Top 100 Controversial Topics for Teens

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Topics that produce a lot of intriguing conversation, enthusiasm and controversy among teenagers are considered controversial. Teenagers are high-energy individuals who are in the early stages of their growth. It is a stage in their lives when they are more concerned about making decisions than most people are.
Peer pressure is high to attend the best high school or college, to choose the most excellent job path, and, above all, to be at the top of every decision made. Then there’s the tug of war with parents over peer pressure and whether or not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
Teenagers, more than anybody else, require assistance at this moment. In their adolescent years, everyone had a unique experience.
Some had a good time, while others wished they could forget about the unpleasant experience they experienced. It’s challenging to find contentious themes for teens because, by their very nature, teenagers are stubborn, and theme ideas can both thrill and annoy them. To be able to choose what to write about, you must first comprehend the dynamics of teenagers.
While you’re dealing with pimples and learning to cook or drive, you’re also getting a lot of life advice. It’s best if you relax because you’ll have to deal with these challenges for the rest of your life.
Then there are social media issues and high school theatre dynamics to consider. While we provide common theme proposal ideas for problems that most teens care about, teenagers are a tenacious bunch.
1. Beauty contests are a waste of money and time
2. Teenagers today are irresponsible lot
3. Violence in video games cause youth to be violent
4. Prayers in the mosque
5. Should alcohol be sold to school going, children
6. Should sex education be taught in primary schools
7. Schools should allow students to have phones in schools
8. Social media communication is better than face to face communication
9. Wearing glasses looks for more of a scholar
10. Learning to cook is fun
11. Continuous use of social media is detrimental to learning
12. It is not right to text throughout the night.
13. School uniforms lower students’ self-esteem
14. Should teenagers be taught how to use condoms
15. Should public figures be allowed to have Rasta hair
16. Teenagers should be allowed to night clubs
17. University education isn’t worth
18. Gender discrimination in schools
19. Tribalism in school
20. Ban of corporal punishment was a mistake
21. Bullying in school
22. Homeschooling is a bad practice
23. Discipline is directly proportional to academic performance
24. Textbooks are better than tablets for school children
25. CCTV cameras in school is a breach of privacy
26. Access to condoms have helped reduce teen pregnancies
27. Digital learning materials make students lazy
28. Use the Internet in schools can help improve students’ performance
29. What is the impact of digital learning on education and schools
30. How will technology change schools in the next ten years
31. Child behavior is inversely proportional to technological development
32. Schools can use technology to better students’ performance
33. Identity chips implanted under teens skin can help monitor their behavior
34. Teens use of smartphone breeds indiscipline
35. Internet use is dangerous to teens
36. E-learning leads to a decline in students writing skills
37. Teens should be allowed to tattoo
38. Can teenagers be employed
39. Teens should not be allowed to dance in school
40. Video games negatively affect teens academic performance
41. Children should join the military
42. Are religious activities necessary in all schools
43. Exams are not the way to measure students’ performance in schools
With the above examples, you have the best chance of writing the best essay.