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Top 100 Deep Conversation Topics

Mar 28, 2022

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Mar 28, 2022 | Topics

Deep conversation is always an engaging discussion about a specific topic of interest. It differs from the common gossip in that all the ideas you discuss and how to put them through are carefully weighed to have a specific impact on your audience, whether friends, colleagues at work, or college mates.�
Deep conversations seem easy enough – but they’re not necessarily for everyone! however, to make your point when talking with someone else who may think differently than yourself about any given subject matter, there’s one important thing: being well-read outside of just what interests you personally (within reason).
The keys to becoming a pro in deep conversation are finding the right themes and research subjects. And luckily for you, we have compiled 10 of our favorite topic proposals that will get your creative juices flowing
List Of Top Deep Conversation Topics To Use
1. Describe your best and worst experiences in life
2. Describe the contribution of your abilities to your success and the limitations from your weaknesses
3. Describe your life’s greatest ambitions and the milestones you have covered in reaching them
4. Describe your true self, the real person who is hidden by the image you portray to the outside world
5. Describe what is limiting you from becoming the best version of yourself?
6. Describe the direction your life is taking
7. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of common human traits
8. Describe your decision for a situation that would reward you 5 million dollars for pressing a button.
9. Put into consideration that the outcome of your action would result in 5 lost lives. Further, consider that it is uncertain whether this will be a single person or 20 people, or your friends.
10. Describe the three general terms you would use to refer to the entire human race
11. Describe the human attributes that have resulted in our continued existence
12. Do you think the understanding we have is real or could it be an imagination? Could it be possible that our minds judge depending on the circumstances?
13. Discuss the greatest thing and the worst thing going on in the world presently.
14. Discuss the meaning and value of respect to you. Further, discuss its importance in your culture and some of the ways of expressing it.
15. Discuss the essence of ethics in an upright society and highlight the best ethics required for all citizens
16. What should you often do to show affection to one another?
17. Divorce should be made illegal in all states.
18. To have children or to adopt: Which is better?
19. Three things about your friend that you will never give up on.
20. What is the meaning of friendship?
21. Should you forget high school friends for new ones in college?
22. The world species are declining: Is it time to rethink the effectiveness of IUCN?
23. Should we use technology to bring back extinct animals like dinosaurs?
24. Should we ban sea whaling?
25. Quite a number of years ago, the life patterns were the same passed through generations. Discuss how the fast changes in technology have transformed society
26. Describe an awesome supernatural event that takes place daily
27. Describe the memories you would leave behind if you were to pass away today
28. Discuss if the existence of some is more important than others
29. Describe your take of a perfect lifestyle
30. Discuss a likely cause of human annihilation and how to prevent it
31. Discuss whether human beings will ever achieve the unity of purpose and what is standing in the way of that unity throughout the world
32. Discuss whether there will be more advancement in our technology or a likely degradation to the lifestyle we had thousands of years back or even a hundred thousand years back
33. Discuss the importance of human emotions
34. Discuss and justify whether emotions are essential for human existence
35. Discuss the most advantageous and disadvantageous emotion
36. Discuss whether people are entitled to be happy or if they must struggle to attain it
37. Describe something you do intentionally to make people like you
38. Describe the state of your joy today
39. Discuss something that has such a great value and is worth fighting for
40. Discuss the most valuable counsel you would like to pass on to a newborn if you had the opportunity to access its mind
41. Discuss your bad habit that you really dislike
42. Discuss something that leaves you uneasy
43. Describe something that you will never stop pursuing
44. Discuss something that you really long for from the days gone by
45. Discuss the greatest difficulty you face every day
46. Describe the type of ambitions you have set for the coming year
47. Discuss if you find your work meaningful
48. Discuss whether people exist for a higher order in life
49. Describe your best friend
50. Discuss how long you share with your family
51. Discuss whether our grooming influences our thinking
52. Discuss the most important between our bodies and our minds
53. Discuss what will of greatest meaning to you in 10 years
54. Discuss whether the following generation will be more or less privileged
55. Discuss how our responsibilities place us in society
56. Discuss whether you may be in love and not bear any loss
57. Discuss how much you value happiness
58. Discuss how you best relate with other people
59. Describe yourself as either a giver, a taker or a matcher
60. Discuss the five things you desire to achieve before you die
61. Discuss the most important thing to you
62. Discuss some of the most valuable counsel ever given to you
