Top 100 Animal Farm Essay Topics

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If you were to choose what to read about, it is easy to enjoy the write-up contents. It is a different story altogether when the teacher assigns you an essay question to research on. It might not be as interesting to read. The assignment can be even more difficult if we decide on a topic on which to base our essay. This article focuses on Animal Farm essay topic ideas to help you find what to write about in the essay.
George Orwell’s 1944 novel, Animal Farm, is a dark commentary on the ills caused by totalitarianism and supremacy. The story talks about the lives of farm animals who rebel against their human oppressors after being mistreated for years. When they end up with similar outcomes as humans did through corruption, greed, and oppression, it becomes clear to readers how serious these problems were in Russia during this time.
The book Animal Farm is a symbol of Russia’s political turmoil and an allegory to what can happen when we don’t educate our people.
Do you have a favorite character from Animal Farm? Why not write your essay on this person and how they relate to the story’s themes. You could also consider writing about one of the most critical events in the book that impacts many characters or ideas, like Napoleon becoming dictator after Snowball is driven out for his rebellion against Mr. Jones. Look at the analyzed topics below:
1. Animal Farm Themes
2. The movie about Animal Farm based on the book by George Orwell
3. Russia and the relevance of Animal Farm
4. Animal Farm journal records
5. The political sarcasm – Animal Farm
6. Animal Farm characters
7. The perception of individualism as conveyed – Animal Farm
8. Major themes to explore – Animal Farm
9. Animal Farm: Exploitation of authority and power
10. Animal Farm: Explaining the usage of allegory
11. What led to the downfall of Animal Farm?
12. Philosophy and governance – Animal Farm
13. Animated forms of Animal Farm
14. Animal Farm: Political affairs
15. Napoleon as a figure of tyranny – Animal Farm
16. Animal Farm: A review of the protagonist
17. Animal Farm: Concealed denotations
18. Soviet Union: How is it related to Animal Farm
19. Animal Farm: What is the importance of fiction?
20. The enigma exhibited by the Animal Farm story
21. The irony displayed by the Animal Farm story
22. Animal Farm: Dictatorship and its role
23. Animal Farm: Propaganda used in the story
24. The seven commandments: How to comprehend the Animal Farm Story
25. Animal Farm: How were the animals in the story transformed
26. Animal Farm: Distortion and the use of it the story
27. Animal Farm: Usage of Semantic
28. Napoleon as a harsh but efficient leader
29. Animal Farm: Corruption of leaders as portrayed in the book
30. The nature of humans as portrayed by Animal Farm
31. Animal Farm: Implication of the failed revolt
32. Animal Farm: Exploitation of animals by their leaders in the farm
33. Animal Farm: How are the policies of a communist portrayed in the story
34. Animal Farm: What three things does an autocrat require to prosper?
35. Animal Farm: Reviewing the legend
36. Animal Farm: Perversion of absolute power
37. Animal Farm: Consequences of abusing power
38. The relationship between Othello by William Shakespeare and Animal Farm
39. Animal Farm: The subject of supremacy and treachery
40. Animal Farm: Breaking down the allegory
41. Conclusion
42. A majority of people will buy a book based on its characters. Whether the characters are figurative or not, George Orwell’s book provides a variety of Animal Farm essay topic ideas to base your paper on. The list above will assist you in finding the perfect theme.