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Top 100 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

May 16, 2022

May 16, 2022 | Topics

In English, political science, and history classes, students are required to produce numerous essays. Even if you find such articles relatively simple in middle school, they get considerably more difficult as you progress through high school, college, and university. Nonetheless, such writings are crucial because they determine your final scores.
What Is An Interesting Argumentative Essay?
Argumentative essays put your debating and reasoning skills to the test by demonstrating how well you can back up a claim. You must choose a decent topic in such articles and then take a position on it using well-researched data and facts to back up your claim.
Whatever your point of view is, it matters in such articles, making them so contentious. These writings will help you improve your public speaking skills. Furthermore, they allow you to demonstrate your understanding of a particular subject.
When it comes to problematic argumentative essay themes, you’ll need three critical abilities. These abilities include research, writing, and analysis. Even if you possess none of these abilities, you may find it challenging to complete your essay. In this instance, you may wish to seek online academic writing assistance.
Interesting Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas
You can employ a variety of engaging argumentative essay topics. Because there are so many topics to pick from, it might be challenging to decide what to write about. However, to wow your teacher and your audience and receive excellent scores, you should choose the most intriguing and famous essay themes. Here are some of the most intriguing argumentative essay topic suggestions and theme proposal examples for you to consider.
1. Is the US ballot system equitable?
2. �Should beasts be used in research?
3. Is capital punishment a success?
4. Are religious societies a source of war?
5. The politics of British administration
6. Famous and renown people have a tendency of failing in their political professions
7. �The present-day system is highly degenerated
8. �Politics is a dishonest engagement at all places and at all times
9. Clinton could be a superior national leader of the united nation
10. Benefits and drawbacks realized as a result of feminist movement
11. Ways of surmounting dangers that may result from World War III?
12. what is the probability of economic instability will coming to an end
13. �Greater number of learning institutions ought to be open to the public and learning offered at no cost
14. �Highly ranked institutions of higher learning ought to raise their acceptance rates
15. �Everybody is entitled to access education at no cost
16. The best approach to bring about gun control and the rest of control standards
17. �Same-gender marriages and their outcomes for the society
18. Increasing rates of corruption are among the roots of poor pay
19. Is there a method to live exempted from the rule of law?
20. �The bright side of communism
21. �Is CIS the best alternative to USSR?
22. �Is politics a dishonest engagement all the time?
23. �Is curbing gun ownership and use an effective method to control criminal activities?
24. Should beasts be used in research?
25. �An excellent politician can only come out of an individual with the innate ability
26. �Is capital punishment effective?
27. Raising gun ownership measures reduces the safety of the civilians
28. �Capital punishment should be removed
29. School programs ought to be altered to give rooms to more holidays
30. �Meals should be offered in every school at no cost
31. Similar gender marriages ought to be permitted in every nation.
32. �Bhang usage ought to be permitted
33. �Abortion ought to be permitted
34. Every scholar ought to take courses in nutrition and physical education
35. �A countries’ nationals ought to deduct a rate to contribute for the course of medical research
36. �Stem cells ought to be utilized in medicine
37. �Everyone is entitled to healthcare at no cost
38. �Guidance and counseling ought to be a requirement for all teens in school
39. �Atomic bombs ought to be banned
40. �All vehicles ought to be built with an intent to make them powered by electricity
41. �Inmates ought to contribute to nation-building activities
42. �Is there an allowance for a mercy killing?
43. �Could there be extra genders to the two?
44. �Should those who have suffered sexual violence be allowed to perform abortions?
45. �Could the massacres in our films be damaging the mindset?
46. �Do you consider it vital to educate your kid about good touch and bad touch?
47. �Are capital punishment dreaded?
48. �Is it right to take sides with homosexuality?
49. �Is it reasonable to inflict pain on the basis of ethical reasons?
50. �Are we the cause of global warming?
51. �Should fatherhood be a reason to allow men a leave?
52. �Is social media instilling psychological fears and inclinations to individuals?
53. �Are people the source of the universal climate change?
54. �Is capital punishment reasonable?
55. �Is our ballot system open and equitable?
56. �Do all genders have the same entitlements?
57. �Are mobile phones being beneficial to us?
58. �Are we caring enough about our children’s manners?
59. �Do actors get higher pays than sportspeople?
60. �Are guns playing a significant role in the fight against criminal activities?
61. �Is the administration effective in its duty to control the civilians?
62. �Are there institutions free of corruption?
63. �Are the members of the legislature and those in charge of administration in the government fair?
64. �Does our government give consideration to people living with disabilities?
65. �Is the human initiative getting hampered by the existence of technology?
66. �Will water be the real cause of World War III?
67. �Is it right to conduct experiments on animals?
68. �Is it right to legalize assisted suicide?
69. �Is it acceptable for parents to use physical means to instill discipline to their kids?
70. �Is it acceptable to permit hunting as a recreation activity?
71. �Do you feel forced education is a way of taking control of the children’s minds?
72. �Are atheists less ethical when compared to those who worship God?
73. �Is capital punishment the solution for horrible and abominable crimes?
74. �Is it right to permit visible tattoos in the work environment?
75. �Can we justify looting under any circumstances?
76. �Is it right to permit cosmetic surgery for teens, and what would be the minimum age?
77. �How old should one be when getting into marriage?
78. �At what age should girls be permitted to decide on birth control?
79. �Under what circumstances is a woman allowed to do an abortion?
80. �Is the permitted alcohol limit age acceptable in this century?
81. �Site the benefits of capital punishment?
82. �Under what grounds is capital punishment acceptable?
83. �Should whoring be allowed as a formal profession?
84. �Should bhang be permitted on the grounds of its medical advantages?
85. �Is it acceptable to regard tobacco products as illegal?
86. �Is it right to change the ballot system?
87. �Is the tax process in use today equitable?
88. �Are legal CCTVs an infringement to personal space?
89. �Is it right to enforce more restrain to those wishing to possess guns?
90. �Do you feel immigration and refugees’ regulations should be reviewed in modern times?
91. �State the laws that should be changed in the fight against terrorism?
92. �Do you think our judicial system treats children who break the law equitably?
93. �Give your evaluation of the similarities and differences between the rights of the lawbreakers and those who fall victim?

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