Top 100 Art Essay Topics

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Art is a broadly accepted subject that has inspired millions of artists and students worldwide. Moreover, it’s an essential part of the production process for almost everything we see and touch daily, so it can’t be underestimated as an important topic today.
Do you ever feel like your art projects are boring because they’re all the same? The truth is, that’s a good thing. It means there have been no significant changes in society or period to influence your work and breathe new life into it! So don’t worry if writing an essay on one of those topics seems daunting at first; start with what already excites you about art and then make some connections from there.
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1. The artistic technologies making the 21st Century art
2. The impact of globalization on modern art
3. Contemporary art has extended multiplicity forms
4. Activism has provided an open marketing platform for contemporary art
5. Are governmental cartoons are a form of contemporary art?
6. Social contemporary art in the form of media and technologies
7. Using public art as a mode to unite communities
8. Is tattooing a form of contemporary art?
9. The art technology used in modern tattooing
10. Are video games a form of contemporary art?
11. Can art be used as a tool to change society?
12. Historical instances in which art was used as a tool of change in a society
13. Is making marks a form of art? If yes, discuss some valid cases it has been used in the past
14. How has art impacted modern man’s behavior?
15. The benefits of art in modern society
16. How can teaching art to teenagers affect their psychological health?
17. Does teaching art to teenagers make them smarter?
18. The working mechanism of watercolor painting
19. Everything is possible in the world of art
20. The working mechanism of postmodern art
21. The artistic techniques used in making video games
22. Importance of art therapy and the main branches
23. People don’t have an idea of what contemporary art is all about
24. The essence of integrating art into our daily life
25. Why we have more boy artists than girl artists?
26. The use of contemporary art by modern musicians
27. The impact of art on internet marketing
28. The predicted future of art
29. The benefits of integrating art subjects in the modern education system
30. The relationship between art and language
31. The common issues affecting the modern art movement
32. The working mechanism of environmental art and its benefits to humans
33. Digital art and its benefits on the art world
34. Art is an innate human skill