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Top 130 Psychology Research Paper Topics

Mar 28, 2022

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Mar 28, 2022 | Topics

A psychology research paper is a type of academic writing in which you must investigate one or more concepts concerning the human mind and behavior. Psychology research paper topics can be fascinating because they deal with real issues that affect people’s behavior in the field of psychology.
Psychology topics are tricky because the field itself is so broad you can find them almost anywhere (Youtube, blogs, books, etc). Whether you choose to do scientific research in the field of psychology, there are hundreds if not thousands of different possibilities. This article will help narrow down your search in the field of psychology and give you some great starting points to choose from.

Best Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students

To help you to get started, we have listed popular psychology topics for your research paper in this information hub. Check carefully to identify a good idea, or a research paper topic and tweak them or use the great topic chosen as they are.

  1.  A study of children with mental disorders
  2.  How do a person’s mindset and stereotyping affect information channels?
  3.  How to develop a working co-parenting framework
  4.  What are the outcomes and effects of exchanging sex-related messages among teens?
  5.  Are suicides infectious?
  6.  How does a neuroatypical individual behave in an MRI
  7.  How a person’s psychology is affected by white color workplaces
  8.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of divorce therapy
  9.  Explain how households mitigate drug abuse effects on the members
  10.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of hypnotism
  11. Causes and effects of sleep paralysis
  12.  The communication hindrances are brought about by mental language and interaction factors.
  13.  Explain self-annihilation among teens and how it can be regulated
  14.  How does music affect psychological well-being?
  15.  Is it men or women who are most affected by mental disorders
  16.  Discuss the effect of the reaction of introverted adults and the cause of their behavior
  17.  What is the difference between treating one as a visiting patient
  18.  What influences one’s ability to learn linguistics?
  19.  Explain the interrelationship of mental challenges and being infertile for ladies
  20.  Explain how traditional beliefs cause the loss of life to a targeted kid
  21.  Discuss how a working environment affects the employees’ enthusiasm and confidence
  22.  What are the challenges facing the street people
  23.  What era are the three major steps of a person’s growth and development
  24.  Do baby blues exist
  25.  Is there an interrelationship between feeding on junk and psychic well-being?
  26.  Why is it so hard to overcome a certain phobia or live comfortably with it?
  27.  How does changing the surroundings help as per Milgram’s shock experiment
  28.  How is a hospital for the mentally challenged set to function
  29.  Describe how being a member of a certain group can affect your behavior
  30.  Discuss nod in the current society
  31.  What causes personality Disorders
  32.  Is there anything a medic can do to help reduce ceases of Bulimia Nervosa among the teens
  33.  Discuss the best methods to be adopted by psychiatrists to make them fit well in the shoes of the diseased
  34.  Are there animals useful as a brain sobbing tools? How does this work
  35.  The mental description of exterminators
  36.  Discuss the mental diseases that commonly affected the army
  37.  What would be the mental description and evolution of guerrillas
  38.  Could there be individuals without a conscience
  39.  The use of body language alongside verbal means to communicate
  40.  Explain the mindset of people who are charged for receiving sexual favors
  41.  Explain how junk foods affect the American population
  42.  Explain the possibility that being obedient to a leader brings about mistreatment as per Milgram’s schlock experiment
  43.  Why are most young people affected by personality disorder disease
  44.  What era are the impacts of social platforms on interpersonal interactions
  45.  Discuss the occurrences of depression in individuals with vitiligo disease
  46.  How are introverts affected mentally by this trait?
  47.  What’s the best research method for the Oedipus complex?
  48.  Is there an interrelationship between failure to sleep and being under pressure
  49.  Discus neurofeedback treatment and how it functions to assist the patient
  50.  Describe the activities that take place at a psychiatric facility

