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Top 100 Engaging Statistics Project Ideas for High School

Aug 16, 2022

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Aug 16, 2022 | Topics

A statistic project aims to provide a subject to your readers while also educating and inspiring them. The project must provoke thought and provide reliable data that clarify the research’s objective.
The teacher will select the topic for some students. However, some students will have the option of picking their subject. When choosing a theme for your statistics project, remember your level of knowledge, the resources available to you, your project associates, and the time you have to work on it. Having the option to choose your topic can be advantageous because you can select a topic that interests you.
The high school statistic project topic ideas that you choose for your assignment should be fascinating to you. It makes the research process easier for you and inspires you to come up with your most fantastic ideas. You might ask your teacher for assistance in selecting a topic to ensure that it satisfies the project’s requirements. Another technique to find a theme is to look at previous popular projects. Having a vantage point allows you to focus on your topic and generate new project ideas.
It can be challenging to pick what to write about when many high school statistics project themes to choose from. The following theme proposal samples can assist you in deciding on a topic for your project.
1. When choosing a major, what is more, relevant to duke students; career aspirations, interest in the subject, ability or family influence
2. What are some of the factors that affect Facebook usage?
3. Does eating breakfast have any relation on high school grades
4. What is the association between AIDS prevalence in the nations across the world and female empowerment?
5. The link between winning percentages in professional sports and team payroll
6. How the vertical jump gets affected by wearing shoes
7. The overall experience of the Duke’s students gets affected by the relationship between roommates.
8. Does the chronicle fairly represent the student voices at Duke?
9. How does the time to complete a puzzle affected by having pictures of puzzle pieces compared to not having the pictures?
10. How does people’s enjoyment of movies get affected by eating popcorn?
11. How is the performance of students on tests affected by drinking caffeine?
12. Is academic success at Duke affected by birth order
13. The effect that federal elections results have on stock prices
14. What are the similarities and differences between the behavior FOCUS and NON-FOCUS students when it comes to their eating, sleeping, and going to parties?
15. Are mammograms more frequent in specific subpopulations than others
16. How does the actors’ race affect the student’s willingness to watch television programs at Duke?
17. What’s the correlation between gender and calorie intake?
18. From the characteristics of the players can the order of the NFL draft predicted
19. What is the association between reduction in quality of life and policies that reduce government debt?
20. During playing prisoner’s dilemma games, are people irrational?
21. Is there any truth in the description of the horoscope sign?
22. Which gender is more likely to help someone who has dropped their books? Does the gender of the book dropper matter?
The statistics project is a way to express yourself. Once you choose the right topic, provide examples, ask for help when you are stuck and come up with your statistics project


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