Top 100 Debate Topics for Teens

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Debates have a knack for enthralling teenagers right away, but they can also help them develop their research and public speaking skills. Discussions in the classroom are a surefire technique to get students to think and speak.
Students should conduct a study before the debate or prepare speeches to express their viewpoints. Rather than disputing for a winner-loser situation, most debate goals are to reach a consensus. This is frequently a difficult job, which is why debates are compared to sports. Persuading someone who holds a different viewpoint might be challenging at times.
You need to master some techniques to become a competent debater. As kids exercise their listening and speaking skills, learning to debate effectively can help them improve their communication skills. Discussing simple and well-known issues is a fun approach to boost your confidence and develop your public speaking abilities.
Students face challenges such as selecting the appropriate debate topic and deciding how to respond throughout the argument when it comes to debate preparation. Though you may find that preparing for a
conversation and engaging in one is difficult, this is an exciting intellectual process that will help you remember your educational experience. Debating may teach you about yourself, think for yourself, and deal with problems. Video games, technology, gender issues, and sports are all popular debating subjects among teenagers.
There are some tips for choosing debate subjects to write about and become passionate, confident, and firm debaters. Debatable themes are the foundations of significant debates; therefore, choose debatable topics. Consider how enthusiastic you are about the subject. Here are some samples of theme proposals that you might find useful.
1. Boys school is better than girls’ school
2. Boarding schools are better than day schools
3. All citizens must vote
4. Single-sex classes are better
5. Police are better than a judge
6. Listening to music is bad
7. Sports programs for children are extreme
8. Being a doctor than a pilot
9. Campuses are insecure
10. Men have better pay than females
11. Allow teenagers to use social media
12. Restrict teens from using the Internet
13. Abolish school uniforms
14. Give school-going children free milk
15. Raise the alcohol legal drinking age to 25 years
16. Lower legal voting age to 18
17. Men are stronger than women
18. Dreaming at night is better daydreaming
19. Living together before marriage is inappropriate
20. Teenagers should get after-school jobs
21. Women are smarter than men
22. Summer vacation is better than a winter vacation
23. Technology has changed the way young people spend their leisure time
24. Social media has taken over our leisure time
25. Leisure time is not essential for workplace effectiveness
26. Playing video games during leisure time is good
27. Women do not spend their leisure time differently than men
28. Legalize recreational marijuana
29. Mandatory vaccination is constitutional
30. Technology promotes our health
31. Technology will make people smarter
32. Artificial intelligence is not dangerous
33. Robots will reduce people’s quality of life
34. All cars should be electric
35. Technology has not intensified human communication
36. People can destroy nature using technology
37. Laws are not effectively keeping up with advancement in technology
38. Public schools better than private schools
39. Privatize education
40. Student loans are exploitative
41. Contemporary grading system doesn’t work anymore
42. Make tertiary education compulsory
43. How essential is a college education?
44. Ban use of phones in schools
45. Is abortion murder?
46. It is appropriate to teach religion in school
47. Social media contribute to teenage suicide
48. Climate change irreversible
49. Genetically modified foods are not suitable for human consumption
50. Should we ban zoos?
51. Tourism activities affect the environment.
With the above topics, there is no limit to what you can write. Good luck.