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AP English Essay

Aug 20, 2021

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Aug 20, 2021 | Blog

How To Write an AP English Essay

When doing your final exams, a student may do an AP English Essay.

An AP English Essay is used to determine whether the student gets English credit in Advanced Placement (AP), hence exempting the college student from one or two classes of composition.

Most of the time in your school or college you are asked to write an English essay in a limited period of time.

The teacher may give you any topic to write on.

The problem is that you are given a new topic and are asked to write on it in short class time.

Therefore you need to plan well and get organized before you start writing your paper.

You will also need to know about the proper guidelines to be followed for writing a good paper.


You need to brainstorm for ideas first and take some time to think about the topic.

Look at the topic and write down whatever comes to your mind about the topic for ten minutes.

Keep in mind the aim and purpose of writing the given English essay.

After writing for ten minutes scan the ideas and select the most relevant ones discarding the others.

Think about your reader and try to write what the reader may want to read.

Writing an effective paper

At your school or college level, your teachers do not demand a scholarly English essay from you.

You are supposed to write a simple essay.

But even for a simple AP English essay, you need to apply some standard format only then you will be able to satisfy your teacher or reader.

An effective AP English essay is not an impossible task but with proper planning, you can easily do it.

First, you need to focus on the topic and think about what you are supposed to write about. Try to stick to the point, be straightforward and do not digress from the topic.

Always try to draw a mind map of your English essay.

Many successful good writers always write an outline before starting writing. It saves you a lot of energy and time.

Try to give your English essay a well-organized shape.

Your essay is definitely going to influence your reader if it is well organized and easy to follow.

Always use information and quotes from reliable sources to support your argument.

Try to analyze your statements and given facts once more to be sure of their credibility.

As a last step proofread and edit your paper for any minor mistakes like spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Such minor errors are going to ruin your paper. Therefore be very particular about such mistakes.

Organize your AP English Essay

The first thing to keep in mind when you are asked to write an AP English essay on the first or any other day of your school or college is that you have to rely only on your memory.

You will not be given a chance to research for the given topic.

You will have to depend only on your memory for writing your paper.

Therefore you need to divide and organize your English essay well.

For this, you will have to divide your essay into three parts.

The first part is the introduction, the second is the body paragraphs and the last is the conclusion.

Writing down all the ideas while planning before writing the actual English essay will help you save your time and energy.

How to write the AP English Essay

Now that you have prepared a mind map of what you are going to write in your English essay, divided it into sections, you are better equipped to write it now.

Start your paper with a good and catchy introduction.

The intro of your English essay is the most important part of your essay as it is like a window to your essay.

You need to excite your readers and grab their attention with the introduction to make the first and everlasting impression.

In your introduction introduce the reader to your topic and then give a hint of what you will be talking about in your essay.

State it very clearly without confusing your reader.

Now the next part is the body paragraphs of your essay.

This is where you will tell everything you just touched upon in the introduction in full detail.

Do not digress from your topic or discuss irrelevant things.

Focus on your topic and go from the most important to the less important things.

Always use authentic sources to take information and examples from in order to increase the credibility of your essay.

The last part is the conclusion. In this part, you wrap up your discussion by giving a summary of your essay.

This is also known as the restatement of your thesis statement. Give your opinion or moral in the end.

You can also recommend something or put a question to the reader to increase the appeal of your essay.


Once you are done with your paper the last thing you should not forget to do is to proofread your paper.

Read it over a few times as you are the only reader and checker for the time being and no other person is available to check it for you.

Try to find out any spelling, grammatical or punctuation as well as formatting mistakes. Correct them one by one and then submit it.

If you find it difficult you can always get custom-written, original AP English essays by the experts at best essay writing service.

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