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Top 100 Controversial Topics for Discussion

Mar 4, 2022

Mar 4, 2022 | Topics

Controversial discussion subjects are those that elicit a lot of lively argument, enthusiasm, and controversy. Speaking about contentious issues can be challenging because you can’t tell where your opponent stands at first. The most excellent strategy for such debates is to express your perspective and give positive viewpoints respectfully.
Write down an outline of your arguments to ensure that your conversation abilities are on point. Remember that your goal is for your opponent to embrace your views rather than for the conversation to end. It can seem challenging to find the right topic for discussion because people are obstinate by nature, and a theme can both thrill and annoy others. Understanding your audience dynamics will aid you in deciding what to write about.
When choosing a subject, consider if you will be able to discuss the topic for an extended period, how enthusiastic you are about the topic, and how easy it will be to research the subject matter. In a classroom setting, using contentious topic ideas allows for a dynamic and natural flow to the discussion. You can maintain the debate’s thrust by employing various techniques to win in a controversial discussion. Please encourage them to focus on learning as much as possible when it is possible. Writing is an exciting endeavour until you run out of ideas for a topic. Here are some prominent theme proposal examples for essential issues in hotly debated topic ideas.
1. A real man ought to keep wife for the procreation and side kick for pleasure
2. A woman’s position in a family
3. Outlaw beauty contests because it breeds immorality
4. Accept bribery for convenience
5. Carbohydrates are more dangerous than fats
6. China is the next world superpower after the Triumph confusion
7. Communism is better in managing critical pandemics like COVID-19
8. Citizens should carry guns because of runaway crimes,
9. Climate change is an illusion of some G8 members
10. Cloning is beneficial for preserving the institutional memory of leaders
11. Cloning if used with artificial intelligence can be more useful
12. Consequences of legalizing suicide
13. As a CSR pharmaceutical should distribute condoms in schools for free
14. It is better to regulate corporal punishment than to abolish in schools
15. Cosmetic surgery exposes patients to cancer complications, outlaw
16. Curfews reduce the frequency of hospital visits
17. Democracy is expensive
18. Regulate the drinking age from time to time
19. Outlaw energy stimulating drugs in sports
20. Gay marriages are illegal and immoral
21. Benefits of intelligence tests to couples before they have children
22. Marriage is an ancient institution that has stood the test of time
23. Military service must be compulsory to countries facing imminent dangers
24. Cause and consequence of listening to music glorifying violence against women
25. Obesity is a lifestyle disease
26. Allow married prisoners should to meet their spouses.
27. Legalizing prostitution opens avenues to levy taxes
28. Teach sex education children under the age of 12
29. Smoking confers no benefits it should
30. Sporting personalities should not earn more than professors
31. Under peculiar circumstances, terrorism is acceptable
32. Most of the time police brutality is racism
33. United nation security council is a failed institution
34. There was no justification for the US invasion to invade Iraq.
35. Torture is justifiable for terrorism cases
36. War is the only option for solving penchant international disputes
37. Religion is the opium of the oppressed
38. Women and men have unique capabilities and cannot be equal
39. You cannot have a successful career and a happy family at the same time
40. Single people are the happiest
In summary, controversial topics for discussion bring about a sharp difference during the debate. The idea is not to stop the debate but to convince your opponents of the ideas you are putting across.

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