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Top 84 Twelfth Night Essay Topics for Students

Mar 3, 2022 | 0 comments

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Mar 3, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy that centers on protagonist twins Viola and Sebastian, separated in a shipwreck.
One twin assumed the other’s identity to work as a servant for Duke Orsino but soon fell in love with his stunning lady Olivia.
Twelfth Night play portrays disguise, desire, etc., which readers will learn more about as they read through this play by William Shakespeare.
Students are sometimes required to pick topics from the play and write essays based on them (ie-desire). The romantic play centres on forgiveness, greediness, lustful desires, and so much more!
Although some people find Twelfth Night difficult to write essays on because the book includes many different subjects, it can make it hard for students to pick one topic for their essay from all the Twelfth Night Vocabulary.
We have compiled some ideas that might help you get started writing your essay to impress your real teachers.

Twelfth Night Essay Topics for You

  1. William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: The Drive Of Love
  2. The Pain of “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare
  3. Fools in Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare
  4. Cross-dressing in The Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night
  5. The Use Of Disguise In Twelfth Night by Shakespeare
  6. The Lessons about Life That Are Contained in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  7. The Misperceptions in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  8. Twelfth Night As A Tragic romantic Comedy
  9. The Use of Bittersweet Comedy in Twelfth Night by Shakespeare
  10. True Love in Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare
  11. Hierarchies in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  12. William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: The Meaning of the Book’s Title
  13. What Purpose Did Disguise Serve in the Twelfth Night?
  14. Sebastian’s Character in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  15. The Roles of Gender identity in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  16. The Inspiration of Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare
  17. Romantic Comedy in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  18. Twelfth Night and Pygmalion
  19. Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: The Link between Music and Love
  20. How Important is Olivia in Twelfth Night by Shakespeare?
  21. The Excessiveness in Twelfth Night
  22. Love Triangle in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  23. Twelfth Night and human Sexuality
  24. Malvolio in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  25. Irony in Twelfth Night
  26. Characters of Twelfth Night by Shakespeare
  27. Deception in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  28. Themes in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  29. Elements of Humor in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  30. Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare: Malvolio is Miss-understood
  31. Twelfth Night Essay: The Denial of Olivia
  32. The Portray of Foolishness in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  33. Examine the Character of Viola in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
  34. Twelfth Night: The Language of Love
  35. The Faults of Love in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  36. Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: The Struggle in Life
  37. Twelfth Night Essay: The Importance of Cross-dressing
  38. Twelfth Night: Tradition of Transvestitism
  39. Twelfth Night: The different Ways to Love
  40. Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare: A Gender-Bending Journey
  41. Music in Twelfth Night by Williams
  42. The Perplexity of Love in Twelfth Night
  43. Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare: The Portray of Romantic Love
  44. Deceit in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  45. The Types of Love in Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare
  46. What is the Outcome of Twelfth Night by Shakespeare
  47. Analysis of Twelfth Night
  48. The Fools in Twelfth Night
  49. Mistaken Identity in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  50. The blindness of Love in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  51. Compare and Contrast the Twelfth Night and As You Like It by William Shakespeare
  52. Twelfth Night Essays: Lessons About Love
  53. What is the Special Role of Music in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night?
  54. Essay on Love in Twelfth Night
  55. The theme of Disguise in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  56. The Essence of Sub-plot in Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare
  57. The Use of Deception in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  58. Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Its Effect on Other Writings
  59. Alternative Sexuality in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  60. Notes on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  61. Disguise in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Measure for Measure
  62. The theme of Love in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  63. The Disguise of Viola in Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare
  64. Festivity in Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare
  65. Compare Twelfth Night with Othello by Shakespeare
  66. Twelfth Night Essay: Reality vs. Appearance
  67. Outcast In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
  68. What is the Essence of Feste in Twelfth Night?
  69. Desire and Love in Twelfth Night

Analytical Essay Prompts

  1. How does Feste the Clown’s song at the close of Twelfth Night make a fitting ending to the play? What themes from the play does the song explore?
  2. Why is Malvolio in Twelfth Night? Is he just comic relief, or does he help Shakespeare make his point about love?
  3. What role does friendship play in the Twelfth Night? Which characters develop friendships, and what characteristics do all of these friendships share?
  4. Where does irony occur in the Twelfth Night? Provide examples of situational or verbal irony in the play and explain what makes each one ironic.
  5. Romantic love causes several characters to behave foolishly in the Twelfth Night. Explore three to five examples of foolish behavior brought on by romantic love.

