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217 Great Cybersecurity Research Topics To Get Top Marks

Sep 1, 2022 | 0 comments

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Sep 1, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

Are you looking for some of the most interesting cybersecurity research topics? We understand that you want your next research paper to stand out. You want to get the highest possible grade.

The good news is that you’ve arrived at the correct location. This article lists Cybersecurity Research Topics that are perfect for students. The Topics range from malware, cyber defense, cryptography, and more! Choose a computer security topic for your next paper from our selection of free ideas.

Remember that you must choose fascinating topics if you want to achieve a good mark on your next paper. A topic that interests your professor or the thesis supervisor will be well appreciated.

How to Write a Research Paper on Cybersecurity

Finding great cybersecurity research ideas is the first step toward creating an A+ paper. Follow our easy approach to ensure that you increase your chances of receiving a high grade:

  • Choose one of our topics to get started. Of course, you are free to rephrase it as you see proper.
  • Consider a thesis statement that will pique your professor’s interest.
  • After that, compose a brief yet effective introduction. Remember to include your thesis statement at the beginning of your introduction.
  • Write at least three body paragraphs, each addressing a key point. It’s a good idea to begin with, a powerful assertion and then support it with the remainder of the paragraph.
  • Write a conclusion that restates the thesis and summarizes your findings and research. A good conclusion may be a call to action.
  • Edit your work at least twice, and then go over it with a fine-toothed comb. Why should a few errors cost you points?

Selecting the Most Valuable Cybersecurity Research Topics

Cybersecurity is the term used to describe the technology, policies, and measures used to protect data and information against cyberattacks. Furthermore, every student should be aware that the cybersecurity topics he selects for his research papers are critical. Why?

Because the first thing your professor sees is your topic. Make it intriguing, and you’ll gain additional points right away. If your topic is unusual, you will be less likely to be harshly punished for making a few tiny errors. Check out our cyber security topics and choose the ones you believe would pique your professor’s interest!

Topics for Network Security Research

Talking about something related to network security can be an excellent choice in 2022 and beyond. Here are some Topics for Network Security Research for you:

  1. Why it’s critical to maintain your software up to date
  2. An in-depth examination of the significance of strong passwords
  3. What are the different phishing scams, and how do they work?
  4. Discuss how Hyperscale Network Security may be used.
  5. In 2022, the best antivirus and firewall protection will be available.
  6. A deeper look at the best practices for access control
  7. What exactly is behavioral analytics, and how does it function?
  8. Preventative steps in the case of a distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) assault
  9. The top three tools for ensuring strong email security
  10. Let’s talk about network segmentation and its uses.
  11. What is a VPN for Remote Access?
  12. What are the workings of current intrusion prevention systems?
  13. Discuss the best data loss prevention solutions.

Topics of Interest in Information Security Research

Cyber security is a very dynamic field, so you must keep up with the latest developments. Check out our Topics of Interest in Information Security Research:

  1. A deeper look into quantum technologies communications security
  2. Discuss the threats presented by unprecedented assaults.
  3. What exactly is cyber espionage, and why is it so risky?
  4. In this article, we’ll talk about identity theft in the United States.
  5. The top five data encryption algorithms
  6. Examine the most serious data breaches in 2022.
  7. The significance of centralized data storage
  8. Discuss the differences between black hat and grey hat hackers.
  9. A deeper look at a hybrid routing system for mobile networks has been suggested.
  10. In the Internet of Things, effective cybersecurity techniques are needed.
  11. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of existing authentication systems.
  12. In 2022, talk about digital piracy.

Easy Cyber Security Research Paper Topics

Writing a cybersecurity research paper has never been better. Here is a list of easy topics for students who want to save time:

  1. Passwords’ involvement in the authentication procedure
  2. What distinguishes a strong password from a weak one?
  3. What is the definition of a brute force attack?
  4. Discuss the word “cloud security.”
  5. The hazards of using a public wireless network to connect your device
  6. Discuss how to keep removable media safe.
  7. What does the impact working remotely have on a company’s security?
  8. Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in Cybersecurity
  9. Let’s talk about car hacking (focus on Tesla)
  10. Cloud computing system vulnerabilities in 2022
  11. There are three methods for removing malware from a Windows machine.
  12. In-depth analysis of botnets in 2022

Topics in Cyber Security Right Now

Our experts are always adding new topics to our list of current cyber security issues. So you can always find something new and interesting to discuss.

