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Top 105 Native American Essay Topics

Jun 13, 2022

Jun 13, 2022 | Topics

American history is surprising. It all started with a few Native American tribes, grew into the formation of the United States, and now it’s an official part of world history. Everything that we have in our lives today was created by Americans who adapted to their environment and fought against the obstacles they faced. Native Americans are important people in this story because they are the first ones who lived on this land and helped people settle down. If you want to learn more about these interesting people, you should check out Native American essay topics for inspiration.

1. Analysis of the civil rights movement in native America
2. Analysis of mascot controversy in native America
3. Analysis of the issues native America caused in modern society
4. The usefulness of the Native American education in the modern-day era
5. Comparing the life of a Native American woman and that of an American woman
6. What caused the Alcatraz island Occupation during native America
7. Comparing the Native American and the Asian American
8. The historical challenges Native American women face even today
9. How the historical trauma affected the Native American community
10. Understanding Native Americans, their culture, and history
11. What relationship do Native Americans and European nations have?
12. Do modern Americans have an origin from Native Americans?
13. An essay on the culture of the Native American
14. An essay on the Native American Religions
15. An essay on the Native American Music
16. An essay on the Native American Alcatraz and college students
17. An essay on how Native and African Americans affected America
18. Understanding the role and impact of the Native American Education
19. An essay on the oppression of Native American communities
20. The rights of Native Americans and the respect their education system
21. The less-known Native American Tribes originating from the Eastern Part of Mississippi
22. How the Native American Balladry came to be?
23. How Native Americans fueled the success of the modern education system
24. The relationship between Native Americans and alcohol
25. How different Native American misjudgments and beliefs negatively affected the Native Americans?
26. Disclosure of the Native American Sign Language
27. How was racism in the Native American Mascots perceived?
28. How the Native American Communities Perceived Alcohol
29. The adverse effects of Alcohol on the American Native Indians
30. The relationship between Native Americans and Modern medicine
31. Common issues when writing in Native American Language
32. How the different misjudgments and Beliefs Affected the Relationship between Spanish and Native America

Good Native American Essay Topics

  1. Native American mythology and its role in modern culture
  2. Legacy of Mesoamerican civilizations
  3. Specifics of Native American education
  4. The history of the social organization of pre-class Native American society.
  5. History of science of native Americans.
  6. Native American ethnology.
  7. Postcolonial psychology of Native American people
  8. Endangered Native American languages
  9. History of religious beliefs and religions.of Native American tribes
  10. Research problems of cultural/social anthropology.of Native American tribes

Native american argumentative essay topics

  1. A study in the color of the Cherokee skin: An insightful investigation of the Cherokee people.
  2. The true implications of the neo-modern American Indian identity and nomenclature on the Native Americans: Native Americans’ resentment toward this name as a manifestation of western influence upon them.
  3. A real discussion into the truth and verity about the origin, existence, and importance of Pocahontas, and the legend of Pocahontas.
  4. The diminution of the language of the Native Americans under the influence of western factors over the years.
  5. An analysis of the mythology commonly associated with the Lakota Native American tribe.
  6. An investigation in the mind and matter of the South-East Chickasaw Native American tribe.
  7. A detailed study of the series of attacks and skirmishes conducted on immigrant wagon locomotives moving through the state of Utah in the year 1857: Also known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre
  8. A detailed investigation of the Dawes Act: The story of how the Dawes Act enabled the United States’ Government to exploit the Native American tribes.
  9. A discussion of the tribal beliefs and practices of the Chumash American Indian tribes and their story of originations and progression.
  10. The American Indian casinos, now and then. The implications the Indian Casinos have had on American Mafia, and the role and relation with other crime syndicates.
  11. The saga of the trail of tears, and the American Indian tribe called the Cherokees: A study of the brutal savage pursuit of the native tribes’ folk.
  12. An investigative discussion into the role played by Andrew Jackson in the systematic removal of the American Indians from the areas west of the Mississippi river.

