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Top 100 Anthropology Research Paper Topics for Students

Oct 5, 2021 | 0 comments

Oct 5, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

Writing essays is an excellent way for university or college students to learn about a concept.
Lecturers frequently delegate topic selection to students based on their best dim fit.
However, with such a broad range of concepts in anthropology, it is notoriously difficult for students to come up with an appropriate topic for their research papers.
However, the following article should help you decide on a topic for your assignment.
Anthropology is a branch of biology concerned with the study of humans.
It is critical to select professional anthropology research paper topics supported by credible academic sources when writing anthropology research paper topics.
It’s a characteristic shared by popular research topics.
Consider selecting an exciting and well-known research topic for your assignment.
Fortunately, the article below contains many anthropology research paper ideas, topic proposal examples, and other ideas from which to choose.
Furthermore, they are all free!
In case you are still stuck on what to write about, the following research paper can help.
You will also save much time writing because it’s exciting and straightforward.

List of.Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Examine the ethics behind research in anthropology
  2. Explore research methods used in various aspects of cultural and social anthropology
  3. Explain the scope of primitive cultures in modern anthropology
  4. The relationship between art, culture, and anthropology
  5. We are a civilized species, yet we cannot shy away from violence and jealousy when solving our problems. Using tools in cultural anthropology answer this question Is man primitive in nature?
  6. Using the movie Apocalypto, explain the concepts involving magic, family, belief in the supernatural, and the role of women.
  7. Are curses real? Examine the superstitions of various tribes about anthropology
  8. Explain the influence of culture, morality, and norms on societies across the world.
  9. Scope of social science in anthropology; explain Philip Kottak’s analysis of human diversity
  10. Explore the diverse and dynamic patterns involving cultural systems in anthropology
  11. Man is naturally aggressive and violent. Explain using anthropology tools
  12. A meme recently surfaced of Ghanaians dancing in a funeral procession while carrying a casket on their soldiers with presumably a dead body inside. Using tools in cultural anthropology explain the reason behind funerals while cross-examining funerals in different countries
  13. Scope of social (and or) cultural anthropology
  14. What is the concept of kinship? The relationship between kinship and anthropology
  15. Explain the concept behind the assimilation of different cultures
  16. Explain the rationale behind closed and open cultures across the world
  17. What does it mean to be human?
  18. Deduce the main points Roger Keesing raised in 1981
  19. Is religion a function of myth?
  20. People in shows around the world always marvel at the sight of magicians. Explain the belief in magic, the supernatural, and power using anthropology research methods
  21. Explore the shortcomings of modern techniques used in anthropology research
  22. Explain the concept of health and wealth in different cultures across the world
  23. Explore the subject of sexuality in different societies
  24. How does the media influence culture and beliefs
  25. Explain the significance of cultural anthropology
  26. Explore the strengths of modern techniques used in anthropology research
  27. The theory of human evolution, as explained in anthropology
  28. What is taboo. Explain in detail how taboos became part of man’s norms
  29. What is feminism? Explore this concept in different cultures across the world
  30. Using social and cultural anthropology skills, deduce the Jewish culture in modern America
  31. Explain the scope of morality concerning anthropology
  32. Explain the relationship between native cultures and anthropology
  33. Explain in detail current trends in the field of anthropology
  34. An examination of nature Vs. nurture as depicted by Margaret Mead and Derek Freeman
  35. Take any family TV show and evaluate the norms and beliefs of the family in the TV show. How are they changing the definitions of family ties and culture
  36. Why do humans have a knick for rituals? Explore the purpose and significance of rituals in society
  37. Explain the influence of Hollywood and pop culture on our society
  38. An in-depth examination of the history behind anthropology
  39. The relationship between rap culture, gangs, and violence.
  40. What is ethnic cleansing?
  41. Explain the relevance of fieldwork in anthropology

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