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Top 120 Political Science Research Topics

Jun 6, 2022 | 0 comments

Jun 6, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

This research topic is a list of the top 120 political science research topics. It contains an introduction to what each term means, followed by some examples and then references for further reading on that particular subject.

The “political science research proposal example” is a list of the top 120 political science research topics. The list includes an introduction paragraph and a brief summary for each topic.

Top 120 Political Science Research Topics

Political science encompasses a wide range of topics. In this sector, writing a college essay might be difficult, particularly if you are responsible for coming up with your own topic. You may fix this issue by selecting political science research paper subjects that you are interested in. You must also check that it adheres to the assignment’s criteria. You may require political themes to write on if you are studying law, sociology, philosophy, or preparing to be a teacher.

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There are a variety of categories to choose from, including:

Politics in Context

This field focuses on all empirical approaches, such as comparative methods. Domestic politics, diverse conflicts, and institution analysis are some practical examples of this field. When choosing Politics in Context research topics, focus on the method of implementation of the political science problem analysis, and not on the subject.

Some Politics in Context research paper topics include:

  1. The United States’ Foreign Policy vs. the United Kingdom’s
  2. Phenomenon of Apartheid
  3. A Study of Anglo-Saxon Characteristics in American Politics
  4. Hierarchy of the Chinese Communist Party
  5. Ideology of the Soviet Union
  6. A Behavioral approach to party comparison
  7. Democracy: Presidential vs. Parliamentary
  8. Aggregation of Vietnam War Interests
  9. In developing countries, recruitment is difficult.
  10. The Impact of Cultural Pressure Between Japan and the United States is being investigated.

Relations with other countries

This discipline is concerned with global debates, conflicts, and negotiations. Other important problems covered are global poverty, human rights, globalization, environmental challenges, and security.

This category includes the following political science topics:

  1. Malawi’s Human Rights
  2. Top Controversies at Amnesty International
  3. Battles in the Arctic Circle
  4. The International Monetary Fund’s Fund Structure
  5. Causes of Global Poverty
  6. NGOs’ Ethical Guidelines
  7. Cause-and-Effect Analysis of the Syrian Conflict
  8. Market Distribution of Genetically Modified Foods
  9. Corporations in Japan with Non-State Facilitators
  10. An Examination of International Security Networks

Topics for Philosophy Research

Government, liberty, justice, democracy, legal code mechanics, and other essential state laws are the subjects of this field of political science. The majority of works in this topic concentrate on the structure of society and the ethics that should be applied there. It’s a big issue with a lot to say about it. Some examples are:

  1. The American Revolutionary War’s Causes
  2. The Theses of Karl Schmidt and German Philosophy
  3. Society’s Neopatrimonialism Poses a Risk
  4. Justification for Liberal Democracy
  5. Electoral Integrity
  6. Liberalism and Civil Republicanism in Contrast
  7. Methods of Transition in the Post-Socialist Era
  8. Republican Educational Traditions
  9. Western Constitutional Law’s View on Existentialism
  10. Mutual Tolerance as a Political Virtue: A Study

Administration of the State

This research looks at the day-to-day activities of public administrators, government institutions, and other organizations that execute laws and policies. This discipline is related to sociology and encompasses a wide range of themes, including:

  1. Methods of Community Development
  2. Coordination of Governmental Efforts
  3. Constitutional Vision of John Rohr
  4. Ethics in Nonprofit Organizations
  5. Inventions in the US Private Sector
  6. Compromises in Environmental Management
  7. Strategic Planning and Financial Management
  8. Transportation Security Administration Jobs
  9. Public Safety’s Best Advantages
  10. The Federal Emergency Management Agency: A Study

Topics in Public Law

The interaction between the people and the state is studied in this discipline of political science. It covers a wide variety of subjects, including constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, and taxation, among others. Private law, on the other hand, concentrates on small organizations, families, private companies, and personal matters. The relationship between administrative power and citizens is the subject of this research. A appeal or review to the governmental authorities by a member of the society is one significant example. It may seem complicated, yet it covers a variety of themes, including:

  1. A Review of the Human Rights Act of 1998
  2. Common Morality and Criminal Law
  3. Is it a matter of privacy law or commercial exploitation?
  4. Inequality in Post-Conflict Justice
  5. Complaints about civil liberties and national security
  6. The Police Interrogation System
  7. Legislators in European Legal History
  8. Gender Bias Psychology and Custody Battles
  9. Argumentation Analysis in Judicial Review
  10. Interrogation by the police and socioeconomic preferences

Political Science Researchable Topics

This is the subject’s major emphasis, and it is an examination or in-depth study of all political processes. It entails investigating the sources and repercussions of problems, as well as the personalities of leaders, in order to identify more serious concerns. It covers a wide range of delicate subjects, but it stands out because of its scientific approach and paper format. Any subject picked should be able to be researched using appropriate academic sources. Consider the following topics:

