Writing to Inform

Apr 21, 2020

Writing to Inform

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Writing to Inform

Essays are written to convey information.

The essay conveys the information that you have collected from authors, instructors or professors, your thoughts, sometimes peers and colleagues.

It doesn’t matter the kind of essay you are writing whether it is a personal essay or general the point is to transfer information.

There are some things that students and writers do not understand when it comes to writing an essay and it may lead them to get low marks.

The essence of providing clear and accurate information is not common to every writer and student and that’s why they may end up losing some marks.

As we have said earlier essays are written for the purposes of giving information to the readers.

The reader wants to see factual information to know the essence of you writing the essay.

What to Do to Receive The Highest Marks on an Informational Writing Assignment

One of the things that you need to do is following the conventions.

Ensure that your essay is straightforward and comfortable for any reader to read through.

You can do this by ensuring you have formatted and structured your essay properly.

Ensuring that you have done the line spacing, the standard font, and the margin property is important for the purposes of appearance.

Ensure that your title informs the reader what your essay is all about.

Some writers fail to write a good identification of their essay and the marker may not have a direction on where your essay is going.

In academic writing, it is important that you consider the structure of your essay.

You need to ensure that you work on the three levels of structuring your essay.

There is the structuring of sentences, paragraph structuring, and essay structuring.

Sentence Structure

Your primary objective in writing an essay is to bring out the information in a clear and straightforward manner.

Ensure that your sentences are clear, concise and straightforward.

Sometimes students are confused and believe that the more they write the better the essay.

This is a wrong notion because of you me right a lot in an essay but it may not convey the message clearly.

It is also important that you consider the style of writing.

The style is all about controlling how you present your information and ideas in your essay.

Make sure you don’t write long sentences because they make the information clumsy and hard to understand.

Ensure that your sentence length will make the reader to clearly understand what you want to convey.

You can consider using two to four sentences that are short and then use a longer one.

Don’t make your sentences too long because the reader might get tired in the process of reading.

When writing your essay it is important that you consider the choices of words you use.

Ensured the vocabulary that you use fits the subject you are talking about.

Ensure you use keywords expressions effectively.

Do a good contribution of words and vocabulary in such a way you don’t overuse them or repeat them in your essay.

Strive for clarity in your sentences and make them easy to read.

Paragraph Structure

In paragraph structuring, it is important to ensure that every paragraph has its own idea and subject.

Every sentence in a paragraph should be related to that one main idea.

Ensure that each paragraph clearly talks about one thing and ensure you indicate what that thing is and then expand on it in other sentences.

Ensure the remaining sentences support the statement you have made concerning the topic in question.

The final sentence in your paragraph should link to the next paragraph idea.

Essay Structure

What should the essay as a whole look like?

Basically, you need an introduction to a body and a conclusion.

The structure of the essay should be able to tell the reader what you are planning to tell them (introduction), what you need to tell them (body) and then tell them what you have just told them (conclusion).

When you have an essay structure it will be easy for you to write it.

The reason why you need to have an essay structure is for the purposes of making it be understood by the reader.

It is essential to ensure you have the content and the form of an essay.

The form reflects the structure of the essay.

You may have good content but if it is not well structured it may not be effective to give information to the reader.

Be Focused

Being able to maintain a continuous thought process throughout your essay is important for the reader to get to the flow.

It is important to know which information is relevant to your topic and which one is not.

Ensure that you are focused and be on the task no matter how tempting it may be to steer off.

When writing an essay it is important to understand whether it is asking you to give an overall understanding concerning the issue or a position/ argument.

When it comes to judgment and argumentative essays you need to have a balanced approach.

This can be difficult especially when you’re discussing things like politics religion and social issues.

Objectivity is something that you need to strive for when it comes to writing academic essays.

Whether you are writing a general understanding or an argumentative essay ensure there is objectivity.

Use factual approach when presenting your position.

Ensure that when you are presenting any other position you make it clear and neutral.

Where you are not agreeing with any argument ensure you do not denounce or attack a person directly.

Be Informative

Being able to give a reader as much information as possible is very essential.

Ensure that your information is clear and accessible.

Keep your essay in the present tense as much as possible.

Mind the G.A.P

G .A. P means the genre, audience, and purpose


The kind of informational writing you’re going to write is called the genre.

It’s a matter of explaining how something works and describing how something works.

The information that you will be able to provide to the reader should be able to represent your genre.

It is important to have facts when writing an informative essay when it comes to genre.


This might sound strange for students to hear because even the professors themselves while teaching find it strange to talk about the audience.

Who is envisioned as an audience by the writer?

The reason why this looks strange is that you may be writing an essay to the general public but it’s only the reader or the marker that is going to see your work.

For an informational essay, the writer can consider any person who comes across the essay, read it, understand it and benefit from it.


This can also be awkward to think about because the purpose of the writer is to get good grades.

At the same time, the purpose of writing an informative essay is to give information.

In other ways, the informational essay will also teach.

It is important that you consider yourself as an information provider because you will be on the right path when writing your essay instead of thinking of yourself as a writer.

Reaching to the end of this guide shows that you have been able to read through.

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