Top 100 Good Debate Topics for High School

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A high school debate is a procedure for debating a specific issue. It requires picking aside to promote and persuading the audience to agree with you using well-researched points.
A dispute, contrary to popular belief, is never straightforward. To choose the best points to oppose opposing viewpoints, a student must have good research abilities. But deciding what to write about is an even more difficult task. You may now breathe a sigh of relief since we’ve compiled a list of the ten most intriguing theme proposal examples to get you started.
Popular Good Debate Topics For High School Students
1. Should corporal punishment be allowed?
2. National standardized tests: Are they useful?
3. World War I: Could it have been avoided?
4. Should death penalty be abolished?
5. Is democracy good?
6. Citizens who do not vote should be penalized.
7. Human cloning: Should it be banned?
8. Should animal testing be allowed?
9. Are video games the main cause of violent behavior in kids?
10. Should the manufacturer of nuclear weapons be banned?
11. �Do you think all students need to be forced to participate in the acting classes?
12. �Do you think homework needs to be banned?
13. �Do you think school uniforms need to be compulsory?
14. �Discuss whether attending school throughout the year would be a great decision
15. �Do you think physical education ought to be compulsory for every high school student?
16. �Do you think every student ought to participate in community service?
17. �Do you think schools need to restrict access to YouTube?
18. �Do you think students need to be allowed to step out of school for their lunch breaks?
19. �Discuss whether boys or girls only schools are effective for learning and upright minds
20. �Do you think schools need to address internet harassment that is done outside school?
21. �Do you think teachers need to be restricted from communicating with students via social networks?
22. �Do you think public prayer needs to be added in schools?
23. �Do you think the most esteemed state examinations have to be prohibited?
24. �Do you think poetry courses ought to be taken away from the syllabus?
25. �Discuss whether history or any other subject may be regarded as an essential subject in schools
26. �Discuss whether schools need to be permitted to trace students by performance level
27. �Discuss whether passing algebra ought to be a requirement for students to graduate
28. �Do you think students ought to be graded based on their handwriting?
29. �Do you think it ought to be a requirement for every student to co-op?
30. �Do you think creation theory needs to be included in the schools curriculum?
31. �Discuss whether homework needs to be prohibited and further justify whether it encourages learning
32. �Discuss the importance of getting a college education
33. �Do you think mobile devices ought to be prohibited from schools?
34. �Discuss whether students need to permitted to come up with a syllabus on their own
35. �Discuss whether abortion can be regarded as killing
36. �Discuss whether rough computer games are a good source of teens entertainment
37. �Discuss whether social networks causes teens to commit suicide
38. �Discuss whether the existing social networks contribute to humans reducing their social interactions
39. �Discuss how contemporary society needs to handle teens pregnancies
40. �Discuss whether a college education is needful for one to succeed financially later in life
41. �Compare private and public schools
42. �Do you think learning needs to be offered privately entirely?
43. �Discuss whether the loans offered to students exploit them
44. �Do you think the traditional classroom takes care of the needs of modern society?
45. �Do you think it is acceptable for teachers to pack guns while on campuses?
46. �Do you think the modern grading system is effective?
47. �Do you think college education needs to be mandatory?
48. �Do you think it is in order to have religion as part of the curriculum?
49. �Discuss whether home education is more preferable over traditional learning
50. �Do you think it is right to require every student to study one or more international language
51. �Do you think technology will contribute to people becoming more intelligent?
52. �Discuss whether AI is harmful
53. �Discuss whether robots will make the quality of humans life better
54. �Discuss the impact of development in technology
55. �Discuss the possibility of human beings controlling another planet in the nearest future
56. �Discuss whether all vehicles can be made electric
57. �Discuss whether technology increases people’s communication
58. �Discuss whether the latest technology developments change people’s preferences
59. �Do you think people are capable of salvaging nature by utilizing technology, or would they end up destroying it?
60. �Discuss whether the laws are able to match the fast-paced development in technology
61. �What are the dangers that peer pressure bring in schools
62. �Discuss with reasons whether final examinations needs to be abolished
63. �Do you think sex education is important to students in high schools?
64. �Discuss whether GPA’s are an obsolete method of gauging student’s ability
65. �Discuss the best techniques for handling harassment in schools
66. �Discuss the person who bears the most blame for Romeo’s and Juliet’s deaths
67. Do you think George has enough grounds to shoot Lennie in the Of Mice and Men
68. �Discuss whether the main issue lies in to be or whether the concern is not to be
69. �Do you think it was a wise idea for John Proctor to admit he was a witch in the Crucible?