  1. Top-level officials’ prosecutorial ethics
  2. Is a Pardon for a Criminal Offense Acceptable?
  3. Comparison of Federal Crimes between Europe and the United States
  4. Political and Armed Conflicts: What’s the Difference?
  5. Is Religion a Form of Social Control?
  6. Methods for Getting Rid of Corruption
  7. Making Significant Changes to Legislative Processes
  8. Social Movements in the Postwar Period
  9. The Unitary Governance Model Shows Traces of Federalism
  10. Leaders’ Interdependence in the 21st Century

Theory of Politics

Theorists in this discipline are crucial, thus they are prioritized. Such thinkers’ legacies are wonderful political science essay topics. The legacies of political science theorists are covered by the majority of political science research question examples. It does not provide solutions to world issues, but it is a fascinating read. Here are some suggestions for topics:

  1. Theory of John Austin
  2. Key Figures in Anarchism’s History
  3. Thesis of Frederic Bastiat
  4. Challenges to Liberty and Justice
  5. The Philosophy of Aristotle on the Theory of Governance
  6. Plato’s Republic: An Analysis
  7. Sovereignty, according to Jean Bodin
  8. Approach to Vladimir Lenin and Communism
  9. Classic Theories of Edmund Burke
  10. Foucault’s Disciplinary Power

Politics Conflicts

This might include anything from elections and economic disputes to national interests in natural resources. Professors advise students to choose themes that are more social in nature. Take a look at the nations that are presently embroiled in war. Examine the conflict’s causes and repercussions at various phases. The following are some study topics:

  1. Conflict in Afghanistan
  2. Protest Movements and Social Networks
  3. The Crisis in Mexico and Immigrants
  4. Repression by the Syrian government
  5. Civil War Causes and Distinctive Characteristics
  6. The Political Agenda of Ronald Reagan
  7. The War in Iraq and the History of War Crimes
  8. Methods of Dispute Resolution in Yemen
  9. Russia’s Aggression In Ukraine: The Donbass War
  10. Rebellion in the Central African Republic: Causes and Consequences

Dispute Resolution

This topic focuses on conflict resolution via nonviolent means, such as gender prejudice in the workplace, custody fights, and even international conflicts involving many nations. Because there is a socio-cultural dispute to begin with, these conflicts often connect to project subjects in social studies. A technique, solid thesis, background, and clear structure are used to assess the dispute. Here are some subjects to consider when deciding what to focus on:

  1. African-American Prisoner Conflicts
  2. Arctica Power Distribution is a company that distributes electricity in the Arctic
  3. Oil Conflict in Iran
  4. Media Bias in News Reporting
  5. Foreign Policy of the United States
  6. Personal Aspirations of Political Leaders
  7. Right-wing and left-wing parties make concessions
  8. Art Legacy in Post-War Countries
  9. After 9/11, there has been a rise in security leadership conflicts.
  10. Methods of Collaboration in Afghanistan

Negotiation And Mediation

The process of negotiation is comparable to that of arbitration, however it is less formal. It focuses on resolving conflicts by reaching a good compromise. The following are some of the issues covered in this field:

  1. Social Movements and Volunteering
  2. Methods of Negotiation in Times of War
  3. Modern American Whistleblowers
  4. Legal Battles Between Multinational Corporations
  5. Preparing for a Mediation Hearing
  6. Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  7. Analysis of the Elections Agenda
  8. Civil Law Court vs. Mediation Policies
  9. Negotiation for Hostage Care in Foreign Countries
  10. Analysis of a Mediation Agreement in a Case Study

Other Interesting Topics to Consider

  1. Psychological Aspects of Politics
  2. Politics and Culture
  3. An Introduction to Political Science
  4. Political Decisions that Made History
  5. The Use of Terrorism as a Political Tool
  6. Causes and Consequences of Civil Wars
  7. A Quick Look At Populism
  8. In Politics, Social Movements
  9. Electoral Systems of Various Types
  10. The Parallels Between Totalitarian Regimes
  11. Open Societies and Politics
  12. Work Principles in Divided Governments
  13. Pros and Cons of Positivism
  14. Media coverage of politics
  15. Theory of Rational Choice
  16. Pluralism of culture
  17. Globalization vs. nationalism
  18. Pros and Cons of Constructivism
  19. Politics and Public Relations
  20. Corruption and Politics

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The “Top 120 Political Science Research Topics” is a list of research topics that can be used as a starting point for students looking to conduct their own research. The topics are broken down into 3 sections: 1) Social and Cultural, 2) Economic and International, and 3) Political Theory and Ideology. Reference: political science topics.

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