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Top 100 International Relations Thesis Topics

May 20, 2022

May 20, 2022 | Topics

International relations refer to how two or more countries view and interact with one another, particularly in economic, political, and cultural interactions. We are all aware that the world requires good economic and political management. International relations students are among those who can assist us with this management. Everyone who takes an academic course in international relations must be prepared to write a thesis or dissertation. We understand that writing a thesis requires some assistance, and we are here to assist students with the part that appears to be the most difficult. Students will face the type of problems students will face when writing their thesis will be determined by the topic they choose. We don’t want students to be faced with extra hurdles; therefore, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the most straightforward international relations thesis ideas. These subjects are listed below. They should be checked out by students and used in their theses. All of the international relations thesis topic options we’ve provided are simple to write about and engaging. Students who employ these themes will not be stressed out before they have a clear idea of what they want to write about in their thesis.
1. Discuss the international relationship between Saudi Arabia the United States of America
2. How did the events of September 11, 2001 impact international relations around the world?
3. How can international shame influence the actions of countries?
4. The effects of sanctions upon citizens of Iran
5. How has technology influenced international relations?
6. How can sanctions influence international relations?
7. How conflict between America and Russia will affect the world
8. The Importance Of US Foreign Policy
9. Colonial international relations
10. The politics and economy of China
11. Chinese-Australian Relations
12. The best way to make decisions for foreign policy
13. The roles of ethics in international relations
14. How domestic policies influence international relations
15. Early US-Chilean Relations
16. How Russia’s intervention in Syria affects US-Europe relations
17. What can change US Policy Towards Russia?
18. The causes of conflict between China and India
19. Does China’s growth threaten the US?
20. How is good governance a key ingredient for sustainable development?
21. How Marxist theorizing is relevant to international relations
22. The primary purpose of NATO
23. How the increasing role of private security companies will affect global politics
24. How electronic documents play some vital roles in international business transactions
25. The US and USSR relations during and after the cold war
26. Why anti-colonial global inequality and justice are important
27. The impacts that the international court of justice has on international relations
28. Cross-cultural communication
29. Why foreign students are important
30. The conflicts between the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots
31. Disarmament and International Security Committee
32. Gender in international relations
33. How destabilization of South Sudan Would change the US Foreign Policy
34. Human nature in international relations
35. Idealism� in international relations
36. How the great depression Impacted international relations in the 1930s
37. Why international relations can be considered to be a moral compass
38. How international organizations influence states
39. How a trade war between the United States and China will affect the world economy
40. The impacts of international affairs
41. International journal of intercultural relations
42. International politics of the twentieth century
43. The three theories of international relations
44. International relations of Asia
45. International relations perspectives
46. International relations liberalism
47. International trade relations
48. US-China forthcomings
49. International relations between China and Arabs
50. Why Turkey Should join the European Union
51. How foreign policy can maximize national security
52. Negotiations in international relations
53. North Korea international relations
54. Relations between Iran and the US
55. Should the US retain the embargo on Cuba?
56. Why power is important in international politics
57. The effects of imperialism
58. The globalization of international relations
59. The democratic peace theory
60. International relations between Zambia and China
61. The impact of hostile international relations on the Philippines
62. The problem of international relations
63. Reformation process of the United Nations
64. The theory of morality in international relations
65. The approach to international relations
66. The relationship between Britain and the European Union
67. The theories of international politics
68. The impact of the Nixon doctrine on international relations
69. The state of US-EU relations
70. The role of international relations in the 21st century
71. The weaknesses and strengths of international law
72. The international political administration

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