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Business Plan- French Caribbean Restaurant


In this globalized business environment, all organizations are constantly struggling to gain competitive stability within the market. In this context, the restaurant business can be sufficient to gain an effective industrial market performance. The scope of a restaurant chain in the UK market is attractive over the last years. Therefore, business entrepreneurs have planned to open a French-Caribbean Restaurant at Farnborough town, which is located in Northeast Hampshire. The Start-up managerial team has proposed the company name primarily as ‘Quagan’. Farnborough is well known for the association and support from aviation such as Royal Aircraft, Farnborough Aerodrome, and Airshow. In each year, 55% tourists increase is reported in this city, and it will be supportive for getting upward profit growth within the market. The main agenda of this company is to give a wide number of choices to consumers according to their food culture.

Business Plan- French Caribbean Restaurant

Figure 1: Company Logo

(According to first draft plan)

Mission statement

The concept behind the deliverance of French–Caribbean taste in the market borrowed from the distinct food culture of the consumers in the different regions. For instance, seafood is served in the Caribbean with distinct ingredients and spices. This food is a very important aspect of various family traditions as well as Caribbean culture. Also, this taste culture is comprised of indigenous, Chinese, European, African, and American influences. Therefore, business managers have selected this food culture along with existing French tradition for gaining a positive market reputation as well as growth within the industry.

Vision and objectives

The service objectives of Quagan are as follows:-

  • To create the restaurant environment, which is for handling consumer expectations
  • To increase per year sale up to 25% through word-of-mouth referrals and superior performance
  • To maintain media may be restricted from advertising some products. For example, the advertisement of large food cost under the revenue of 35%
  • To gain average sales between £1,600,000- £2,300,000 per year
  • To expand the market in other regions

Quagan will build a sufficient customer base. For that purpose, the organization has selected an excellent location through understanding the demographics at all levels. Also, an aggressive marketing program can be handled by experienced employees. These factors will be effective for gaining desired business outcome.

•Customer/Market analysis

Market research allows a company to prepare a structured agenda for the positive business approach. This task supports the organization to recognize the organizational capability as well as the viability of new service processes such s French –Caribbean restaurant service in the UK market. This research will be done through the company authorities. These factors can be cultured through understanding existing restaurant business performance within the market. Quagan will access several previous types of research regarding the UK food concept and business strategies. Quagan has done market size evaluation through segmentation targeting and positioning components. As per the current report of Guardian, immigrant communities have dramatically changed the style of capital for individuals to venture into the grocery vending business using carts as advised by.............

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