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Top 100 Fiction Short Story Ideas

Apr 17, 2022

Apr 17, 2022 | Topics

Fiction short story concepts spark students’ creative juices. These topics are chosen to encourage pupils to engage their imaginations in their work. The subjects are diverse and cover many aspects of our lives.
Technology, religion, health, engineering, facts, and myths are all represented. These subjects can be challenging to come up with, which is why we put together a list to assist students in finding the proper niche.
The Fiction Short Story Ideas help encourage pupils to use their imagination in a variety of ways. Students are allowed to challenge reality and imagine various outcomes based on multiple behaviors.
These prompts work well for encouraging pupils to write in prose. They can also help writers who are having trouble writing. The themes are fascinating, and it would be fun to learn more about them.
The themes we’ve chosen are well-researched to make the students’ lives easier. These subjects are based on regular life, although they are far from what we consider the norm. Students are encouraged to choose intriguing themes while adhering to the teacher’s rules. Here are some of the most creative fiction narrative concepts.
1. A Preacher forms a Cult, assures his followers that he can fly, and he fulfils his promise
2. An atheist Develops Wings Exactly Like An Angel
3. A Baby Sprouts Wings And Flies But The Parents Are Incapable of Handling The Situation
4. You Turn on The Radio In The Morning And The News Shock You: A Mirrored Version of The Earth Has Been Discovered
5. Every Single Day, You Experience The Same Day Over And Over Again
6. You Move Into A New House And Discover A Portal Of Time And Space In Your Closet. You Wake Up In Mars
7. How Engineers Forsook Your Mother in Her Time Of Need and She Ended Up Dead
8. You Have Become Rich Based On A Lie. You Stole Someone’s Technological Idea and Built and Empire But Its All Starting To Ravel, Now You Must Come Clean
9. You Have An AI Implanted in Your Head And She Is Your Only Friend. She Has Morphed and Can Now Feel and See Things
10. Time Travel Has Been Developed And You Can Easily Go Back And Forth In Time. However, You Cannot Change Anything In The Past Only Observe It. One Day You Stumble Upon Something
11. Write A Narrative About Two Close Friends Who Make A Strange Pact When They Were Young
12. Narrate A Babysitter’s Story on The First Experience She Has At Job
13. Narrate A College Student’s Final Class In The First Person Perspective
14. Narration About A Racecar Driver Whose Only Wish Is To Go Faster: First Person
15. Narration About An Old Man Recollecting His Past Memories: First Person
16. Write About Going To Prom, You Are The Main Character
17. Imagine You Are Cruising For Two Weeks
18. Narrate A Story About A library Card and Flashlight
19. You Have The Power To Halt Time. But One Day When You Stop Time, You Notice Something Is Still Moving
20. You Agree To Be The First Person To Travel In Time As An Experiment. The Moment You Leave The Premises, You Notice There Are No Humans There
21. You See A Star And Make A Wish. Only That it Is Not A Star, It Is A Satellite. The Satellite Takes Into Account Your Very Wishes, It Then Assigns The Task To An Efficient Agent Who is Responsible Fr Making It Come True
22. You Are Alone In your Car Driving Aimlessly On A Dusty Road. All Of A Sudden You Notice A Metal Object In The Sky
23. Your Brand New Tesla Stops Momentarily In The Wilderness. Prior To This something Hacks the Car’s System and Drives Away From People and Civilization. You Suddenly Notice A Bright Light Coming Towards You
24. Create A Narrative That Involves an Ice cream, Computer and Bicycle
25. Create a Narrative that Involves a barking Dog, A car Chase and An Umbrella
26. Narrate a Story of Discovering a New Cure That Will Save Millions of People

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