Most Interesting Topics for Research Paper

  1. Postcolonialism and indigenous feminisms
  2. Access to reproductive health care for Native women
  3. Language revitalization among contemporary Indians
  4. The people of the Great Lakes region, north and south
  5. Fundamentals of the Anishinaabe language
  6. Political autonomy and American Indian communities
  7. Native American film and television
  8. Contemporary Native American fiction: Almanac of the Dead and others
  9. Developmental psychology and Ojibwe stages of life
  10. Pan Indian movement philosophies
  11. Public education on reservations: Barriers to becoming college ready
  12. The first printed bible in American was in Algonquin: How religious colonization shaped commerce and industry in early America
  13. Native American Fashion: How groups like Beyond Buckskin fight appropriation and promote Native designers
  14. Medical care on reservations
  15. Federal law and the failure to prosecute those who systematically target Native people
  16. Blood quantum and the goals of genocide
  17. Native American history and major treaties
  18. Public policy: Rural deprivation in an urban obsessed culture
  19. How colonial forces portray Native women’s political and social power as cultural deficiency: A long history
  20. Targeting Native women: The high rates of cross racial rape and other violence against Native women on reservations
  21. The invasion of American: The first fifty years
  22. Legal decolonization
  23. Aboriginal and First Nations identities in America
  24. Legal conflicts over land and resources in the 21st century
  25. Contemporary American Indian Music: Traditional, 49s, hip hop, rounds, and more
  26. Tribal blood rules and blood quantum: Controlling indigenous women’s sexuality
  27. Contemporary regional distinctions among tribes: What Powwow circuits and dance competitions reveal about modern Indian identity
  28. Mental health care for indigenous people
  29. Genetic ancestry testing and white ‘discovery’ of Indianness
  30. Farming techniques of the indigenous upper Midwest
  31. Contemporary indigenous philosophies of Eastern nations
  32. The ethics of genetic research: Indigenous philosophies
  33. Kidnapping as rescue: The demonization of Native families and indigenous parenting
  34. How Native resources made European wealth and stability possible: Then and now
  35. S. Indian policy since the Mayflower
  36. Critical race theory and pan-Indian philosophies
  37. Dental care in Native communities: How teeth mark class
  38. Colonization and self-determination
  39. Peyote singers: Realities and myths
  40. Diversity is natural: The creation and enforcement of homogeneity in an America that was always multiracial and multinational
  41. Urban Indians: A history of Detroit’s indigenous communities
  42. Great expectations: What happens when Native people fall short of white presumptions
  43. No one needs saving: Why indigenous people need economic and political colonization to stop
  44. Linda Hogan, Leslie Marmon Silko, Ella Deloria, Janet Campbell Hale, and Wendy Rose. Do they have anything in common beyond white perceptions of their race.
  45. Food desserts in the bread basket of America: Native reservations and access to nutrition
  46. The National Indian Education Association and Native American Studies programs in America
  47. Cultural attachments and pathologies: Why do some whites believe their attachment to a sport mascot is of greater importance than Native attachment to their own identities
  48. Concepts of childhood in indigenous America
  49. Missionaries and federally controlled schools
  50. Reinventing the Enemy’s Language and other radical collections of Native writing
  51. Environmental racism and indigenous people
  52. Louise Erdrich and the formation of contemporary expectations for Native writers
  53. Native American pulp fiction: Sherman Alexie’s Indian Killer and
  54. International law: Federal tribes and the U.S. government
  55. Indigenous peoples and political autonomy
  56. Federal Indian law and policy in the twentieth century
  57. The Center for World Indigenous Studies, Indigenous Law Centre and other global indigenous organizations
  58. Assimilation and Americanization
  59. Sovereignty and contemporary legal issues
  60. All cowboys, no Indians: Native representation in modern American film and television
  61. Three Indian communities of Long Island: Shinnecock Indian Nation, Poospatuck Reservation, and New York City
  62. When genocide is the goal, survival is revolutionary: Repositioning the “failures” of Native communities
  63. In defense of oral histories: Science tends to agree

Bottom Line

The topic you choose has a huge impact on the success of your essay. You want to find something that is interesting enough to write about and will also give you a chance to explore an aspect of Native American culture that is lesser known or has never been studied before. Write one essay with us, and then try another! We hope these resources help students succeed in their academic career by providing them with ideas for their next paper or future project on Native Americans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 4 common themes found in Native American literature?

Common themes in Native American literature are worship of many gods, reverence for nature, the link between the land and the people, a hero’s journey, and the supernatural and natural worlds.

What are some Native American issues?

Many issues stem from the subjugation of Native Americans in society, including societal discrimination, racism, cultural appropriation through sports mascots, and depictions in art.

What are some common themes in Native American stories?

Though each nation has its own stories, several themes that are common across the tribes are the link between the land and the people, a hero’s journey, and the supernatural and natural worlds

What are some good questions about Native Americans?

Who is a Native American?
Why are Indians sometimes referred to as Native Americans?
What is an Indian Tribe?
What does the term “federally recognized” mean?
What does “tribal sovereignty” mean and why is it so important to Native Americans?

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