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Top 192 Argumentative Research Paper Topics To Write About

Aug 14, 2022 | 0 comments

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Aug 14, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

A research paper is often the most important assignment in a university course. It can be an opportunity to reflect on one’s own process of learning, gain perspective from other intellectual perspectives and share ideas with peers. However, this type of assignment requires careful consideration before beginning composing.

We have compiled a list of 192 Argumentative Research Paper Topics to write about. The list includes topics such as the impact of technology on society, the dangers of social media, and how to improve education in America.

It’s a lot simpler to find argumentative research paper topics than it is to think of them. These subjects allow students to learn about a certain course’s material. This kind of writing is necessary because it helps students to develop crucial persuasive abilities. When choosing a suitable topic for an essay or paper, a student must keep their subject in mind.

If your teacher has requested you to write an essay on an argumentative subject, the first step is to come up with a solid title. When your instructor offers you this assignment, you may select from a variety of argument paper themes in this page to write on.

What is the definition of an argumentative research paper?

An argumentative research paper is a kind of writing in which the author expresses a strong opinion on a certain subject or problem. This is an analytical study, and the author backs up their point of view with evidence. Thus, even if you have a strong opinion, if your writing lacks adequate organisation and reinforcement with data and good logic, it will not be appealing.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics for College

If you’re a college student, you’ll need strong subjects on which to base your academic papers’ arguments. Here are some intriguing topics for college argumentative research papers.

  1. During the nineteenth century, the industrial revolution was a pan-European phenomenon.
  2. Is justice served to all?
  3. When is it OK to start smoking and drinking?
  4. When should a person be allowed to vote?
  5. Should the court record the proceedings so that they might be shown on television?
  6. Drinks with a lot of energy are bad for you.
  7. After 11 p.m., entertainment establishments should not offer alcoholic drinks.
  8. Alcohol use should be regulated by the government.
  9. Smoking should be prohibited in all public locations, according to the administration.
  10. Every nation should implement the death penalty.
  11. Tobacco manufacture and distribution should be prohibited.
  12. Are both men and women emotionally equal?
  13. Obesity in children is the fault of the parents.
  14. College education should be provided free of charge.
  15. The definition of beauty should be more inclusive.
  16. Every college major is equally important.
  17. Social media is harmful to children.
  18. The definition of magic has altered as a result of technological advancements.
  19. Exploring new areas is a worthwhile investment of both time and money.
  20. Employers should cover the costs of internships.
  21. Workers’ earnings and degrees should be linked.
  22. Climate change poses a serious danger to the globe.
  23. Feminism is still relevant today.
  24. When professors solicit students to purchase their books, they have a conflict of interest.
  25. Online college degrees are just as valid as those earned at traditional colleges.
  26. Disabled students are not adequately protected by anti-discrimination legislation.
  27. Everyone should have access to free healthcare.
  28. Elections should be decided by public vote.
  29. The essential reparations for slavery have been made by society.
  30. The current tax system is ineffective.
  31. In the business world, men make more money than women.
  32. Shakespeare should be studied as part of a college curriculum.
  33. For other pupils, college tuition is prohibitively pricey.
  34. Test scores are the most accurate way to assess a student’s ability.
  35. Is a college diploma worth the money?
  36. Is it possible to live a life without hope and faith?
  37. Modern pupils are subjected to more societal pressures.
  38. A person’s history does not define them.
  39. STEM programs should not be chosen by females.
  40. People who are well-read are not always bright.
  41. Parenting should not be a one-size-fits-all approach.

All of these are excellent subjects for argumentative papers. However, in order to create effective essays on these topics, you must be innovative.

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

By the time you’re in high school, you should be able to produce a complex persuasive paper. These suggestions might assist you in beginning your argumentative essay.

  1. People who burn the flag should not be punished by the government.
  2. Parents should not face repercussions if their children fail to attend school.
  3. Relationships suffer because of social media.
  4. Companies should employ a diversified workforce.
  5. The minimum wage should be increased by the government.
  6. Males and females are not treated equally in society.
  7. Every student should pursue a post-secondary education.
  8. Climate change does not pose a serious danger.
  9. Some personal expressions should not be permitted in schools.
  10. Students in high school should work throughout their academic years.
  11. The planet will be harmed by artificial intelligence.
  12. All automobiles should be electric.
  13. More art classes should be offered in schools.
  14. The electoral college isn’t required.
  15. The activities of a country’s leaders have an impact on every person.
  16. In terms of education, the United States is falling behind.
  17. Parents should be able to refuse medical care for their children.
  18. It’s a good idea to take a DNA sample for genealogical reasons.
  19. Wind farms are good for the economy and the environment.

