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Top 100 Research Proposal Topics in Nursing

Jul 13, 2022

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Jul 13, 2022 | Topics

Nursing is a profession that is generally acknowledged and chosen all around the world. Taking a nursing course has both advantages and disadvantages. Before graduating, nursing students must complete multiple essays and research proposals. When a nursing research proposal is thrown your way, you must approach it with the maturity and skill it requires.
Remember that you are not writing the essay for your benefit. Your lecturer doesn’t have all the time in the world to look through a sloppy research proposal full of jargon. All they want is a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-understand essay with an excellent topic.
When a professor reads your nursing research proposal, the topic is the first thing that comes to mind. They can immediately spot a poorly authored or shallow topic because they’ve reviewed thousands of nursing proposals from various pupils. A study proposal with a specific topic and nice flow will be happily read and reread by the professor.
As a result, you will have to give yourself ample time to write a nursing research proposal. If you cant get an idea to write about, don’t settle for anything. Take a look at some of the most critical nursing research proposal themes..
1. Great nursing measures for controlling high blood pressure
2. Analyzing COPE index’s reliability in modern society
3. How patients under self-care programs benefit from using smartphone applications
4. The role of exercise in boosting human’s mental health
5. The importance of e-cigarettes in helping someone quit smoking
6. The most common nursing practices to help parents live their kids who have cancer
7. Essential nursing techniques for treating acute ischemic stroke
8. The usefulness of nursing techniques in controlling infectious diseases
9. The usefulness of nursing techniques in managing prostate cancer
10. The usefulness of nursing practices in managing multiple sclerosis
11. The best coping mechanism for patients of chronic diseases
12. Poor oral hygiene and ventilator-associated pneumonia
13. The importance of music therapy in relieving pains in kids
14. An overview of the life quality of outpatients suffering from depression
15. How work-related musculoskeletal disorders affect nurses?
16. The usefulness of nursing practices in the treatment of drug dependence
17. Can poor sleeping habits and depression affect the success of a surgical procedure?
18. Explore the pros of adding whole grains to your diet
19. How understanding the legal part of nursing
20. Are nursing homes better than home care?
21. Challenges HIV patients face when self-managing the condition
22. The invention and advancement of telehealth
23. Is there any medical treatment for information overload, depression, and stress?
24. The adverse effects of medical errors on a nurse’s career
25. The best way to minimize medical errors in modern nursing facilities
26. The most effective way to treat eating disorders
27. How to manage autism spectrum disorder?
28. Common psychological conditions in people suffering from cancer
29. Standard rehabilitation for those with brain injuries
30. The current mortality rates of heart attack and sex
31. Why should every woman undergo breast cancer screening?
32. Common eating disorders and how to manage them
33. The effectiveness of psychotherapy as a treatment method


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