Are Essay Writing Services Legal and Ethical?

Apr 14, 2021 | 0 comments

Apr 14, 2021 | Guide | 0 comments

Freelance writing is a difficult business, and many writers find themselves looking for ways to squeeze more money out of their writing careers.

Perhaps you’ve hit a dry spell where the magazine pieces, newsletter articles, and press releases aren’t paying the bills.

Maybe you’ve hit an unexpected period of high expenses and need to make more cash.

Or maybe you’ve found that the type of writing that served you well in graduate school is less in demand in the corporate market.

For whatever reason, when you saw the ad looking for academic writers to write essays for college students, you thought to yourself, “Hey, I can do that!” And then you stopped to ask yourself: “Is this legal and ethical?”

In this article, we’ll consider whether writing for a professional academic essay company is legit and explore the question of whether you should become one of the experts churning out papers for the college essay writing industry.

Why Academic Essays?

To examine why students are looking for help from legitimate essay writing services similar to SmartWritingService, we need to understand why students are struggling with their papers.

The biggest reason is that students arrive at college without the prerequisite writing skills they need to succeed in the academic environment.

High schools are more focused than ever on standardized testing, and teaching to the test leaves too little time to teach college-level writing skills.

As a result, record numbers of college freshmen must complete remedial writing courses to pursue their degrees.

This leaves them at a disadvantage, and many never catch up to their peers who came to school with strong academic writing skills.

When you add to this the challenges that students face balancing work, life, and school, it’s no wonder that so many are struggling to complete the record number of essays assigned this past academic year.

The Legal Aspects of Writing Help

So now we know why students are seeking professional help, but that doesn’t answer the question of whether it is legal for reliable experts to write a paper for a student.

The answer to this question is quite simple.

Writing a paper is completely legal.

In general, no law restricts a writer’s ability to write an essay or to sell his or her work.

When you write a paper, you are acting completely within the law, even if you are writing a paper to address requirements that a client provided you from his or her college course.

This is a protected activity, falling as it does under free speech laws.

(That said, this discussion is theoretically and does not constitute legal advice.

Always consult your attorney to ensure that no other laws applicable to the project you take on.)

That means that when you accept a contract to create a paper for a student, the writing you produce will be treated just like any other piece of writing.

Writing a paper is, generally, legal.

The Ethical Issues of Writing Companies

That, however, leaves the question of the ethics of writing a paper for a student.

Here is where we enter a gray area. In general, schools frown on having their students purchase papers, particularly when the students attempt to turn in those papers as their own work.

This can make it seem as though writing papers for students is an unethical means of employment.

However, as a writer, you can’t know a student’s intent, and there are many legitimate reasons that a student may need a custom written paper to help them to improve their own essay writing skills.

A legitimate and ethical essay writing company will inform students of their responsibility to use writing services according to the rules, guidelines, and policies of their school.

While it’s true that most schools prohibit students from submitting custom-written work in lieu of their own papers, nearly all schools allow students to use outside sources for research and to read outside sources for models. Consequently, when students order custom essays and use them as models to write their own paper, this can fall within established ethical guidelines.

The bigger ethical issue is whether you should feel comfortable writing papers for students, knowing full well that a certain percentage of them will misuse those papers in an attempt to avoid writing a paper or to earn a grade they don’t deserve. Evaluating that ethical risk raises questions about intention and culpability. For example, should a retailer feel ethically responsible when criminals use the goods they sell to commit crimes? The answer isn’t always easy to determine, and it is up to each writer to determine his or her own ethical balance and whether the good work being done to help students who need model writing outweighs the risk that some might misuse your work.

Ultimately, the writer who is looking for a career writing essays and term papers for college students will have to determine how much responsibility he or she feels for how students choose to use the writing they provide. Legally, writers are in the clear when it comes to producing essays on any topic their clients require. Ethically, the writer is providing what a client requests, and as long as the writer makes clear that the writing is intended to be used by the student’s college or university’s policies and cite appropriately, there is not much more a writer can do.


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