Top 100 Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

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The origins of amusing argumentative essays are perplexing, especially when one expects something and instead receives something else. Though capturing the essence of humor in writing can be tricky, it is possible to write a hilarious argumentative essay by portraying a current incident shared by society.
Penning a solid argumentative essay of any kind, especially one that requires the use of humor, is not a simple undertaking. The writer should understand well what to write about when it comes to a particular topic.
You’ll need a function to examine a sense of humor, excited brain, and sharp contrast and silly contrast to developing an engaging essay topic. When writing about such themes, the writer should avoid becoming too personal and keep the reader’s perspective in mind.
The best hilarious argumentative essay topics are excellent because they let us broaden our information base and improve our scripting abilities. Ridiculous issues are on the verge of exploding. They are topics on which people have strong personal beliefs, which usually result in nasty debates and arguments.
Many individuals follow widespread problems like politics, religion, or communal views. Therefore funny argumentative essay topic ideas are expected. Such themes have a propensity of dividing people into two groups: those who support the notion and those who oppose it.
The subject requires a high level of trust, and the author should justify his position. People come up with various hypotheses and concepts, all of which have valid reasons that support or refute the topic. Here are some samples of theme proposals that you can utilize..
1. “News is always about sorrow” Do you agree.
2. 3G vs. 4G vs. 5G: What’s next?
3. A poor man’s advice on how to get rich
4. Being homeless is not so good. So what?
5. Best Methods for making your parents unhappy.
6. Can I be part of your family?
7. Being in the disciple in school can make you excel in flying colors.
8. Men need more wives; they are strong enough
9. Rarely do polygamous families experience divorce cases
10. Five signs that show he loves you
11. Funny things we experience in wedding ceremonies
12. Global warming affects undeveloped countries
13. Has Google made us more intelligent
14. Have you wished you were of the opposite gender
15. Have you wished you were the only child?
16. How did it feel when were arraigned in court for overfeeding
17. How did it feel when you knew your biological father
18. Does Google makes us smart
19. How not to sleep
20. How not to get attracted to a man of your dreams
21. Tips on how to annoy your teachers
22. Tips on how to orchestrate break-up with your boyfriend/girlfriend
23. How to repair a broken relationship
24. Marijuana should be legalized and sold in the open-air markets
25. How to plan and execute your burial
26. Parents should be soft on children
27. Smoking has known health benefits: Let’s all smoke
28. Thanks, judge for convicting me, I needed convicting the most
29. Thinks men wish women knew
30. We celebrate the theft of our smartphones
31. Why advertising is a waste of money
32. Why do single woman love dogs, yet they say all men are dogs
33. If all men are dogs, then your father is the first dog
34. If you think you are ugly go to a night club at midnight
35. Why having a night out before exams are the best idea
36. Why women like evening outs
37. How a customer is never right
38. Why looking at someone wife is sin
39. Why you should never get distinction in college
The above list of topics is ideal for both professionals and beginners.