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The 8 Most Unusual Dissertation Topics of All Times

Apr 26, 2022 | 0 comments

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Apr 26, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments


Imagine the possibilities your academic institution has offered you.

You can spend countless hours on a fascinating project that will provide valuable insight to others or an uninspired task with little value in it for anyone else but yourself.

You may think this option is easy and doesn’t require much effort – what could be better than spending your time doing something productive?

But before choosing any topic of research, there are some important details worth considering:

What if all other researchers have already studied it extensively while you were still completing high school courses?

Read more to get the most unusual dissertation topics. These will help you stand out from your fellow students, and make your supervisor say ‘wow’!

Cool Dissertation Ideas and Most Unusual Dissertation Topics to Get You Inspired

Cool Dissertation Ideas to Get You Inspired

I’m sure you’ve heard that a dissertation topic has to be both valuable and interesting.

Here are eight of the coolest ideas we came up with just for you!

When considering dissertation topics, it’s essential to open your mind as much as possible.

You’ll need something worthwhile for others in academia or science communities who will appreciate it- but don’t let this mean boring either!

We thought about some cool themes (you might think they sound weird at first) when trying out different idea generators online:

What if there were competitions at the Olympics?

Sports marketing may be boring for you, but I think it would make one heck of an event. Imagine competing in ‘A comparison of jump performances.

Or maybe testing your skills with something like Which feels heavier – a pound of lead or a pound of feathers?’

What’s better than watching sports on TV and not being able to participate yourself?

What about researching ‘Which is more difficult – running 100 meters uphill while wearing weights strapped to our feet-or running 100 meters downhill without any weight attached?”

You could even delve into how dogs vs. cats compare when playing fetch!

So, if you thought that there is a limit to choosing MBA topics for the thesis, think again.

Apparently, with the right professor, anything goes!

You might not get the best grade but in this case, who cares?

It’s all about creativity when it comes to business studies, and we have plenty of it.

1 Impact of Wet Underwear.

Impact of Wet Underwear | Pro Thesis Writers

If you’re looking for a dissertation topic, dry underwear is just the thing!

If it’s not already on your marketing strategy or MBA thesis list, then it should be.

Imagine how much money those who sell this product can make in sales and profit with such an important industry issue addressed by their company?

Wet underwear is not comfortable for anyone, including babies.

This isn’t just a financial issue; it seems to be an important health question.

The people who researched the subject weren’t looking for lucrative dissertation topics with catchy titles like “The Marketing Strategy Of Underwear” or even “How

Much Money You Can Save On Unwanted Clothing With A Healthy Diet.” Instead, they looked into how wet undergarments affect intestinal warmth and skin temperature – and believe it or not, weight loss!

Who knew? This also turns out to be one of the good dissertation titles for finance ideas for weight loss products!

Wearing wet underwear in controlled conditions provides a significant cooling effect on thermoregulatory responses and thermal comfort. Huh!

I’d never heard that you can cool down by wearing your sweaty underpants because they’re soaked with cold water – it sounds like a creative way to get an A+ from me during next semester’s final exam days.

2 Jesus Potter Harry Christ

Jesus Potter Harry Christ | Pro Thesis Writers

It’s no secret that there have been some pretty strange comparisons of Harry Potter and Jesus Christ over the years.

A Ph.D. student named Murphy is one to break new ground on this front, as he has written a dissertation comparing these two figures!

This thesis transformed into a book that won the Next Gen Indie Book Award for ‘Best religious non-fiction’ in 2011!

Analyzing J.K.Rowling’s miracle wizard boy and Jesus Christ is something people find worthy of research and interesting to read, so much that these ideas are what drove professor Mike Bauman to win an award with his 2012 groundbreaking work on religion called “Harry Potter And The Bible: How Magic Influences Religion.”

In this paper, I will be exploring how magic influences Christian culture by examining two books by author J. K Rowling using parallels between Harry Potter’s world as portrayed within her novels and Christianity found throughout scripture, namely John 1; Colossians 2v14&15;

 3 Cautious and Pain-free Manipulation of Penile Zipper Entrapment

Cautious and Pain-free Manipulation of Penile Zipper Entrapment

What better topic of choice than the art of managing your zipper when it entraps the manhood?

A paper about a penile zipper’s dilemma might sound ridiculous but think about all of these people who haven’t even considered this as an option.

After reading that title and thinking, “what is this?” there are going to be hundreds if not thousands more, just like you wondering what could make such an odd thesis so intriguing for somebody else!

People have found a way to remove their belt buckle without the need for pliers and wire cutters.

A paper published in 2005 by Dr. Satish Chandra Mishra offers pages and pages filled with methods for fine intervention that are more than enough if you experience this problem often.

It also explains which approaches will worsen or take too long for an uncomfortable situation like your pants falling because they’re unbuttoned, making things much longer!

4 Navigation-Related Constructional Interchange in the Hippocampi of Cab Drivers

Navigation-Related Constructional Interchange in the Hippocampi of Cab Drivers

Cab drivers are smarter than you think.

