Top 100 Controversial Informative Speech Topics

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The majority of the work in writing a controversial informative speech essay is in coming up with a solid and punchy topic. A catchy and informative topic for your controversial speech essay will entertain the audience, keep the readers engaged, and make the essay reading process more enjoyable.
When choosing an essay topic, you must consider your reader or audience. You must understand what the reader desires and what will entice them to continue reading. Learn about their age, interests, and level of knowledge. Understand what interests and motivates you-your passions and level of expertise on the subject are also important.
Another factor to consider when choosing a topic is the length of the essay. You don’t want to choose a topic for your informative controversial speech essay only to discover that you have limited information sources. If your essay assignment requires you to write one or two pages, choose complex yet informative topics with limited information sources. If the assignment requires you to write more than ten pages, choose a topic that is more interesting to you, easy to understand, and requires little to no research. We’ve compiled a list of catchy, controversial informative speech topics that will help your essay stand out and earn you a higher grade.
1. Governments Must Stop Child Labor
2. The High Price of CD is Due to the Mafia-Like Nature of the Music Industry
3. Hunting in Some Environments Should Be Limited
4. Prosecution for Students Downloading Copyrighted Music Education Should be Stamped out
5. The Use of Genetic Client Information By Insurance Companies Should Be Prohibited
6. Higher Education Entries Should be Limited to the Best Students
7. The Role of Prescribing Medical Marijuana for Terminal Illnesses Should Be Given to Doctors
8. Women Should Develop Careers Before Getting Married and Having Kids
9. The Role of Paying For Healthcare Services Should Be Assigned to The Government
10. Medical Experiments on Humans and the Risks Involved
11. Parents Must Be Held Accountable for Unruly Students in Bars and Restaurants
12. Are Small Universities More Humane Than Big Universities?
13. Night Shifts at Work Are Taking Ten Years of Your Life
14. Castration As The Punishment for Sex Offenders
15. Dating At The Workplace Should Be Prohibited
16. Living With The One You Love Before Marriage
17. Capital Punishment for Some Crimes Should be Outlawed
18. Women Are Poorer, and Here is Why
19. Reasons First-Nation Casinos Are Better
20. The Rights of Prisoners and Prison Wanders
21. Superpower Presidents Should Be the Overall World Rulers
22. Critics on The Legalization of Euthanasia for Patients Suffering from Terminal Diseases
23. The Electoral College Abolishment
24. America Shouldn’t Poke Its Nose on the Problems of Other Nations
25. Obtaining World Peace-The Challenges
26. Gay Marriage is Against the Natural Law of Mating
27. Campaign Finance Reforms in The Political Arena
28. Colleges and Universities Open for All
29. America’s Reduced Morality Standards
30. Abusive Families Abusing the Rights of Minors
31. The Impact of Student Loan Debts
32. Lower The Legal Drinking Age