  1. A detailed examination of credit card fraud
  2. Email sender spoofing is a technique for impersonating someone else’s email address.
  3. Is slandering someone online considered a cybercrime?
  4. Removing functional files poses a cybersecurity risk.
  5. The most recent risks to cloud security
  6. The advantages of using multi-factor authentication
  7. Best practices for mobile cybersecurity in 2022
  8. Detecting a social engineering ruse

Topics on Cyberbullying

Companies are doing their best to counter cyberbullying, although it is not entirely related to cybersecurity. Here are some nice Topics on Cyberbullying:

  1. Is it possible to be prosecuted for cyber-harassment?
  2. Periodic cyberbullying causes stress and worry.
  3. Is cyberbullying a crime in the United States?
  4. What is the risk of cyber-stalking?
  5. Revenge porn is being utilized as a form of cyberbullying.
  6. In the European Union, there is anti-cyberbullying law.
  7. The best strategies to defend yourself from cyberbullying
  8. Cyberbullying’s Effects on Children
  9. In the EU, we must put an end to cyberbullying.

High School Cyber Security Research Topics

Don’t worry; we have plenty of ideas for high school students. Here are the High School Cyber Security Research Topics students we recommend you to try:

  1. Windows’ best security features
  2. Examine a crucial data encryption algorithm.
  3. Modern networks’ infiltration vulnerabilities
  4. Let’s talk about software security engineering.
  5. The perils of hacking into automobiles
  6. Hospital ransomware assaults amid the Covid-19 epidemic
  7. The recovery of lost data (data redundancy)
  8. 2022’s most dangerous computer viruses
  9. Virus protection for a Windows computer

Topics in Information Technology Security That Are Interesting

In this list, we have compiled the most Topics in Technology Security That Are Interesting we could think of. This list is updated frequently, so you can easily find an original idea:

  1. The risks of using public Wi-Fi networks
  2. What role does cloud security play for remote workers?
  3. Multi-factor authentication and strong passwords
  4. How to Spot a Phishing Attempt
  5. What are the signs of a social engineering attack?
  6. What is the mechanism of malware?
  7. For your smartphone, the best protection is to use a case.
  8. In 2022, the most common online frauds will be
  9. Network Vulnerabilities in 5G

College Cybersecurity Research Paper Topics

Of course, you must pick some more complex topics as a college student. Check out these College Research Paper Topics on Cybersecurity:

  1. Data synchronization’s dangers
  2. In the field of cybersecurity, analyzing human behavior is crucial.
  3. Improper access controls pose a risk.
  4. Antivirus software’s benefits and drawbacks
  5. The system administrator’s job description
  6. Keeping your Wi-Fi at home secure
  7. In 2022, there will be cyber threats to your privacy.
  8. On Facebook, there is cyberbullying.
  9. Security in UNIX vs. Ubuntu

Cybersecurity Topics for Research paper on Ethics

Cyber security ethics can help you get ahead without putting in a lot of extra work. Here are some excellent information security ethical topics for you to consider:

  1. Defending against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults
  2. Defending against scripting strikes from the other side
  3. Symptoms of a phishing scam
  4. 2022 ransomware assaults
  5. Worst software flaws in the Windows operating system
  6. What are Internet of Things (IoT) attacks?
  7. In computer viruses, machine learning is employed.
  8. Dangers of social media hacking in 2022
  9. What are endpoint assaults, and how do they work?