This quickly turned into a psychological and even one of the greatest tourism dissertation topics ever from a medical topic.

Being in a cab gives you the advantage of being in an interesting place with bigger brainpower than ordinary people because they use navigation often, making them more intelligent.

It will be enticing for tourists to take cabs instead of any other form of transportation since taxis provide such great service accompanied by intelligence-boosting benefits!

It is a well-known fact that many taxi drivers have larger posterior hippocampi than other people.

This theory was confirmed compared to the hippocampus size of non-taxi drivers, which were found to be smaller in comparison.

5 The Possibility of Unicorns

The Possibility of Unicorns | Pro Thesis Writers

You may not believe it, but this is a real question that has troubled us for decades.

Fortunately, Rachael Patterson decided to research the answer and share her findings in an entire dissertation with all of us!

Surely, none of them claim that these are real creatures and admit that they are mythical, but some still maintain the idea that they might exist in another world.

Our protagonist didn’t want to take any chances with her thesis research project, so she took on a philosophy undergraduate’s task: finding unicorns without ever seeing one herself!

6 Termination of Intractable Hiccups with Digital Rectal Massage

Termination of Intractable Hiccups with Digital Rectal Massage

The endings of these topics start to more and more sound like dissertation jokes.

However, they are real dissertations published in 1990 from Israel on an old wives’ tale.

Apparently, according to the report out there: “in such a complex and unbearable situation, this is a surprisingly effective method for terminating hiccups.”

Mentioned one case – that of a 60-year older adult who suffered from intractable hiccups; the study’s author reported that after massaging his rectum with their finger (the first time), he immediately stopped breathing!

However, other recurrences were not observed so far, which would make it difficult or impossible to replicate.

Dr. Francis Fesmire penned such a report and got an Ig Nobel back in 2006 for discovering the amazing treatment that older adults seem to love so much: being buried alive! It’s said he had quite some joyous tradition with his discovery before dying from it himself in 2014.

7. Chicken Prefer Beautiful Humans

Chicken Prefer Beautiful Humans

People who are looking for the perfect hobby to take up should consider doing this. It seems like it would be so much fun, and it is an interesting topic that you can research!

People trying to find a new popular hobby might want to study primates because they have been shown in previous studies by Magnus Enquist and Liselotte Jansson at Stockholm University as such worthy subjects of study due to not only their popularity but also their intelligence.

The research oversees 6 chickens who need to respond to sculptures of people’s faces, both male and female.

When tested for preference between beautiful and average-looking humans based on beauty alone, chickens showed a clear preference for the latter ones.

The experiment also had human participants with similar results – showing that not only are we interested in what is aesthetically pleasing, but other animals share this common ground as well!

The research oversaw 6 (chickens) which needed to show reactions towards different types of human faces- judging them based solely on their level of attractiveness or ugliness according to chicken standards; however, our feathered friends did not discriminate–instead, they preferred ‘plain’ folks by far over those deemed particularly attractive.

8. Pressures Produced When Penguins Empty Their Bowels – Computation on Avian Defecation

Pressures Produced When Penguins Empty Their Bowels – Computation on Avian Defecation

This is one of the hilarious doctoral dissertations you’ll ever read! This dissertation, which focuses on penguins and their bowel movements, has a picture that breaks down how they poop.

To make it more interesting, creative, and engaging:

“Scientists at the Jacobs University Bremen have decided to look into penguin’s pooping process. Jozsef Gal and Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow of this bizarre topic admit that they are particularly interested in how far this fecal matter covers as well as the thickness of said poop.”

How do penguins poop in their nests? Dr. Meyer-Rochow, a professor of zoology and the lead researcher for this question on animal excrement at Bristol University’s School of Biological Sciences, has an answer: they don’t!

One would think that these birds are constantly shitting themselves throughout the day while eating fish or other types of seafood since it can be deadly to have too much saltwater intake; not so fast – there is no evidence to support any theory about them pooping where they sleep.

Think you can’t find a cool topic? Think again. From ancient Egyptian poetry to the use of plants in medicine, there are plenty of options out there for those willing to get creative and ignore conventionality.

Your dissertation might stand as an example among its peers!

Creative topic ideas come from all kinds of different places—sometimes even outside your field of expertise (which is why we at PapersOwl have experts on hand if need be).

Thankfully, with some creativity and ingenuity, nothing should stop any student from choosing their favorite subject matter, whether it’s “normal” or not normal enough like this list suggests, so don’t feel limited by the ‘norm’ when searching for your perfect research question.

Not Inspired Enough? You Can Always Get Help

Some of the most intriguing topics that inspire people to write are things they think about every day, like unicorns.

Some may want to find out more information on them and go as far in-depth as a dissertation which can take years!

Others will struggle for other reasons, such as not knowing where their research should start or how much time is needed.

We know that it can be difficult to write your dissertation.

But there is a solution for this: you could use our services and get help from us!

You’ll stay anonymous; we offer 100% custom-crafted work 24 hours each day – 7 days of the week.

It’s a magnificent way out if you struggle with the writing process or need someone who will care about your progress as much as you do!

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