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Top 100 Debate Topics for College Students

Mar 23, 2022

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Mar 23, 2022 | Topics

Debates are an important extracurricular activity for college students. It assists individuals in developing critical thinking, research, communication, and writing abilities. Debates can also help you gain confidence.
A debate is an official discussion about a topic in which two opposing viewpoints are presented. It follows a set format in which each side is given a specific amount of time to reiterate their support or opposition to the motion. It can be tough to choose a popular and fascinating argument topic, yet it is one of the most critical debating aspects.
The subject debate suggestions from college students should be relevant and appropriate for your audience. When deciding what to write about, consider if you will be able to talk about the subject for an extended period, how enthusiastic you are about the issue, and how easy it will be to research the subject matter.
Furthermore, you must consider if the topic is arguable or not, whether the content is readily available for investigation, and whether the question is interesting enough to pique the audience’s interest. A good debate topic should be easy to grasp and define but just complex enough to allow for a long and engaging discussion.
Debates follow a set of rules. Always assume you are correct and advance that viewpoint as you participate in the debate. Don’t be nasty to your fellow participants, and be patient with the other.
1. Abortion is a murder
2. All public precincts should have CCTV cameras to criminal activities
3. We should participate in the political process as it shapes our future
4. The alternative sources of energy are affordable and conserve our environment
5. Democracy is expensive
6. Social media is a lazy way of maintaining family communication
7. Can religion and science coexist?
8. Majority of celebrities are lousy role
9. Socio-economic developments that promote social equity is good for society
10. Cheating in colleges and universities is on the rise
11. Living in a dormitory help students achieve better academic grades
12. Technology helps a great deal in studying
13. Boarding school isn’t suitable for lower primary school children
14. Rise drinking age?
15. A country should strive to be food secure and avoid over-dependence on imports
16. Football is the most unifying sport
17. For teens, TV is the worst teacher than books
18. Fossil fuels have not adverse effects on the environment
19. Abolish gambling and betting for college students
20. Same-sex marriage creates demand for children theft
21. Good politics, good economics
22. Police officers ought to have the right to picket
23. Social media platform are harmful to teens
24. A college education is useful and essential
25. Politicians partially practice democracy
26. Face-to-face learning is better than online learning
27. It is unethical to use children in products promotion
28. The gap between the rich and poor keeps widening
29. Overpopulation creates many social evils in the society
30. Bad company corrupts good morals
31. Children vaccination is beneficial
32. Higher remuneration is the most significant motivating factor in the workplace
33. The nomination of women parliamentarians is good for society
34. Sex education is morally bad for primary children
35. The student ID should provide the capability to track
36. Death penalty should be mutated
37. Abolish the death penalty
38. Teach Internet privacy in school
39. Internet privacy should be in the school curriculum
40. Love vs. arranged marriages
41. Automated cars are better than manual ones
Debate topics can take a toll on you when you don’t know exactly where to start. The above examples will guide you in writing an excellent essay.

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