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Top 100 Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

Mar 19, 2022

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Mar 19, 2022 | Topics

1. Harassment in places of work
1. T.V. violence and child abuse cases
2. Negotiation processes discrimination
3. Police officers and fashion culture
4. Social media and theft identity
5. Limitations of jailhouse informants
6. Cause-and- effect of rap music
7. Prevention ads for drunk driving
8. Programs for witnesses
9. Importance of personal terms
10. Law code and mental hospital
11. Correction methods in cyber criminology
12. Legal investigations in gender bias
13. Procedures for criminal justice court
14. How to prevent crimson colleges and schools
15. Do you think eyewitnesses are gender-biased?
16. Racism in college campuses
17. The rise in crime and immigrants
18. Fraud cooperation art
19. Importance of research topic ideas globally
20. Can a speech made from a written assignment?
21. Is it analysis, comparison essay, argumentative paper, or review?
22. What do you understand by popular counter opinion?
23. Do we have the same research works?
24. Do you think a topic meets all grading rubric points?
25. Is there a need for more information?
26. What is the practice of a sniffer dog?
27. Importance of evidence in eye witness
28. How to protect sensitive information
29. Methods used in drug trafficking
30. The debate about the death penalty
31. How to prevent substance abuse
32. Differences in internet privacy
33. Openness among attorneys
34. Juvenile recidivism
35. The psychological effect on imprisonment
36. Israel-Palestine child soldier’s conflict
37. The involvement of police in accessing information and cooperation
38. State of international offenders
39. Methods used in animal cruelty punishments
40. Laws in national security
41. Review of civilian boards policy
42. How is jury selection conducted?
43. Violence and rape in prison
44. What do you understand by experimental criminology?
45. Explain the impact of 1966 Miranda versus Arizona
46. Corruption relationship and organized crime
47. Victim services
48. What is wildlife crime and tips to prevent such crimes?
49. Define forensic science and outline the functions and roles
50. Program for witness protection
51. Shoplifting and theft
52. Explain date rape and how to avoid it
53. Highlight crimes that are associated with substance abuse
54. What is identity theft?
55. Felon disenfranchisement
56. The debate on gun control
57. The limited rights of police officers
58. Causes of violence in colleges
59. Methods used to minimize human trafficking.
60. Analysis of how police officers abuse powers
61. Perspective view of marijuana as a medicine
62. The trial of Susan Wright
63. Ways to reduce economic crimes
64. Explain how the system of criminal justice discriminate against ethnic and racial minorities.
65. The media and law enforcement
66. How does the media help law enforcement officials to control crimes?
67. The public defenders and prosecutors
68. International laws and war crimes.
69. Explain how the neighborhood activities can be involved in a system of criminal justice
70. Describe how criminal justice impacts how the world of criminal justice operates.
71. The race and police stops
72. What impact do individuals who decide on public policy affect the operation of the criminal justice system in their communities?
73. What implementations can your government do to protect children from online attackers?
74. Nixon versus the USA
75. Madison case versus Marbury
76. In which ways have female lawbreakers affected the increase in statistics crimes?
77. The court of justice international
78. The case of Aaron Henandez
79. Sullivan versus New York Times
80. Board education versus Brown
81. Singe cases versus organized crimes
82. Propaganda crimes and modern music culture
83. Do you think gun possession can be made safer by stricter laws?
84. Investigation in the African Americans bias
85. The criminal process of Juvenile detention
86. The criminal justice laws in Arizona
87. The American States legal code

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