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The Legal and Ethical Considerations of Essay Writing Services

Jul 8, 2023

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Jul 8, 2023 | Blog

In today’s academic landscape, students often face overwhelming workloads and limited time to complete their assignments. Essay writing services have become popular, allowing students to hire professional writers for help with their academic papers. However, a critical question arises: Are essay writing services legal and ethical?

This article delves into the legality and ethics of buying essays and hiring an essay writing service. The text talks about the importance of good and unique work. It also mentions the skills of professional writers.

Additionally, it explains how academic honesty contributes to creating a fair education system. This article discusses the legal and ethical issues of hiring online essay writers or using academic writing services. It also explores how these services can impact students’ writing style and the credibility of their academic work. It also discusses how these services can affect students’ writing style and the credibility of their academic work.

Why Academic Essays?

To understand why students use legitimate essay writing services like SmartWritingService, we must know why they struggle with their papers.

The biggest reason is that students arrive at college without the prerequisite writing skills to succeed in the academic environment.

High schools prioritize standardized testing, leaving little time to teach college-level writing skills.

As a result, record numbers of first-year college students must complete remedial writing courses to pursue their degrees.

This puts them at a disadvantage. Many of them cannot catch up to their classmates who had strong writing skills when they started school.

Many students are struggling to complete the numerous essays assigned this academic year. This is particularly challenging for those balancing work and personal commitments.

The Legal Aspects of Writing Help

When seeking writing help, understanding the legal aspects is crucial. The good news is that writing a paper, whether an essay or a research paper, is entirely legal.

No law generally restricts writers’ ability to offer services or sell their work. This means that hiring a professional essay writer or utilizing online essay writing services is within the bounds of the law. However, it’s essential to prioritize quality and ensure that you’re working with expert writers who can deliver high-quality essays.

If you need an essay writer or academic writer, choose trustworthy sources that provide professional writing services. By doing this, you can ensure the essays you get are great, well-researched, and made to fit your needs. Online essays are helpful, but choose reliable sources to keep your academic honesty and get the best outcomes.

The Ethical Issues of Writing Companies

That, however, leaves the question of the ethics of writing a paper for a student.

Here is where we enter a grey area. Schools don’t like it when students buy papers and try to pass them off as their work.

This can make it seem as though writing papers for students is an unethical means of employment.

As a writer, you cannot know why a student wants a custom-written paper. However, there are valid reasons for them to use it. One of these reasons is to enhance their essay-writing skills.

A good essay-writing company will tell students to follow their school’s rules when using writing services.

Many schools prohibit students from submitting work written by someone else. However, they allow students to utilize external sources for research purposes and read them as examples.

Consequently, when students order custom essays and use them as models to write their papers, they fall within established ethical guidelines.

The bigger ethical issue is whether you should feel comfortable writing papers for students.

They know full well that a certain percentage of them will misuse those papers to avoid writing a paper or to earn a grade they don’t deserve.

Evaluating that ethical risk raises questions about intention and culpability.

For example, should a retailer feel ethically responsible when criminals use the goods they sell to commit crimes?

Determining the answer is not always simple. It is the responsibility of each writer to decide their ethical balance. They must consider if the benefit of assisting students who require model writing outweighs the risk of misuse.

Ultimately, the writer must determine their level of responsibility for how students utilize their essays and term papers in college. This decision pertains to the writer’s feelings towards the matter.

Legally, writers are transparent when producing essays on any topic their clients require.

Ethically, the writer is providing what a client requests. As long as the writer clarifies that the writing is intended to be used by the student’s college or university’s policies and cite appropriately, there is not much more a writer can do.

Final Thought: Are Essay Writing Services Legal and Ethical?

What do you think about outsourcing your essays online to a professional writer?

Do you feel like hiring an essay writer online is cheating, unethical, and illegal?

On the one hand, hiring someone else to write an essay for you indeed seems unfair.

But on the other hand, what if there were no such thing as essays in school?

Would someone ever teach us how to write them well enough without practice (which would cost money)?

And remember – teachers who want us to “learn” something design these assignments for us to write our essays. So maybe they’re not so bad after all.

Custom-written papers can improve your grades responsibly and ethically with professional guidance.




Are essay writing services legal?


Yes, essay writing services are generally legal. However, their legality may vary depending on the specific jurisdiction and the intended use of the service.

Can you trust essay writing services?


The trustworthiness of essay writing services varies. Researching and choosing reputable and reliable services with positive customer reviews and a proven track record is important.

Is academic writing ethical?


Academic writing is ethical when done with integrity and adherence to academic standards. However, unethical practices, such as plagiarism, using ghostwriters, or submitting someone else’s work as your own, are unethical and violate academic integrity.

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