Interesting Psychology Topics for Undergraduate Students

  1.  Discuss the effect of succeeding or failing on the brain
  2.  Discuss how the planned termination of a pregnancy influences parents
  3.  Discuss post-traumatic stress disorder and post-traumatic symptoms
  4.  Study of the mental profile of homophobic
  5.  Is there anything we can learn about how the human brain digest information from primary age-related tauopathy?
  6.  Discuss the impacts of isolations
  7.  Discuss the adverse effects of using antidepressants among females
  8.  What is the essence of having similar costumes in schools
  9.  Discuss the impact of peers’ discussion about first intercourse on a teenager’s psychology
  10.  The relationship between psychological problems and self-annihilation

Top Psychology Research Topics for High School Students

  1.  Can psychiatrists help a couple that has an emotional inclination of thoughts?
  2.  How does nervousness due to studies affect teenagers
  3.  Is it possible for the street to bring about sickness in the body
  4.  In which way can cancer mitigation strategies affect a household
  5.  Describe how traditional beliefs influence a household whose members have passed on
  6.  Mood swings in teens as well as kids
  7.  Study of paranoia among the youth
  8.  Are parents to blame for the presence of obese children?
  9.  How the character of suicide functions
  10.  Discuss the main aim for the services offered in a hospital for the mentally disabled

Social Psychology Topics for College Students

  1. Importance of sports psychology
  2. How to quit a bad habit?
  3. Homelessness and mental health
  4. Psychological effects of hate crimes
  5. Psychological effects of miscarriage on couples
  6. Why do attractive people often get unfair advantages at work?
  7. The health effects of a bad relationship
  8. Gut microbiota and major depression
  9. The role of the psychologist in military interrogations
  10. Effects of abortion on the mental and emotional health of women

Experimental Psychology Topics

  1. What does the Stroop effect say about our minds?
  2. The psychological effects of colors
  3. Do creative people see the world differently?
  4. Does smell affect taste?
  5. What does your music taste say about your personality?
  6. How do colors influence learning?
  7. Effects of music on psychological response
  8. Excessive social media use is comparable to drug addiction
  9. How do colors affect mood?
  10. How does conformity influence behavior?

Interesting Psychology Topics on Health

  1. Effective communication techniques with patients
  2. How to deal with grief and loss?
  3. What causes panic attacks?
  4. How do ease seasonal depression symptoms?
  5. The health benefits of exercise
  6. What to know about meditation for pain relief?
  7. Best strategies for losing weight
  8. Programs for the prevention of suicide among students
  9. Why is depression more common in women than in men?
  10. How to manage stress in patients with breast cancer?

Interesting Psychology Topics on Developmental Psychological Science

  1. Factors affecting language learning
  2. Psychological effects of aging
  3. The influence of media violence on youth
  4. Key factors that contribute to child abuse
  5. The importance of mirroring in connecting to self
  6. How a midlife crisis is different for men and women
  7. Consequences of bullying behavior
  8. Parenting and its effect on children
  9. Does age affect memory?
  10. Genetics of developmental disabilities

Clinical Psychology Topics

  1. What causes eating disorders in adolescents?
  2. Effects of cognitive-behavioral programs on criminals
  3. How do abuse relationships and PTSD relate to each other?
  4. Different kinds of therapies in treating addiction
  5. Symptoms and treatment of chronic insomnia?
  6. How long should you take antidepressants?
  7. How to overcome Agoraphobia?
  8. The role of psychology in pain management
  9. Mood swings and mental disorder: what is the difference?
  10. Treatment of adults with attention deficit disorder

Psychology Thesis Topics

  1. Effects of laughter on physical and emotional health
  2. How can morality be enforced in society?
  3. Schizophrenia symptoms and coping mechanism
  4. Is depression different in males and females?
  5. The role of the family in the socialization process
  6. What factors contribute to childhood obesity?
  7. Gender role and identity in children
  8. How to deal with stress?
  9. What is the link between obesity and television?
  10. Analyze the link between working memory and attention

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