to relevance and need.
18. Ways in which Sainsbury’s can utilize management information systems to enhance their competitive advantage when it comes to cards and rewards.
19. Main factors to consider when implementing MIS to develop a competitive advantage.
20. How Sainsbury’s can stay ahead of Tesco in the competition for food and non-food retail market share.
21. Ways in which the top UK supermarkets (i.e. Tesco, Morrisons and Asda) can compete with other supermarkets offering huge discounts (i.e.Aldi, Lidl).
22. What are some of the ways that companies can influence and promote ethics?
23. Discuss the implications that Barclays Group experienced as an organization for partnering with autonomous wealth funds from abroad.
24. Ways that easyJet can maintain their profitability and retain their market share.
25. An in-depth review of flexibility strategies that easyJet can implement to stay ahead in the low cost commercial airline industry.
26. Evaluate the practices and major challenges in business management in today’s world.
27. Why is there a growing need for individuals to work for themselves?
28. Focus at work: What factors make employees stand out when compared to their colleagues?
29. What role does the internet play on working knowledge?
30. Family-owned businesses in developed and developing countries; A brief evaluation of the organizational hierarchy.
31. A literature review of Business Management techniques with respect to shared values.
32. Investigate the dependency of business models on technology.
33. Investigate ways that data mining frameworks can help families run successful businesses.
34. Analysis of data mining methods in the management of commercial airline businesses.
35. A literature review on the United Kingdom’s perception of supply chains logistics. Discuss the challenges that these companies face with regards to management.
36. What role does ethics play with respect to practices associated with business management?
37. Discuss the preparedness of entrepreneurs in the UK with respect to logistics and managing systems.

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