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Top 100 Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics

May 30, 2022

May 30, 2022 | Topics

1. If Marijuana is legalized, how can a state and local economies be affected?
2. Do you think Bitcoins and Dogecoins currencies affect economics?
3. Explain how health insurance affects the USA citizens
4. Who should take charge of industrial pollution elimination? Give reasons
5. Highlight the effect of technological advancement in developing countries.
6. What significant factors lead to economic growth?
7. As technology improves, many companies are using machines to improve productivity globally. In your view, do you think machines will replace people in companies?
8. The impact of franchising on the global economy.
9. As much as the government tries to stops recession, it keeps on occurring. Give reasons why.
10. Do economic development and higher education have an impact on each other?
11. Give the benefits and economic costs of getting rid of industrial pollution.
12. Pitfalls define fiscal policies. In your nation, what are the pitfalls of fiscal policies?
13. Give the benefits of merging and acquisitions for multinational companies.
14. In the 2008 and 2009 recession, which microeconomic models can explain it better?
15. It is believed that human capital plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry. Is it true?
16. How can a state reduce the budget deficit?
17. Discuss how elites play the biggest role in controlling laws, trade, and powers in an economy.
18. As much as neoliberal reforms have been proven to be operational in many countries globally, are they effective in countries that are developing?
19. Highlight the similarities between ECB- European Central Bank and Federal Bank of ST. Louis
20. What are your views on child labor justification?
21. Discuss the phrase, “Politics and Economics are two sides of the same coin.”
22. Explain why most models of economic do not explain what happens in the real world.
23. In the economy, what is the role of banks?
24. What role did IMF- International monetary fund play on the European and Asian countries to succeed financially?
25. Explain how the US economy can enhance the growth of GDP.
26. What made cryptocurrency to fail in 2008?
27. Explain how FED controls inflation
28. What fiscal policies and monetary tools were used to remedy the great recession?
29. Explain how the stock market controls both inflation and deflation indirectly.
30. Explain how the USA and Europe escaped the 2008 worst-case scenario of the great recession and succeeded.
31. Comparing the policies of Obama and Trump, do you think Donald Trump is a supply-side or demand-side in economics?
32. Give strategies on how to get profitable stocks in the stock market.
33. Explain the cause of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis.
34. What strategy can be followed to achieve the doubling of a country’s GDP?
35. What strategies can be used to improve GDP growth in our country? Can we manage to increase our development and save the leading position globally?
36. What do you understand from Israel’s economic miracle story?
37. What strategies can our government follow to reduce future default risks?
38. Relating to the Laffer curve, explain the essence of the theory, ways of use, and successful implementation examples.
39. According to statistics, the rate of unemployment in the US has been low since 1969. Do you think this trend will continue?
40. Explain how Lee Kuan Yew created Singapore’s economic miracle.
41. In the economy, what is the work of banks?
42. What tactics did the Chile government and Chicago Boys use to achieve the financial stability of Chile?
43. What is the function of the International Monetary Fund? How did the International Monetary Fund contribute towards the Asian and European countries?
44. What problems did the USA state budget face in 2019?
45. In the USA, where does GDP growth rate stand?
46. Outline the models used by foreign countries to regulate the state of the economy.
47. What led to the global financial crisis in 2008-2009?
48. What do the laws of tax cuts and job act of 2017 signed by Donald Trump in the US economy imply?
49. What impact has inflation caused in the US? How can it be regulated?

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