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Upper First Class Dissertation Mark

Apr 26, 2022 | 0 comments

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Apr 26, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments


Want an Upper First Class Dissertation Mark?

Everyone desires to achieve an upper first-class mark on their dissertation.

The question is how do you achieve this mark?

For you to achieve an upper first-class dissertation you need to display the following characteristics in your work.

To enhance your chances of getting the first-class it is important that you incorporate these characteristics in your dissertation writing.


One of the ways to have a good dissertation is to ensure that you have a personal academic position.

This means your work should be as original as possible to fulfill the basic requirement of getting a first-class mark.

When we talk about originality in dissertation writing it comes in different degrees and shades.

Including originality in your work uniquely will earn you an upper first mark.


When writing a dissertation it is important to ensure your content can be related to other existing literature.

This way your work will be meaningful and appropriate.

Your work should clearly describe the scope of your work, your aims and the significant trends that are in the field.

It is also important to ensure that you have compelling findings that are important and persuasive to the reader.

Data Collection

Understanding the data collection methods that you are going to apply in your field is very important since it will help you communicate this information to your reader.

Ensure you justify why you have chosen a specific methodology using a comparative analysis of the available alternatives.

It is also important to evaluate the pros and cons of the chosen approach.

Conceptual Framework

When writing a dissertation, it is important to ensure you demonstrate an understanding of the issues that you are discussing.

It is also important that you show an understanding of the theoretical paradigms that are surrounding your field.

Sticking to the background of your conceptual framework as you discuss your findings is vital.

For you to get the first-class in your dissertation you must be able to connect your ideas to your own needs to ensure your data is intelligent.

Structure and Organization

A dissertation that has a structure can earn you an upper first-class mark because the reader identifies such work as organized and focused.

Ensure you have a proper chapter development.

It is also important to ensure your subheadings, introductory, and conclusion have their own sections.

When you do this your work will have a flow that is clear.

In your arguments, ensure you have a logical development facilitated by intuitive organized materials.

The use of linking devices in your dissertation is important because it will help the reader to run across the chapters easily.

Quality of Expression

Your written English should be consistent to meet the standards of academic research.

When you have quality English the probability of getting an upper first-class dissertation is very high.

The reader wants to see a grammatically correct work that is impeccable.

It is important that you also have a consistent tone throughout your dissertation

The vocabulary that you use should relate to your field of study and should also be accurate.


When doing your research you will find that you have a wide first-hand knowledge of your area of study.

When you are able to reference materials from different sources it shows a demonstration of expertise in your study.

It is also important that you consider exciting unusual material besides the required materials.

Critical Analysis

The referencing materials that you are going to use in your dissertation should be able to identify, critique and also evaluate the key concepts of your work.

It is important that you prove and also identify the implications of the materials in your analysis.


It is important to ensure that your findings are generalizable.

Show the significance of your findings to the field and also its reproducibility.

It is also important that you highlight the nature of your findings in the existing research.

Ensure that you thoroughly discuss these findings.

Academic Conventions

Why writing your dissertation it is important that you remember the appropriate alignment of the elements that are supposed to be included in your work.

For example, ensure that you have used the appropriate referencing styles

Let your abstract, bibliographies, and appendices be in order.

Ensure you have eliminated all doubts and errors in your field to ensure you are competent in your academic study.

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