Top 100 Argumentative Speech Topics

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Argumentative speech topics should be thought-provoking and cover a variety of subjects, from political to economic. A good argument can make people think about things they would not otherwise have considered, or that may change the way they see something in their everyday life.
The expectation for learners is to write argumentative speech essays as per their school’s curricula stipulations. It’s one key and exciting area that instructors test and grade students to gauge their understanding of the subject matter at hand. Students have to come up with an idea or topic on what they want to effectively complete this essay writing task given by a course instructor. Still, most are not interested because it seems like a tough assignment based on its demanding nature.
A lack of creative thinking can lead to a student’s failing grades. However, writing essays offers an array of benefits, such as expanding your knowledge base and instilling responsibility in the process. Therefore students must have a proper attitude towards essay-writing and embrace this challenging task with enthusiasm!
Great topics are key when coming up with interesting argumentative speech essays– but getting them not easy! How do you get great ideas? Here are some excellent themes that will help start on the right foot:
1. 9/11 was a continuous war excuse
2. College education has to prepare someone the job market
3. Feral cats need care through the formation of a student organization in campus
4. Effect of abuse on kids turn them into abusers later in life
5. Biological parents should access their kids through legal compulsion of the adoptive parents
6. Benefits and drawbacks of extending global aid to underprivileged countries.
7. Prescription drugs advertisement should be outlawed
8. Is advertising informative or manipulative?
9. The law should compel every citizen to vote
10. Every citizen should commit an hour every week for community service.
11. All under 21 aged citizens should ace a driving lesson before getting a driving license
12. Eradicate all government welfare forms
13. Every immigrant should pass tests to enter and settle in English speaking states
14. All women and men should undertake civil service for a year.
15. All cars should migrate to electric power
16. All people should be allowed to strike
17. There is a cure for every phobia
18. There should be equal representation for every state in elections.
19. All college and high school students should take a foreign language for at least two years in college
20. Hybrid vehicles and alternative energy can save the planet.
21. America is a safe nest for persecution victims from the world
22. Americans should get longer vacation and more holidays
23. It’s important to remove the emphasis on sport in college.
24. Citizens without criminal records should carry concealed weapons
25. Cheating students in the examination should be dismissed automatically from college
26. Expel any cheating student in an examination
27. Do professional athletes and actors earn too much?
28. Are beauty shows exploitive?
29. Are mobile phones dangerous?
30. Are CEOs earning too much?
31. Are boys or girl’s schools and colleges sexist, or are they fair?
32. Do healthy relationships build from conflicts?
33. Do early marriages end in annulments?
Most of the great essays ever written have effective and captivating titles, and an argumentative speech essay is no exception.� The catalog of argumentative speech essays will inspire and launch your speech writing. However, you need to adhere to the principles of essay writing to make a good argumentative speech write up.