Preparing to Write Essays in Exams

Jun 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Preparing to Write Essays in Exams

Jun 4, 2021 | Student Tips | 0 comments

The pressure to produce a high-quality essay in an exam is different from the stress of writing one over time.

You might have three hours for four essays, so you need some skills and good revision sheets before entering the examination hall – here are your tips!

These are some of the tips on Preparing to Write Essays in Exams

1. Preparation

Preparing to Write Essays in Exams
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Spoilers! Prepare for the exam by studying past papers and practicing answering questions on time.

If your tutor offers any workshops where they will go through model answers, make sure you go—it may be spring or summer outside, but these sessions are precious, so don’t waste a minute during essay writing season.

2. This is not a test of your memory

Do not cram when Preparing to Write Essays in Exams
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You might think that you need to cram your head full of knowledge before an exam, but we don’t see any questions about “Write down everything I know about” on a regular test.

The purpose is for you to give out what’s in your point-of-view and opinion!

Don’t stay up late the night before trying these tricks – it will only leave more time for sleeping after exams are over.

3. Answer the question

Answer The Question when Preparing to Write Essays in Exams
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As you answer the question, make sure to understand and respond to what is being asked.

For example, if it says “Civil War,” then that doesn’t mean that you can write down everything about Oliver Cromwell.

Make sure you’re answering the right thing!

As with essays during a term when one knows precisely how much space they have in which to complete their work, or for those taking an exam where questions are multiple-choice designed so as not allow any more than three possible answers per essay/question provided by your instructor (or proctor), understanding what is wanted from each response will be key towards receiving top marks on your tests.

4. Use course materials

use your course mterials and notes when Preparing to Write Essays in Exams
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Learning how to study is a skill that takes time and effort but can be mastered if done correctly.

As you might have guessed from this article’s title, the most crucial step in the process is your notes!

Make sure they’re comprehensive enough, so you know what material will be on exam day- because then it becomes easier to focus more deeply when studying for final exams with shorter timelines than those given during an entire semester of coursework.

Acknowledge any gaps or confusion in understanding by checking other sources such as recommended reading alongside your lecture materials – not obscure texts found fascinating-to get more precise answers and better grades at the end of term (or school year).

5. Presentation.

presenttion of your work when writing your essays
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Try to keep your handwriting as neat and straight as possible while writing in cursive or a script-like font typeface that can be easily read.

Pay close attention to sentence and paragraph construction, making sure each line is aligned equally on the page and paragraphs are divided at logical points of pause if you expect an audience member’s mind to wander during the listening time.

If you have some time before the exam to get ready, make sure that your room is a haven of peace and comfort.

Get out any thoughts or worries on paper to clear them from your mind, so they don’t distract you during the test.

Turning off all electronics at least an hour before bedtime will also help with restful sleep – this includes cellphones too!

And as tempting as it might be when stressed about finishing homework, try not using caffeine late into the night (or even better yet, avoid it altogether).

Sleep is crucial for students who want their energy levels up throughout the day; getting over five hours each night has been shown to boost math skills by 20%.



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