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Top 100 Funny Short Story Ideas

Apr 29, 2022

Apr 29, 2022 | Topics

You’ll need the dough to make pizza. This is also true in disputes. It would help if you had all of the necessary components on hand. In a funny discussion, two items are compared, and one is proven to be superior. You’ll need fantastic amusing argument themes to work with if you want to have an intriguing debate.
Coming up with entertaining argument topics for middle school is quite challenging. These pointers can assist you in determining what to write about. Before we release the list of amusing argument themes, here are some suggestions to make things easier:
– Ensure you understand your target audience. Consider whether you’ll be debating with your coworkers or a different audience.
– Use popular outlets to conduct proper research. Please find a way to include historical themes and weave them together with information from other sources.
– Brainstorm your primary concepts to choose one that is both powerful and contentious. Make sure the topics you’ve chosen can spark a lively conversation.
– Practice the points thoroughly. Great debaters practice as much as possible to internalize the concepts. This will make it easier for them to present good debates.
– Look up examples of theme proposals from other debaters to see how it’s done. To get extra points, learn from the contentious question framing.
� Obey your teacher’s instructions. Teachers frequently issue rigorous rules, such as formatting styles and word counts. Follow these guidelines when working on your amusing debate.
Below is a selection of exciting debate topics.
1. A Hardworking Lawyer Who Turns Out To Be The Life Of The Party Retires To An Assisted Living Home And Decides To Throw A Huge Party
2. Two Close Colleagues Start Pranking Each Other In The Office But It Turns Left
3. A Bunch of College Students Are About To Finish School But Decide To Pull One Big Prank On The Day Before Graduation
4. A Group of Bad Men Go For A Team Building Exercise
5. You Lose Your Dog Then It Shows Up Months Later At Your Doorstep
6. A Stuck Up Colleague Loses His Pen At Work And Begins A Frantic Search To Find It While Everyone At The Office Makes Fun
7. The Airport Now Checks Emotional Baggage Before The Customers Board
8. A Dog’s Version Of Human Beings And Them Being Immortal Beings
9. I Want A Ticket To The Furthest Place You Have
10. A Normal Day At The Office Goes Wrong When The Lights Go Out
11. It Was The Best Prank Ever Done In High School
12. Every Wednesday Evening You Go For Your Writers Meeting To Churn Out New Ideas
13. You Are Driving The Car Downtown, A Man In A Super Hero Costume Gets Into Your Car And Asks You To Drive
14. Your Driver who is Always Quiet Starts Talking To You About His Friends who Did Remarkable Things. In Mid Conversation You Realise He Should Probably Dead
15. The Tooth Fairy On his Usual Runs Finds A Bullet Under The Pillow Instead of A Tooth
16. You Meet an Interesting Character At The Airport and You End Up Being The Greatest Friends
17. Narrate a Story with a Shuddering Plot Twist
18. You Enter A Door But End Up In A Different World
19. You Go Through Your Grandmother’s Things And End Up Ruining Her Most Valued Painting
20. You Are On Your Way Home When You Come Across A Funny Looking Animal That You Decide To Pet
21. You are Managing A Restaurant When The Craziest Characters Show Up For Dinner
22. You Are Bored At Home When You Decide To Go Through Your Childhood Pictures. You then Find Out Something Your Parents Tried So Hard To Cover Up
23. You Are working Late On Your Assignment with Your Group At School. When You want To Leave You Find Out That The Doors Are All Closed
24. You are Working As A Spy In Russia And You Are To Retract Vital information But Your Background Music Alarms Everyone
25. You Buy Your Daughter A Stuffed Animal As A Birthday Gift. You Don’t Know The Stuffed Animal Is Special And Your Daughter Tells You How It Helps Protecting Her
26. You Plan A Great Prank At Your Work place But It All Goes Down Sourly
27. You Accidentally Stumble Across Your Great Grandparents Chessboard Stored Away In The Attic And You Move A Piece Only To Change Your Life Forever
28. Your Writer’s Block Ends When You Are In An Awkward Place

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