Top 100 Controversial Biology Topics

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Subjects based on biological concepts that divide public opinion regarding ethics and morality are called controversial biology topics.
These kinds of issues aren’t just for medical and biology students; they’re also for the general population. Regardless, contentious essay subjects are common in educational institutions.
It’s critical to understand what’s expected of you before you start writing. Morality and ethics are essential concepts in such discussions, and they frequently split people’s viewpoints.
As a result, it’s critical to take a position when writing, whether you’re for or against the subject. To some extent, such views necessitate the use of an argumentative essay.
Controversies in biology surround us. You may quickly locate theme proposal samples on this subject on the internet, ranging from popular news trends to social media comments.
Finding a suitable topic with enough material for references and citations, on the other hand, can be difficult. Most students finish up picking a fashionable topic to discover later that the issue’s subject lacks reputable sources.
So, if you’re short of ideas, the following essay topics will come in handy. The good thing is that the Writeproofread part is that they are all available for no cost.
1. The similarities (or differences) of Birth Twins?
2. Advantages of being a vegetarian
3. Disadvantages of being a vegetarian
4. Dairy Products: Are yogurts considered a good source of protein?
5. Cellular Integration: How the body communicates to each part of the body
6. Is life a result of big bang theories or creation theories?
7. How much is processed sugar recommended for health?
8. Sugar: A new wave of addiction to health hazards
9. Is speech an evolutionary by-product of the result of creation?
10. True or False: Snakes did have limbs
11. Personal Reflection; A case study of evolution by looking at the oldest books ever written
12. Breeding animals for consumption is not healthy
13. Breeding animals for consumption is not sustainable to the earth.
14. Should we use humans instead of animals in test procedures for medication?
15. Life on earth ends after death; A case for or against the existence of the afterlife.
16. Human beings have destroyed the planet
17. A case for or against the consumption of genetically manufactured beverages and foods
18. The kink between poverty and healthcare
19. Should the government spend more on military equipment or healthcare
20. Our planet cannot sustain the surge in population numbers
21. Are brains what make us human or emotions?
22. How well are we versed in cloning?
23. Should we use artificial intelligence over human labor in various job industries?
24. Should we ban the use of antibiotics for herbs and explore healthier lifestyle options?
25. Genetically made food has more consequences than health benefits
26. The use of chemicals such as herbicides should be revoked
27. Is hair loss a genetic setback or a lifestyle consequence
28. Hospitals should administer appropriate healthcare to all people regardless of their insurance situation
29. Marijuana for leisure consumption: A case for (or against) the legalization of the drug
30. Are the elderly better off in healthcare home or at home with their loved ones?
31. Which health discovery would have a significant impact; the cure of cancer, coronavirus, aids, infertility, or immortality?
32. Fast food or ‘junk food’ consumption should be regulated by authorities in America
33. Vegetarianism is a healthier option for growing children
34. Age restriction for drinking should be lowered in America
35. Doctors and medical practitioners should be held accountable for errors in medicine
36. Euthanasia; A case for or against the practice of ending a life because of pain and suffering levels.
37. Surrogate pregnancy should not be used as a lifestyle choice but a health precaution
38. Failing to vaccinate a child should be deemed illegal
39. Violent games should be completely banned
40. TV commercial portraying children and adults consuming fast foods should be banned
41. The choice to abort should be left to health care practitioners and mothers.
42. Women should be allowed more roles in the military and government