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Top 100 Controversial Topics For Research Paper

Mar 5, 2022

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Mar 5, 2022 | Topics

Controversial subjects are those that can cause people to disagree. The types of things that people discuss will have a significant impact on how their cognitive capacities develop. People who talk about simple issues have inadequate analytical skills.
People who engage in contentious debates, on the other hand, are more likely to generate superior analytical abilities. Even though students need to improve their analytical skills, most of them do not have enough opportunities to participate in heated conversations that can help them do so.
Schools are aware of this and provide students with the option to conduct research papers on contentious issues. Even though numerous challenging topics on which students can write research papers, they often struggle to identify appropriate ones to investigate. We should provide students with the most significant possible topics, which is why we took carefully compiled some intriguing and controversial issues.
You’ll come across these subjects as you read on. One of these can be used for your research article. You will successfully increase your thinking skills by using these problematic research paper ideas. We have included a large number of prominent controversial issues on the list to help students rapidly figure out what to write about their assigned topics.
1. Fossil fuels vs. alternative energy
2. Are stricter parents better parents?
3. Is healthcare a privilege or a right?
4. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not solvable
5. Homosexuality is a choice rather than inborn nature
6. Should intending couples live together before they marry?
7. Is free-ranging parenting ideal?
8. Evolution vs. Creationism
9. Is it proper for abducted children to contact their birth parents?
10. Is it proper for pro athletes to remain seated during the national anthem
11. Is it proper to hire an illegal immigrant?
12. Is it proper to teach children about evolution?
13. Is it proper for parents to force their children to attend churches?
14. Should courts deny marriage licenses to gay couples?
15. Should kids use Facebook before they reach the age of 13 years?
16. Is it proper for parents to spank their children?
17. Should parents without a college degree be allowed to home school their children?
18. Do sanctuary cities deserve federal fundings
19. Should students be permitted to exempt themselves from standardized testings?
20. Is it proper for police to photograph private property using drones?
21. Should the biological father have the right to stop the mother from aborting a pregnancy?
22. Should American stop drone strikes in foreign countries?
23. Should people go around with a gun as a weapon for self-defense?
24. Should protesters have the right to block busy roads?
25. Should teenagers attend night parties?
26. Should the family members of a terrorist be banned from the public?
27. Should teenagers listen to pop music?
28. Are beauty contests harmful?
29. Should social media replace face to face communication?
30. Is skating rink an ideal place for teenagers to hang out?
31. Should military recruiting take place on campus
32. Should teenagers be allowed to use Plan B emergency contraception
33. Is transracial adoption an ethical thing?
34. Should people below the age of 18 have the right to get tattoos?
35. Should parents inspect their children’s phones to ensure that there are no immoral files and apps on it?
36. Should children below the age of 18 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
37. Abused children end up becoming abusers when they grow up
38. Those who fail to vote in elections should not enjoy any benefit from government
39. Government workers that go on strike beyond a period of two weeks should be sacked
40. Rugby is better than American football
41. Citizens without a criminal record should have the right to go about with a gun for self-defense
42. Is masturbation a bad thing for teenagers?
43. Are Americans sexual prudes?
44. Should students who partake in examination malpractice go to jail?
45. Are beauty pageants exploitive?
46. Are professional athletes paid too much?
47. Girls are too mean to one other
48. Are cell phones dangerous?
49. Law enforcement cameras are invading people’s privacy
50. Are CEOs paid too much?
51. Are vampires real?
52. Should brothels be legalized?
53. Should Britain adopt a new voting system?
54. Is virtual reality be dangerous for children?
55. Is capitalism an evil in disguise?
56. Cheating helps children learn
57. Should churches pay taxes?
58. Students in high schools should be given free condoms from time to time

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