Because they are quite simple, high school students may write about any of these titles without difficulty. Nonetheless, a student should take a stand and work to persuade the audience to support them.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics for Elementary School

Consider the following subjects for your argumentative essay if you’re in primary school and your instructor has assigned one to you.

  1. Commercials should not be shown on children’s programming.
  2. Children benefit from homework.
  3. School should be held all year.
  4. Girls and boys are not treated equally in schools.
  5. Parents should set limits on their children’s screen usage.
  6. Is it preferable to read a nonfiction or fiction book?
  7. For children from low-income families, schools should be more equitable.
  8. Learning should begin before eight o’clock in the morning.
  9. Children should vote in national elections.
  10. Dessert should be served before the main course.
  11. The school regulations aren’t balanced.
  12. Even though some students detest vegetables, they should be included in the school meal.
  13. Hot dogs are unhealthy for you.
  14. Three generations of a family should live together.
  15. Weekend homework should not be assigned to children.
  16. Bullying is rampant in schools, and schools aren’t doing enough to stop it.
  17. Video games should be regarded as a sport.
  18. Every year, children should have a new instructor.
  19. Children are not treated equally by their parents.
  20. Dietary repercussions
  21. Swimming is the most enjoyable sport.
  22. Hockey is one of the most deadly sports on the planet.
  23. It is no longer essential to play golf.
  24. Anorexia should be addressed by society.
  25. To address health difficulties, people should think about sleep more.

Students in elementary school may write persuasively on these themes. They do, however, need imagination in order to compose successful papers.

Topics for a Definitional Argument Paper

A student must introduce an issue or claim, define important words, then offer an argument that satisfies or supports the definition in a definitional argument paper. Consider the following definitional argument essay themes for your papers.

  1. Is there a humane method to carry out the death penalty?
  2. Why do individuals start misusing drugs and how do drugs affect the human brain?
  3. Why does a person become an alcoholic and what causes it?
  4. What do the terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice” imply, and what are the arguments for both?
  5. The causes of global warming and methods to combat it
  6. What is patriotism and why should everyone be patriotic to their country?
  7. Definition of independence and what it means to a nation
  8. What are the distinctions between capitalism and communism, and which is better for people?
  9. Terrorism: What causes it and how to combat it
  10. The Meaning and Causes of Revolution
  11. What is anarchism and what does it imply?
  12. Why is charisma so important for a person’s success?
  13. What does it mean to be kind?
  14. What does it mean to have a creative mind, and how can students cultivate it?
  15. How learners might be more accountable for their behaviors via responsible conduct

If your professor asks you to create a definitional argument essay, choose one of these titles and fill it with evidence to support your position.

Topics for a Rogerian Argument Paper

In Rogerian writing, a student begins by debating an issue without favoring one side over the other. When writing an argumentative Rogerian paper, you should aim to identify a medium ground. This is a list of possible essay topics.

  1. When it comes to dating, should males be older than women?
  2. Are youngsters becoming more aggressive and obstinate as a result of video games or cartoons?
  3. Is it necessary for beauty pageants or movie stars to be exploited in order to get fame?
  4. Is television reducing or increasing the number of criminal minds?
  5. How are performers improving nuance?
  6. Is it beneficial for teenagers to have access to condoms?
  7. Is today’s kid development and behavior better than it was in the past?
  8. Cell phone use should be restricted by the government.
  9. When children become older, they don’t regard their parents the same way.
  10. Test scores aren’t a suitable way to assess a student’s efficiency.
  11. Modern technology is not doing enough to help the environment.
  12. Rape and murderers are deserving of the death sentence.
  13. Governments should devise a new, more rational electoral process.
  14. For dads, three days of paternity leave is inadequate.
  15. From conception, mothers are responsible for fostering their children’s rights.
  16. It is recommended that people stop playing the lottery.
  17. The taxation system in India is unjust.
  18. Cheating does not help you learn.
  19. Is it beneficial to one’s health to consume coffee or tea?
  20. Playing video games helps to strengthen one’s mental abilities.

These are hotly debated themes that will draw in more readers. However, in order to write about some of these concepts, you will need to do some study.

Topics for Argumentative Essays in the Classical Era

Perhaps you’d want to write on a well-known subject. In such case, choose an essay title from this selection.

