Position Essay

Jan 31, 2020

Position Essay

Jan 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

What is a position essay?

A position essay can be referred to as a composition in which an individual presents their arguable statement about something.

By definition, the word position means a standpoint concerning a thing.

Also, the writer demonstrates why they believe the content is worth to have the audience listen to and its validity.

The primary purpose of writing a position essay is to present an idea.

The essay is kind of enclosed to two sides of a coin that is; the persuasive or an argumentative essay.

You require to be very cautious when writing a position essay due to its nature.

While writing any position essay, you should never make a statement without having supporting evidence to your stand.

Besides, you require to take your time to understand the topic before doing the homework.

Sample of a Position essay #1:

Voluntary Euthanasia

Morality views concerning voluntary euthanasia vary from one individual to another depending on their religious beliefs, principles, values, and virtues. For instance, the nurse manager held strong notions against voluntary euthanasia. She considers it generally immoral and inappropriate as she terms it a selfish and insensitive act that in the end causes more harm. She believes no reason can justify the act of ending the life of another being as she counteracts most reasons presented in support of voluntary euthanasia by most people.

The nurse manager believes that every individual’s life is invaluable hence presents the need to preserve them. Voluntary euthanasia undermines this notion and puts a condition on the value of life suggesting that at some point the life of an individual is worthless to the society which is unacceptable. She believes that as much as the patients have incurable conditions their lives are still intrinsically valuable and need to be preserved. In addition, the nurse manager considers the reference to health scares resources as an excuse to get rid of those considered a burden to the society as well as a justification for physicians to provide poor quality health. She believes that physicians ought to retain their role in society as lifesavers and not taint their noble duty by killing as implied by Somerville (56).

In addition, the nurse manager believes that the right to life does not give anyone the freedom of self-determination over life and death.  As much as every individual has the right to determine their own fate no one has the freedom of deciding to end their lives as they did not choose to be born. Besides, religiously, only God has the mandate to decide when to end an individual’s life and requires no interference from human beings thus conducting voluntary euthanasia is a violation of religious beliefs (Somerville 59).

Moreover, voluntary euthanasia is a suicide, and suicide is immoral so is aiding in the suicide mission. Voluntary euthanasia promotes the culture of aiding in suicide mission which is unacceptable by society, punishable by law and regarded as murder (Somerville 60). Therefore, for whatever reason, there is no justification for euthanasia.

Furthermore, the nurse manager condemns the notion that renders euthanasia morally right by claiming that voluntary euthanasia promotes the best interest of all stakeholders involved, the patient majorly, and does not violets anyone’s right. She agrees with Somerville’s (62)’s claim that there is completely no circumstance that fits that description arguing that people are often wrong concerning what they consider best- what is considered the best is often morally inappropriate- and may end up being harmful to the society. For instance, euthanasia, whether voluntary or involuntary, does have consequences on the relatives and physicians as they often live with anger, grief and guilt implying that its impact outweighs the happiness of the patient hence is immoral.

In summary, the nurse manager is against voluntary euthanasia and maintains that it is morally inappropriate. She believes voluntary euthanasia is assisted suicide which is immoral, unacceptable by religion as God is the sole decision-maker concerning death and every life is valuable hence ought to be preserved and put a condition on its value is immoral. In addition, she is against diluting the role of physicians which is to save lives and not to kill. Therefore, she believes voluntary euthanasia ought to be discouraged as there is no appropriate justification for it.


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