Animals Rights.

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Animals Rights.



THESIS: Like human, animals have rights. Ingrid Nwekirk an activist for Ethical treatment of animals agrees and says all animals are equal to humans and must be given equal treatment. She adds that no separation exists between human rights and animal rights. On the other hand, some people who oppose this theory and state that the intelligence of human is way much better than human and therefore animals have no rights. They add that animals are just resources at the disposal of human beings use. The question that remains is whether or no animals have rights.

  1. Animal welfare is different from animal’s right. Animal welfare is the sense of guaranteeing animals with a certain level of protection from pain caused by humans.
  2. The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has increased awareness of the suffering and abuse of animals.
  3. The Society also actively fought for the passage of laws that protect animals.
  4. The laws require pet owners, livestock slaughterers and people working with animals to comply with certain standards of basic care.
  5. The standards include food and water for domestic animals; in addition torturing of animals is a criminal offense.
  6. To help execute their mandate, the animal welfare groups work together with the

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