63. Discuss a perfect weekend to you
64. Discuss the activities you would engage in if you had an opportunity to go for a one year paid sabbatical
65. Describe the person you trust
66. Discuss five things you are really appreciative of presently
67. Describe three wishes you would make if a genie offered them to you
68. Discuss the weirdest thing you have ever done and whether you would try it again
69. Discuss your most preferred family activity
70. Describe a time period you would visit if you had an opportunity to use a time machine
71. Describe your most preferred quote
72. Discuss something that has the greatest meaning to you in a friendship
73. Describe your life story in four minutes giving as many details as possible
74. Describe a gesture from me that you are really appreciative of
75. Describe the kind of legacy you want to leave behind
76. Let’s alternate talking about three positive qualities of each other
77. Discuss something that brings you happiness and share your recent happy moment
78. Describe your preferred type of cloth and state the reason
79. Describe the qualities you value the most in your life and the source where you acquired them from
80. Describe the type of date you regard as romantic and schedule one with your partner
81. Describe what makes you frightened and whether it has remained the same since your childhood days
82. Describe your initial judgments of one another and whether they were correct
83. Discuss whether your relationship has transformed since you started dating with supporting examples
84. Describe your childhood dreams and whether you have been in a position to reach them
85. Describe your dream job and your confidence in getting it
86. Describe your brothers and sisters, their age and how you interact with them
87. Describe a moment when someone was disloyal to you and the impact it has had on your grown-up life
88. Describe your greatest difficulty in life to date, whether you got over it and the lesson you drew from it
89. Describe your natural and acquired abilities
90. Describe your shortcomings
91. Discuss who would give a correct story of who you are between your family and friends and the narrative you suppose they would give
92. Discuss how best you are doing your role as a parent
93. Discuss your favorite destination if you had an opportunity to go to any place and the reason why you would go there
94. Describe your greatest target in life
95. Discuss your opinion on what you will be doing ten years to come
96. Describe what tattoo you would get if you were to get one and give the reasons why you would choose it
97. Discuss whether grown-ups are entitled to respect and whether teens show them respect
98. Discuss how you could improve the world if you had the opportunity to do so
99. Discuss whether lying is ever acceptable and if it is the circumstances that would necessitate lying
100. Describe the person you respect and the reasons
101. Discuss the car you would go for if you had an opportunity to choose any car
102. Discuss the one thing you could do to change the world if you had an opportunity to choose
103. Describe the experience of offering a helping hand if you ever had an opportunity to do so
104. Describe the greatest thing that ever came your way
105. Recall something that made you laugh
106. Discuss a favorite destination and person that you would take along if you had an opportunity to go anywhere in the world
107. Describe the perfect president or a global leader without alluding to people’s names
108. Describe something that you cannot do without
109. Describe the most unbelievable thing you ever ate, recall the place and the moment when this happened
110. Describe your achievements and trophies and the causes that made you get the awards
111. Describe if you have had an encounter with someone popular and whether you were able to get their autograph
112. Describe your hobbies and why you prefer them over other activities
113. Describe your ideal way to unwind after a stressful day at work
114. If you had an opportunity would you be dishonest to me
115. Describe your take on fairness among partners
116. Do you enjoy doing household tasks
117. Describe whether you will support me to continue working when we have our own children
118. Describe something you hated doing, and you managed to stop
119. Describe three people you appreciate the most in your life
120. Describe what drives you to rise and work every day
121. Describe your understanding of marriage
122. Describe your stand on life-long engagements
123. Describe the goals you have set for you and me in the time to come
124. Describe the ideal place to live after retirement
125. Describe the most uplifting statement I ever told you
126. Describe your workmates opinion on you
127. Describe the greatest couple in your family and what makes them stand out
128. Describe what you think about making savings for the time to come
129. Describe whether you support cautious buying habits
130. Describe your favorite period of the day
131. Describe your superhero as a kid and why they deserved the honor
132. Describe something you consider great while doing it
133. Are you of the opinion that emotional dishonesty is as bad as actual dishonesty?
134. Do you have any issues sharing your homeplace with me?
135. Do you think our relationship would have lasted until now were it not for physical intimacy?
136. Describe your favorite period of the year
137. Describe the right season to bear children
138. Describe your last night’s dream
139. Describe whether your best way to spend Saturday night is at home or dancing in a club

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