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Dissertation Writing – How to Do it and Do it Well

May 18, 2023 | 0 comments

May 18, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Dissertation Writing can be seen to be both a hard and a simple task.

It is hard work that will enable you to write a good dissertation.

The ability to culminate the ideas in your research and theories in one place will help you write a good dissertation for evaluation and marking.

How do you make sure that your dissertation or thesis does justice to the research you have taken in weeks?

What is the best way to present your academic ideas to ensure you have excellent grades in your dissertation?

Everyone desires to earn good grades in their master’s dissertation, and it requires one to put effort to get the grades one deserves.

In this guide, we have highlighted tips to help you write a successful master’s dissertation.


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Getting Started with Dissertation Writing

When starting your dissertation writing process, you should have already completed your research.

You should also have a clear structural plan to help you follow a certain roadmap in writing the master’s dissertation.

Having a structure of your dissertation is essential to know how to put together pieces that fit each other.

The first step to dissertation writing is to know where each piece of research is supposed to be included.

When you have understood your research, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the marker understands.

Therefore, it is important to ensure you have a clear structure that is logical to help the reader know what you are talking about.

Ensure that your thesis has a flow and a logical progression.

Whether it is the dissertation chapters or subheadings, they should be able to fit into their sections.

Some people suffer from writer’s block when they start writing their dissertation.

It is important to remember that writing the first few sentences can be hard, but you should not give up.

Despite this fact, you must try and put something down, and you can consider going back and changing the information later.

Please do not feel left out when you find yourself having this issue because it is part of the process.

You will find yourself flowing in other paragraphs once you have already written the first one.

Writing Your Dissertation Argument

Dissertation arguments are expected to be clear and well-articulated.

Even though you have been doing your research for some time, it is important to know that the reader does not understand everything, and you have to ensure you have explained things in full.

One way you can ensure you have articulated and made your arguments clear is by assuming each paragraph is compressed into a single sentence to convey your arguments.

This way, you will focus on your arguments and ensure that you can split different ideas into individual paragraphs.

As you write every paragraph, you must review it from a marker perspective and know whether it makes sense.

Please get to know every part and parcel of the paragraph and why you have included them in that place.

It is also important to know why you took a certain route to explain what you just said.

It is also important to ensure that your argument has a link to your research question.

If you can comfortably answer your research questions by reading your paragraph, then you will be assured you are on the right track.

When writing your master’s dissertation, you must start with a strong sentence.

This strong sentence should be able to state your main subject and purpose clearly.

In summary, your first sentence should be a signpost to a broader explanation.

Your conclusion will be easier to write when you have this because you will use your first sentences for a summary.

Writing Up Your Dissertation

You may find yourself writing long sentences, which is common when writing a thesis.

Making sure that these sentences are clear and well punctuated is very important.

This way, you will be assured that your sentences are making sense.

When writing your paragraphs, make sure that you have balanced your sentences so that not all of them are long.

You can combine both long and short phrases.

This is because it can be difficult and tiresome reading long phrases throughout the paragraph.

Long phrases may also bring confusion in the middle of a sentence when they are not well punctuated.

You must avoid these to give the reader an easy time reading your thesis.

When writing every sentence, ensure that it will interest the reader to continue reading your work.

When a reader gets lost concerning the idea you want to bring forth, the likelihood of getting good grades is very low.

It is therefore important to ensure while writing your dissertation to keep the reader in mind.

When writing, it is also important to remember the limitations of words.

Avoid repeating yourself because this may show a lack of understanding of your research question.

To proofread your work, you must consider leaving out a day before submitting your work.

Ask your peers or professional proofreader to read through your master’s dissertation.

This way, you will be able to know whether your arguments are clearly highlighted.

It is also important to ensure you take a break while writing your dissertation because it may give you a wider perspective when you go back to writing.

You may also find improvement in your thought processing when you take time between dissertation writing.

You can find yourself discovering areas that do not make sense and those that are not well structured and ensure they are clearly highlighted.

A Final Master’s Dissertation Top Tip

When writing your dissertation, you must consider communicating with your supervisor at all times so that they can help you in the process.

For example, ensure that you have seen your supervisor as early as possible so that they can give you feedback early.

When you get feedback from your supervisor, you will format your work at an early stage to produce a good dissertation.

When you have a good relationship with your supervisor, you will be assured of getting a first-class dissertation.

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