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Top 104 Exemplification Essay Topics for Students

Apr 1, 2022 | 0 comments

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Apr 1, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay that provide descriptions of real objects, events, or persons. But the exemplification essays should be confused to be descriptive essays. The exemplification essays are expected to provide examples of the main points or topics presented in the body paragraphs. This means that the student has to give a detailed analysis of each real-life example provided in the exemplification essay topic. The focus should be on providing details about selected examples to support the exemplification essay ideas presented in the topic statement.
Whether you’re a college student or just someone who enjoys writing, we have plenty of exemplification essay topics that should get your creative juices flowing. A good example can help support your clear thesis statement, especially if it sums up your reasoning in a nice and tidy package. Check out our list below for instant gratification. You’ll be able to get started on your exemplification essay right away after selecting the best exemplification essay topic from the list of exemplification essay topics below:

Best Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Can America’s gun control stipulations reform?
  2. Can the achievement of peace get aided by war?
  3. Propaganda Analysis: First Decoding Theories and Effects
  4. Alice Munro’s ‘Boys and Girls’
  5. Can modern society regress from welfare payments?
  6. Can immigration negatively affect the economy?
  7. Jaycee Dugard Lee’s ‘A Stolen Life
  8. Are religious organizations contributing to the moral degradation of humankind?
  9. Do election forecasts influence voting?
  10. An Argument Contrary to The Death Punishment
  11. Food, Children, and Advertising
  12. A Universal Poem, Dunbar Lawrence Paul’s ‘We Wear the Mask’
  13. Does the best mild depression treatment lie with self-help programs?
  14. Outlawing of cell phones while driving should be effected
  15. Is it true that vast quantities of undesirable plastics responsible for ill-health exist in plastic bottles?
  16. Can the mass shootings problem be addressed by an amendment to the United States constitution?
  17. Can you get tuition at the same level online compared to taught courses?
  18. Beliefs Stretched to the limits
  19. History essay on deaf culture
  20. Can socialism and capitalism co-exist in society today?
  21. ‘The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  22. Does America require more leaders?
  23. Effects of Technology Transfer on Culture
  24. Society’s moral decay and cults
  25. Can online learning compare to school education?
  26. Vision and Art: Paul Crowther
  27. Does age increase self-consciousness in people?
  28. Justice and David Hume
  29. Can you put spices in a baby’s food?
  30. Can you bribe kids to cooperate and positively affect them?
  31. A Star Called Henry by Roddy Doyle´s Analysis
  32. Privacy and data collection
  33. Columbus Christopher was a killer
  34. Bierce Ambrose, the Realist
  35. Sight and Blindness– Lack of Vision in ‘King Lear’
  36. Does capitalism offer a major problem in realizing world peace?
  37. Do politicians care for their constituents, or do they want to further their profession?
  38. Cognitive Dissonance: Political implications, personal exemplification, and definition
  39. Does watching violence on television cause children to become more aggressive?
  40. Does the media create and promote unrealistic body images for males and females?
  41. Product placement in television or film
  42. Does censoring music violate freedom of speech?
  43. Does social media create an easy way to maintain relationships, or is it more likely to create problems?
  44. Do sexist images in video games change males’ opinions of females.

Interesting Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Does studying while listening to music destroys concentration?
  2. Is country music changing forever (based on the analysis of CMA)
  3. Musical torture: the most or the least humane torturing solution?
  4. Can alternative education be another answer for life-long learning?
  5. How does homeschooling impacts kids’ socialization?
  6. Does choosing the same President for the second term lead to higher chances of successful government?
  7. Can sexting improve a couple’s sexual life?
  8. Is 2018 the year of populism?
  9. Can immigration destroy a country’s economy?
  10. Could hidden cameras in schools be a solution to shootings and attacks?
  11. Can a breastfeeding mom eat spicy food?
  12. Will drivers be replaced by autonomous vehicles?
  13. Who impacts the perspective on the world more – siblings or parents?
  14. Is multitasking a myth?
  15. Should weed be legalized worldwide?
  16. Is motivating content motivating?
  17. Does climate change have the greatest impact on media activity?
  18. Is it possible to be fully distant on social media for an average American?
  19. Had GDPR helped to solve the data problem or just made things worse?
  20. Does a clean workplace improve one’s creativity and productivity?
  21. In the world of digital advancements, digital video grows at a rapid pace – will it replace basic text formats?
  22. Does 8-hour sleep improve one’s productivity?
  23. Is freelance a solution for higher productivity?
  24. Is our mass media culture nihilistic?
  25. Did Twitter improve sports culture?
  26. Did Taylor Swift solve the ticked inflation problem?
  27. Are modern signers feminist or anti-feminist?
  28. Do immigrant stereotypes have a real-life background?
  29. Does working with a team makes for more creative ideas?
  30. Will Netflix destroy cable television?
  31. Is the majority of news negative?
  32. What happens to the person’s subconscious after daily TV consumption?
  33. Does regular news consumption make a person better educated?
  34. Do vegetarians save animals?
  35. Alexa – a universal home helper or a high-tech privacy intruder?
  36. Do countries’ populations get worse after oil is discovered in their territory?
  37. Positive thinking – psychologically beneficial or utterly destructive?
  38. Is it true that women have a better memory?
  39. Did the fast-food industry change American eating habits forever?
  40. Are click baits on YouTube and Instagram making content popular?
  41. Are women more discriminated against in corporate society than men?
  42. Is it possible to solve problems of data protection?
  43. Is daily exercising the best solution for keeping your body in optimal shape?
  44. Are ICOs an innovation or a scam?
  45. Should American schools start early sex education?
  46. Is it possible for capitalism and socialism to co-exist?
  47. Do users care about hacking attacks?
  48. Is Vogue destroying young girls’ confidence in their bodies?
  49. Is there a line between free speech and hate speech?
  50. Do public polls influence elections results or inform electors about the candidates?
  51. Exploring free and paid college education – European and American experiences
  52. Are women discriminated against in pop culture?
  53. Are live translations on social media live?
  54. Can commuting decrease one’s feeling of happiness?
  55. Is it possible to eat only meat and stay healthy?
  56. Are fruits in American supermarkets healthy?
  57. Is reading the most intellectual type of leisure?
  58. Is end-to-end encryption the most secure way of protecting private messages?
  59. Are people behaving hatefully online?
  60. Does the Internet of Things is the Internet at all?

The catalog of exemplification essay subjects will set you on a course to writing a great essay as essay subjects set the tone for the entire essay. A great topic will make a great and captivating essay if you also stick to other essay-writing guidelines. So make a topic choice and get started with your exemplification essay.

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