Ph.D. Research Topics in Cybersecurity

You need some great topics to choose from to start working on your thesis. The good news is that we have plenty of Topics for a Cyber Security Thesis right here:

  1. Is malware defense capable of preventing all attacks?
  2. Investigate cold-boot assaults.
  3. The OPSEC team’s function
  4. Intranet authentication techniques that are appropriate
  5. In 2022, identity theft will be a major issue.
  6. Backups and their importance
  7. Tracking cookies may be dangerous.
  8. Nobody reads the terms and conditions of the software.
  9. What is the process of applying a security patch?
  10. A white hat hacker’s definition

Topics in Application Security

Do you want to talk about application security? After all, applications are a major part of our lives nowadays. Check out these original Topics in Application Security:

  1. In this article, we’ll talk about data breaches in mobile applications.
  2. Apps and the dangers of XSS attacks
  3. What is the consequence of insecure deserialization?
  4. SQL injection attacks are discussed.
  5. The significance of access control on the backend
  6. Security protocols that have been incorrectly set
  7. Logging has several advantages for applications.
  8. Discuss application Best methods for security testing
  9. Google Play has several malicious applications.

Cybersecurity Research Topics 2022

Yes, some topics are better than others – especially regarding cybersecurity. Here is a list of Cybersecurity Hot Topics that you can use right now:

  1. What is the definition of cyber terrorism?
  2. Discuss the GDPR’s advantages.
  3. In the United States, how the law sees jailbreaking
  4. Discuss the Anonymous group.
  5. A detailed examination of cross-site request forgery attacks
  6. Let’s talk about a man-in-the-middle assault.
  7. Safeguarding your personal information
  8. Vulnerabilities in multi-factor authentication
  9. Security solutions based on artificial intelligence

Computer Security Research Topics that are Complicated

Do you want to write about something difficult to impress your professor and classmates? Check out this list of Computer Science Security Research Topics that are Complicated:

  1. Discuss the topic of security risk management.
  2. A social engineering attack’s fundamental concepts
  3. What is a ransomware assault, and how does it work?
  4. How does Facebook defend itself again cyber security threats?
  5. Getting inside the Mac OS X operating system
  6. RSA’s impact on network security
  7. In 2022, we’ll be designing a comprehensive cybersecurity system.
  8. Cyber-attacks pose a threat to national security.

Topics in Data Security

We can assure you that your teacher will greatly appreciate our interesting Topics in Data Security. Pick one of these ideas and start writing your paper today:

  1. Discuss physical data security.
  2. What does cloud security entail?
  3. Phishing assaults are dangerous.
  4. Methods of mobile device security that are complicated
  5. The safety and security of portable media devices
  6. Backup and recovery are critical.
  7. Performing data erasure operations correctly.
  8. In 2022, the most effective authentication techniques will be

Topics for Cybercrime Research

Cybercrime is, without a doubt, one of the fascinating topics in cybersecurity. Here are some fantastic cyber-crime research ideas for 2022:

  1. In 2022, cybercrime will be on the increase.
  2. The hazards of data theft in the workplace
  3. Discuss hospital ransomware assaults.
  4. What exactly is cyber extortion, and how does it operate?
  5. Protecting yourself against In 2022, identity theft will be a major issue.
  6. Discuss the dangers of storing card payment data.
  7. Worst IoT hacking scenarios
  8. What is website spoofing, and how does it work?

Topics in IT Security

If you want to save time on your research paper, consider choosing one of our excellent IT security topics for students.

  1. The peculiarities of Sony’s cyber-attack in 2014
  2. Compare and contrast three different hacking techniques.
  3. The importance of cybersecurity in modern warfare
  4. Discuss the significance of unified user profiles.
  5. What role does biometrics play in cybersecurity?
  6. Cookies and your online privacy
  7. There are three types of network intrusion.
  8. What is the function of a firewall?

Ideas for Policy and Governance

Yes, you can talk about policy and governance in cybersecurity. We have some of the latest and most interesting Ideas for Policy and Governance right here:

  1. Discuss the issues of IT risk management.
  2. How does a governance network come into being?
  3. Discuss the most effective resource management policies.
  4. The impact of IT governance on the delivery of value
  5. The Acceptable Use Policy’s Function (AUP)
  6. Discuss how important it is to have a solid disaster recovery strategy.
  7. Twitter’s access control policy
  8. What is the definition of a business continuity plan?

