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Top 100 Conversation Topics with a Girl

Mar 10, 2022

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Mar 10, 2022 | Topics

There are many ways to start a conversation with someone, but one of the best methods is by engaging them in an exciting discussion. When it comes to talking to girls, there can be some challenges, like coming up with good topics or poking and prodding for information without being too intrusive.
�The following list of topics will keep a conversation going for hours. Using these topics, both you and the girl you’re conversing with won’t find it hard to flow in the conversation and know each other well. We implore everyone reading this article to smile while bringing up these topics as a way to enhance magical effects that make conversations more interesting!
Conversation topics with a girl
1. How do you mostly begin a conversation with strangers?
2. Does love at first sight exist?
3. Can you dance? Would you show me how to?
4. Do you keep pets? How many do you have?
5. Do you think an angel can come from heaven, if no, why are you here?
6. What’s the Most regrettable experience you ever passed through?
7. How good do you think you are at decisions making?
8. What do you feel about the influence of social media on the present generation?
9. Which genre of books do you read?
10. What type of movie do you watch?
11. What do you feel about jumping to conclusions about people?
12. Which superhero would you have loved to be?
13. What’s your favorite social media handle?
14. If you were given a real opportunity to change the world, what would you do?
15. What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?
16. If you could have supernatural power, what would you choose?
17. What’s your favorite accessory?
18. What do you think is the best way to apologize to someone?
19. How many siblings do you have?
20. What are the things you admire in a boy
21. What game do you play frequently?
22. What is the most memorable event in your life?
23. What are your aspirations in life?
24. What never makes you tired?
25. What music do you listen to over and over again?
26. What do you wish to change about yourself?
27. Do you sing in the bathroom?
28. What do you like to do the most?
29. Who’s your favorite media personality?
30. What’s that memory you can never forget?
31. What was the first interesting movie you saw?
32. Have you tried eating steak with knives only?
33. Which do you prefer, painting or drawing?
34. What’s that one thing you think about every time?
35. When last did you have an interesting conversation with a stranger?
36. What animal are you afraid of?
37. What snack do you prefer?
38. What song do you know by heart?
39. Do you have an allergy to nuts?
40. What is the title of the saddestd movie you’ve ever seen?
41. Do you like the smell of dust after it rains?
42. What would you do if you fall in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate?
43. Have You Ever talked to someone for Hours Without getting tired?
44. Who’s that childhood friend you had that left a big impact on you?
45. What are you afraid of, and why?
46. Tell me something spontaneous about yourself
47. Do you prefer Vanilla or chocolate topping for ice cream?
48. What’s a ridiculous thing you’ve ever bought?
49. What time in your life did you feel like giving up?
50. Tell me something amusing about yourself
51. Who is your favorite Hollywood actor?
52. Are you a foodie, or you prefer snacking?
53. If you could afford it, what car would you buy?
54. What country would you like to travel to right now?
55. Have you been on a ship before?
56. What do you think about negative peer influence?
57. If you were given a chance to bring someone back from death, who would it be?
58. Do you like surfing the net for new kinds of stuff?
59. What idea do you have in mind that you believe could change the world?
60. What’s is your favorite TV show?
61. Who is your role model and why?
62. What do you wish you know more about?

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