  1. Is there a genuine tribe of Indians in the American territory?
  2. How can people help to preserve Amazonia’s natural environment?
  3. Tsunami and the sacrifices associated with it
  4. Tornadoes have a variety of consequences.
  5. Is it possible for the United States to vanish off the international map?
  6. Roosevelt’s rule was notable for its sturdiness.
  7. Why is it that so many people believe Wilson lost the war?
  8. Are you in favor of globalization or against it, and why?
  9. Is it possible to tackle the pollution issue with electric vehicles?
  10. Citizens who harm the environment should be punished by the government.
  11. The use of animals in research should be prohibited by the government.
  12. Students should participate in the societal effort to improve the safety of nature.
  13. There are a few more species that should be included in the Red Book.
  14. Do you agree with King Kong’s decision to assassinate anyone who attempted to examine his world?
  15. Should those who destroy rainforests be punished by the government?

Any of these ideas may be the foundation for a fantastic paper. You will, however, need time to investigate some of these titles in order to write an excellent essay.

Argumentative Essay Topics in Philosophy

Students have many philosophical ideas on which they can write brilliant papers. Whether you need traditional or modern Argumentative Essay Topics in Philosophy, this list has exciting titles for you.

  1. Morality should be personal.
  2. Sexual preferences provide information about a person’s personality.
  3. Everyone can benefit from the word “love.”
  4. The value of knowledge is more important than the value of truth.
  5. Scientific and technical advancement should be allowed to flourish.
  6. People should pay greater attention to their conscience.
  7. Is it better for humans to exploit or remove ageism?
  8. Is philosophy the earliest scientific discipline?
  9. Is it ethical to make health choices that have long-term or permanent consequences for children?
  10. Is it acceptable to teach children views that are difficult to refute?
  11. Does beauty exist just in the eyes of those who see it, or does it exist everywhere?
  12. Is it a moral duty for humanity to spread life on the planet?
  13. Is atheism the same as the other beliefs?
  14. Should persons with mental or cognitive problems be held to the same ethical standards as the general public?
  15. Is it natural for people to be nice or evil?
  16. Is there such a thing as a moral fact?
  17. Should the lives of those yet to be born have any bearing on your present decisions?
  18. Does one’s degree of education have a good or bad impact on morality?
  19. How can we say whether or not existing ethical norms are flawless and universal?
  20. If people utilize genetic engineering to alter their personalities, they are no longer human.
  21. Is the distinction between good and bad personalities absolute or relative?
  22. Is it moral and ethical to compel animals to be spayed or neutered?
  23. Is it moral and ethical to refuse someone recognition or an award for remarkable talent and feats?
  24. Is it ethical to use embryos in genetic engineering and medical research?
  25. Is there a moral obligation for humanity to safeguard the environment?
  26. Should humanity’s technical progress be slowed to reflect their philosophical beliefs?
  27. Should people rethink their belief in free will?
  28. Are clones extensions or people of the original?
  29. Are moral standards putting people in a bind?
  30. Is it possible for a person to choose to suffer?
  31. What role does genetics have in a person’s behavior?
  32. Is it ethical to suppress hate speech on social media?
  33. Is it true that faiths are moral and ethical?
  34. Is it moral and ethical to fight wars?
  35. Is money a source of satisfaction or pleasure for people?

All of them are fantastic topics for philosophy essays. However, before you begin writing, spend some time researching what other experts have to say about your issue.

Topics for a Research Paper on Causal Arguments

The why question is answered with a causal argument. While most publications do not provide a thorough solution to this topic, they do hypothesize on the reasons of a phenomena. Consider the following ideas for this article.

  1. Why do females mature more quickly than males?
  2. The negative impacts of body shaming on a woman’s overall health
  3. Factors influencing women’s ability to lead in the workplace
  4. Factors impacting women’s access to healthcare are being investigated.
  5. Factors impacting women in military organizations
  6. Identifying the most significant hurdles to military women’s leadership
  7. Examining the importance of gender studies in society
  8. Strategies for closing the gender gap in STEM topics for male and female students
  9. Gender studies and women’s development across the world
  10. The impact of domestic and sexual violence on adolescent girls and women
  11. Examining the inequalities between men and women in positions of power
  12. Investigating women’s leadership experiences in African-American congregations in the United States
  13. Do males, like feminist women, need a movement to fight for their rights?
  14. What impact does social media have on activism and feminist movements?
  15. Is it true that the media promotes beauty standards that lead to a rise in the number of young girls committing suicide?
  16. Which is more important: paternity leave or maternity leave?
  17. The women’s suffrage movement’s role and influence on equality
  18. Glass ceilings in the workplace and workplace policies
  19. Female and male anorexia and bulimia
  20. In today’s culture, there is a lot of talk about gender and homophobia.
  21. Religion and culture’s impact on gender roles
  22. The influence of the media on the formation of female and male roles in society

These are all intriguing argument research paper themes for pupils of various academic levels. However, in order to write on these thoughts and get a better grade, you’ll need time and abilities.

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