Topics for Security Research That Are Controversial

Are you looking for some Topics for Security Research That Are Controversial that are sure to capture your professor’s attention? We have some of the latest ideas right here for you:

  1. A deeper look at what triggered the devastating assault on the Colonial Pipeline
  2. Examine the threats posed by blockchain assaults.
  3. What are artificial intelligence (AI) attacks? (and their connection to machine learning)
  4. Personal information of customers poses a security risk.
  5. What are Bring Your Device (BYOD) rules, and why are they important?
  6. Is it possible for a hacker to be ethical?
  7. In the United States, there are no cybersecurity rules.
  8. Businesses are subject to a broad range of cyber-attacks.

Topics for Cyber Security Research Papers

Some things are more important than others in the world of cybersecurity. Here are examples of what we consider to be the most Topics for Cyber Security Research Papers:

  1. DDoS assaults’ harmful consequences (+ mitigation)
  2. Discuss the usage of biometrics as a form of cybersecurity.
  3. In the European Union, there is a lot of talk about cybersecurity.
  4. In 2022, how secure is data encryption?
  5. Keeping up with the latest data protection laws
  6. The intranet’s inherent hazards and inadequacies
  7. Over the previous five years, there has been an increase in cybercrime.
  8. Terrorist organizations and the dangers they bring to cybersecurity
  9. An in-depth look at the Stuxnet computer virus
  10. The most up-to-date and intriguing cybersecurity technology
  11. In cybersecurity applications, the human component is important.
  12. In 2022, there will be cyber-attacks on computer hardware.
  13. How crucial are cybersecurity audits for small and medium-sized businesses?
  14. The devastation that a successful Ransomware assault may cause

Topics for Research Papers That Work

Talking about hacking can be a fun way to write your research paper, especially if you have some previous knowledge. Check out these nice Topics for Research Papers That Work:

  1. What exactly is a packet sniffer, and how does it function?
  2. Discuss the fundamental architecture of a computer virus.
  3. A detailed examination of a Trojan horse
  4. Discuss the Sobig virus’s architecture from 2003.
  5. Several kinds of security flaws
  6. A vulnerability scanning tool’s job and purpose
  7. A detailed examination of rootkit software
  8. Discuss the three main methods of hacking.
  9. The ingenuity that went into the notorious Klez malware assault
  10. What does ethical hacking entail? (includes examples)
  11. In 2022, talk about social engineering assaults.
  12. What is a key logger, and how does it work?
  13. What caused the Mydoom malware to inflict such havoc?

Topics in Cyber Law

Our Topics in Cyber Law are some of the best you can find online. And the best part is that they’re not even that difficult to write about. Take your pick right now:

  1. Examine the 5 Cybersecurity Laws.
  2. Discuss why the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act is so important.
  3. North America’s most critical cybersecurity legislation
  4. The significance of the newly enacted Cyber Exercise Act (CISA)
  5. The European Union’s cybersecurity legislation and regulations
  6. China has strict cybersecurity legislation.
  7. In Africa, there is a lack of cybersecurity regulation.
  8. Discuss three data protection legislation in the United States.
  9. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act is examined in detail.
  10. Important cybersecurity legislation in the EU and the United Kingdom
  11. In the United States, talk about the Pipeline Security Act.

Topics in Operational Security

Would you like to talk about operational security measures implemented by large corporations? Here are some unique Topics in Operational Security you could try:

  1. In a company’s cybersecurity initiatives, OPSEC plays a key role.
  2. Discuss the procedure for identifying crucial information.
  3. In the United States Navy, OPSEC is used.
  4. The Overarching Security Policy’s Role
  5. An in-depth examination of vulnerability analysis
  6. What is threat analysis, and how is it carried out?
  7. At Facebook, adequate OPSEC procedures are being implemented.
  8. Methods for completing a comprehensive risk assessment
  9. During the Vietnam War, OPSEC evaluations were conducted.
  10. Compare and contrast COMSEC with OPSEC.
  11. Alphabet Inc.’s OPSEC: A Case Study
  12. In 2022, what are the best methods for operational security?
  13. Bring up the topic of security awareness. The significance of training

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