70. �Discuss who bears the greatest blame for the mayhem done by Frankenstein’s monster between the monster and the creator
71. �Do you think Odysseus is an outstanding leader?
72. �Do you think the murder of Julius Caesar had enough grounds?
73. �Do you think the eradication of buggers is reasonable in ender’s game
74. �Do you think governments need to participate in stem cell experiments
75. �Discuss whether it is ethical to conduct research on animals
76. �Do you think climate change originated by human beings is false
77. �Is it appropriate for law enforcement agencies to build a database for offenders with their DNA information
78. �Discuss whether steroids ought to be prohibited in athletics
79. �Discuss whether genetic modification of animals ought to be banned
80. �Do you think the Internet has more disadvantages than benefits?
81. �Discuss whether destructive weapons ought to be removed through owners consent
82. �Is it in order for the government to control the health system
83. �Discuss whether Congress members need to have a maximum term limit
84. �Discuss whether the national government ought to dictate learning policies
85. �Is it appropriate to drop capital punishment
86. �Discuss whether US nationals who have sworn to go to war with their nation ought to duly drop their entitlements enshrined in the Constitution
87. �Discuss whether modern learning ought to put more emphasis on sciences over arts
88. �Compare public and private schools
89. �Junk foods ought to be prohibited from schools
90. �Discuss whether students ought to be allowed to use tablets in the stead of hard copies books
91. �Is it appropriate for students to be entitled to grade their teachers
92. �Discuss whether we must have school uniforms
93. �Discuss whether standardized exams depict the degree of one’s knowledge
94. Discuss whether it is appropriate for those students who are mentally challenged to attend boarding schools
95. �Discuss whether the school learning equips you with the crucial life skills
96. �Compare learning from home with the traditional learning method
97. �Discuss the possibility of constructing cities in times ahead on Mars
98. �Discuss the factors that contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs
99. �Discuss whether AI can at some point cause harm to human beings
100. �Discuss whether there ought to be set boundaries that scientists need to observe while working from various nations
101. �Discuss reasons that have made us stick with our old sources of energy
102. �Discuss whether social networks brought about more harm than benefits
103. �Discuss the possibility of using movies for learning purposes
104. �Discuss the impact of modern-day television
105. �Discuss whether we need to blot out the meanings of racial and cognomen from classic books
106. �Do you think the number of students in a class is a factor to consider
107. �Do you think segregating genders make students excel in academics?
108. �Discuss the significance of learning arts
109. �Discuss the possibility of securing a well-paying job after graduating from high school
110. �Do you think video games are appropriate for passing lesson instructions
111. �Do you think homework needs to be prohibited
112. �Is it appropriate to give consideration to the length of time student take to go through high school
113. �Justify the reasons for using money to make your school stadium better
114. �Discuss whether studying throughout the year is a better option for students
115. �Discuss whether school prayer ought to be banned
116. �Discuss whether the school administration are entitled to conduct searches in student’s lockers
117. �Discuss whether examinations need to remove in schools
118. �Schools need to permit mobile phones
119. �Discuss whether our antisocial behavior is contributed by smartphones
120. �Discuss whether everybody ought to be a vegan
121. �It beats logic to purchase costly flagship smartphones
122. �Compare and contrast democracy and autocracy
123. �Is it possible to operate our country without charging taxes
124. �Discuss whether it is a good idea to borrow bank loans for personal matters
125. �Compare mothers to fathers in terms of parenthood
126. �Discuss whether gay marriage is allowed
127. �Discuss where kids draw most influence between their parents and TV
128. �Compare love and money with regards to which is more important
129. �Do you think it is a good idea to take politics as a career?
130. Do you think that war has benefits?
131. �Discuss whether religion contributes to wars
132. �Compare women and men in terms of hard work
133. �Compare private and public school teachers in terms of hard work
134. �Compare government and private employees in terms of hard work
135. �Discuss whether football is more preferred over cricket
136. �Discuss whether it is a good idea to include a NOTA alternative to voters
137. �Discuss whether it helps the kids to provide them with meals in the middle of the day
138. �Discuss whether it is possible to eliminate child labor
139. �Do you think computer games need to be prohibited?
140. �Do you think students ought to be permitted to sit exams with lower than 75% attendance
141. �Do you think boxing needs to be prohibited?