Compare and Contrast Prompts

  1. The two great houses of the play are Duke Orsino’s home and Olivia’s home. Compare and contrast these two houses. Which of Olivia’s characteristics affect the people of her household? What characteristics of Orsino influence the people of his home? How are the people and events in each house similar and how are they different?
  2. Two major deceptions happen in the Twelfth Night. Viola deceives Duke Orsino and Olivia into believing she is Cesario, and Sir Toby and his friends deceive Malvolio into believing Olivia loves him. Although some aspects of the lies are very different, they share a few similarities. Compare and contrast these two big lies. Pay attention to their motivations, their introductions, and their effects.
  3. On the surface, Olivia and Viola have a lot in common. But, one of them can’t imagine marrying Orsino and the other can’t wait to marry him. Explain what makes them similar enough for Orsino to shift his attention from Olivia to Viola so easily. Then, explain what differences they possess that allow Viola to love Orsino while Olivia does not.
  4. The love Orsino feels toward Olivia is very different from the love he feels toward his servant, Cesario (Viola). Compare and contrast the way romantic love and friendly love affect Orsino. Pay attention to the way each kind of love causes him to treat his beloved and the way each makes him feel.
  5. Viola and Sebastian are twins shipwrecked in a very strange place. Compare and contrast their responses to the situations they encounter. Explore the way they make decisions, their reactions, and the kinds of good and bad responses each one has.

Interesting Essay Topics on Twelfth Night Quiz

  1. What role does Malvolio serve in the play? Does his fate seem unjust? Is it out of place in a romantic comedy? If so, why might Shakespeare have included it?
  2. Compare Orsino and Olivia, and discuss how their attitudes about strong emotions are similar or different. What does Shakespeare suggest about the nature of love and other powerful feelings in his portrayal of these two characters?
  3. Discuss the role of mistaken identity in Twelfth Night. Who is mistaken for whom, and what do these mix-ups signify?
  4. Paying particular attention to the fate of Malvolio and Antonio, discuss how Shakespeare brings some ambiguous touches to the happy ending.
  5. Discuss the role of the explicitly comic characters—Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Feste, and Maria. What function do they serve? How is each one different from the others? How is Feste, in particular, different from Sir Toby and Sir Andrew?

Get Help from the Experts with your Twelfth Night Essay Topics Paper

So, now that you know what to look for in a good essay topic and why it’s important, we hope you can find the perfect one before your exam due dates.
Remember not to overthink your decision-making process. If something seems like too much work or doesn’t seem interesting enough, don’t hesitate to move on and try again!
There are many wonderful topics out there just waiting for someone with such great taste as yourself!
If all of this still feels overwhelming and you need some help coming up with ideas about writing an essay from scratch, please get in touch with us today. No need of going through many boring flashcards in choosing your topic from Shakespeare’s comedies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main message of Twelfth Night?

In connection with the themes of deception, disguise, and performance, Twelfth Night raises questions about the nature of gender and sexual identity. That Viola has disguised herself as a man, and that her disguise fools Olivia into falling in love with her, is genuinely funny.

What are some themes in Twelfth Night?

  • love
  • appearance and reality
  • ambition
  • Deception
  • DIsguise
  • Performance

Why is Twelfth Night important?

Twelfth Night is the eve of the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6; it marks the end of the Christmas festivities and celebrates the arrival of the Magi to see the Christ Child.

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