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Inadequate housing and maintenance in Brooklyn apartments

Dec 30, 2022 | 0 comments

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Dec 30, 2022 | Essays | 0 comments

Dear Rubin Diaz,
Following the reported videos of these tenants I have watched, I am writing this letter to provide recommendations. The Brooklyn apartments have not had heat for the past few months. It is to be noted that the weather reaches 44 degrees on a Wednesday afternoon. Despite continuous reports to the office, she seems to have not received adequate assistance in resolving the issue. Because of the cold and lack of heat, family members cannot take a shower in the morning before leaving for their errands. Her situation is not getting any despite continued promises to help resolve the matter. She pays her mortgage and has ensured that she has maintained a proper relationship with the other tenants. The lack of heat has exposed the children to the risk of pneumonia, which is quite concerning. There are elements of adequate housing that must be considered, including habitability. This explains that for a house to be seen as adequate, the tenants must be protected from cold and heat. The house where Ms. Rubin and her children reside lacks these basic elements and may thus be deemed inhabitable unless immediate attention is given to the issues raised.
On the other hand, Margie has encountered several flooding situations in her home. This morning she woke up to find her house full of water, which ran for four hours. Because of the flooding, Margie and her daughters cannot lead a full life. Although she reported the matter early in the morning, more than 36 hours passed before assistance was offered. The solution presented though ideal in the short term, is temporary; thus, she may be forced to deal with the situation and challenge once again. Because of her long-term residence, the matter should be given immediate and conclusive attention.
I am writing this letter with a lot of expectations that you will bring change to these people’s lives. According to the housing regulations, every individual has a right to have a living standard, good health, and well-being for himself and his entire family. This includes all the required social services and good housing, and they have the right to house security. The element of accessibility is especially useful because of the physical condition of Margie’s daughters. Margie has two daughters who are physically disabled, making movements and maneuvering difficult for the family. The disability of the children, as well as the fact that she remains the main caregiver, means that immediate attention must be paid to provide adequate assistance for the sake of survival.
After evaluation, it is clear that Margie’s problem stems from her problematic sink, which runs continuously and non-stop. The most effective solution would be to engage the services of a plumber within the shortest time. A professional plumber can handle and complete the task within a few hours. She has also been living in the same residence for a long time and has modified the home to suit the needs of her daughters. She and her two children have made almost all their memories in this home, and mending the broken sink will save them a lot. The lady in the Brooklyn apartments needs heat in her house. She has young children who may not be able to combat the cold. If that place is at 44 degrees on a Wednesday afternoon, one can only imagine how cold it gets at night. Because of the changing climatic conditions, the necessary repairs must be made as soon as possible. This will not only ensure comfortable residents but also increase the rating and publicity that the landlord will get from caring about the needs of the residents. It is vital to note that all recommendations will not take much time and little energy to complete; all that is required is access and use of professionals to ensure sustainable solutions are implemented.
Yours sincerely
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